Revision TKR Partial Revision Failure

I usually get my own breakfast and lunch with very little help from my husband.
Yesterday and today washed my clothes and towels.
I folded the towels once my husband pulled them out of the dryer and brought the basket into
the island.
My husband hung my clothes. I am not supposed to bend or twist my back. I cleaned the kitchen counters on Friday, they were a mess! I dropped 2 sponges.
Yesterday, my long gripper came from Amazon!
Well done! Sounds like you are coping well despite all your troubles.
I'm getting around fine unassisted with my walker. I take small baby steps without it around the counters. I'm not sure when I should be walking without the walker? I dismissed PT and OT last week. Saving my visits if I need more surgery. Besides, I didn't think they were very helpful. I already knew as much as they had to offer. Doing some exercise on my on. I have to be careful with my back. This past week, I have not used my back brace as much. I'm pleased with my progress. I only take the 5 mg of Hydrocodone plus 500 mg ES Tylenol at night. During the day. I take 50 mg Tramadol plus 1000 mg of Tylenol every 5-6 hrs.
@Jamie,@Layla: Has the recommended total dosage for ES Tylenol a day been reduced to 3000 mg or is it still 4000 mg?
It's still a total of 4,000 mg in 24 hours. You must count everything that has acetaminophen in it and not go over the 4,000. A lot of medicines have it as an ingredient, so read the labels carefully.
Hi, glad you are doing so well! About 10 years or so ago they changed dosing for tylenol to 3000mg to help prevent the risk of accidental overdose because Tylenol is in so many OTC and prescription medications. (percocet/vicodin). If you take the 4000mg just be careful like sistersinhim said.
As I decrease the opiods, I am noticing more aches and pains in my left hip and femur. On the 24th, the orthopedic dr. will take a lot of x-rays to evaluate whether I need a hip replacement due to the "severe trauma" of the fall; also, whether he needs to reinforce my femur with a plate. He will also be looking at my patella button regarding the osteolysis and see if my tibial component is loose.
I just don't know how I can stand anymore surgery!
Any thoughts?
Ugh, I am sorry. Your apprehension is understandable. I hope the 24th comes fast for you and wish you the best in regard to your appointment. Wishing you comfort and a good day. :console2:
Sorry to hear of your troubles and hope you don't need more surgery too soon.
Can you tolerate NSAIDS like naproxen?
I am back on this, having stopped everything for a while- because my lower back got more painful again. I think it is helping. Naproxen definitely helped my hip pain previously ( thankfully better now my leg is straight).
It definitely worked for me. Takes a while for anti inflammatory action to kick in and you need to take stomach meds like omeprazole and also take it with food.
@EalingGran, I am on Eliquis 5 mg. bid for Afib. Occasionally, I can take Celebrex 200mg. It helps when I take it....I have not tried it yet since the fall. Thanks for the reminder.
After one of my surgeries I was also on Eliquis and Celebrex. Someone here pointed out that the combination is contraindicated due to the possibility for bleeding. Is your doctor OK with you taking both?
Because of the blood thinner are you able to take tramadol extended-release capsules? A friend of mine is on this in-between surgeries for ongoing pain. I know thinking about another surgery is not fun but you need to resolve your hip/knee pain. My MIL was on Eliquis and was unable to take Celebrex. Unfortunately, they would only give her tylenol after a fractured hip.
@Jamie,@Layla: Has the recommended total dosage for ES Tylenol a day been reduced to 3000 mg or is it still 4000 mg?
The posts are correct that the maximum limit for acetaminophen remain 4000mg in any 24 hour period. It is correct that in the USA, the "official" recommendation is reduced to 3000mg because the government worries that people won't count it when it's in other products. But we BoneSmarties are much wiser than the average and know how to count! :heehee:

I just don't know how I can stand anymore surgery!
Any thoughts?
@Cementless.....I am so sorry I am just now catching up with your thread. I was shocked to see what you've been going through, but VERY pleased at how well you're doing after that fall. It does sound like you have a good surgeon on your case and I'll look forward to hearing how your appointment on Feb. 24th goes. Try not to think ahead too much about the "what ifs." If your spinal fracture heals as well as it sounds like it's doing, that will enable you to regain all of your previous strength. That could help with your hip function as well. I do hope the femur looks strong and an additional plate won't be needed. But, if you do need a plate, it should be a pretty straightforward procedure that's less of a recovery than a hip replacement. The fact that you're improving and able to walk the distances you're doing suggest you may be okay without the plate. But, of course....your surgeon has the final word. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you!
Well, it is 2am and I am having trouble sleeping . Yesterday, I began reducing my opioids. I am trying 2 ES TYLENOL every 4-6 hrs....not to exceed the 4000 mg total dosage in 24 hrs. I thought I would try the lowest dosage of Hydrocodone 2.5 mg which has 162.5 mg of TYLENOL just at night. I can't sleep and I am up every 1hr to I detoxing?
Maybe, I should try the Tramadol at night next time.
I can't get comfortable in bed, so now I am in the recliner. Nice to change positions. I do noticed my left hip is sore on my left side when I lay on it....more so than my femur which was repaired. I sure hope that doesn't mean the orthopedic dr. will have to do a hip replacement.
It is not bad when I sit or walk with my walker.
Thoughts on coming off opioids?
@Cementless you could be experiencing a bit of withdrawal from your medication. What was your original dose of Hydrocodone? You need to reduce the dose very slowly.

You can do one of two things to begin reducing the amount of drug you are taking:

1. Begin spreading out the times when you take the drug. If you are currently taking it every 4 hours, for a couple of days make it every 5 hours, then 6 for a few days and so forth until you reduce to one pill a day (usually at bedtime, cuz that's when we seem to need the pain relief most). Then at that point, you can start taking half a pill for a while and then no pill. At that point (no pill), you would take them only periodically when you have pain that over-the-counter medication won't take care of.

2. You can stay on the same schedule (like every 4 hours) and cut back on the amount of the narcotic with each dose. That can be done by asking your doctor for a lower-strength medicine or by cutting pills in half. Only reduce the amount by 1/2 pill at a time if you are staying on the same schedule - not a whole pill. Then when you get to the point that you're taking a half pill at each dose time (that's about as small a dose as you can get), start spreading out the time between doses. This approach works if you need the pain medicine during the day for PT appointments or other activity where over-the-counter meds won't work.

As you're cutting back, expect that you may have to use NSAIDS to fill in the gaps for pain.... Aleve (Naproxen), Advil (Ibuprofen), Motrin or try Tylenol (Paracetamol).

Just be sure you don't try to cut back too fast. You'll feel it if you do and will need to make adjustments accordingly to slow the taper. The whole process can take several weeks, so be patient and make sure you are stable for a day or so at each level before you make another reduction. can contact your doctor and ask what schedule THEY prefer you do. But I believe a person will do just as well taking care of this yourself. Only YOU know how you feel at any given time. You want to cut back just enough so the over-the-counter meds work and not so much that you get those flu-like symptoms or have pain.
I have a pill cutter- a little box with a fixed blade. I am quite sensitive to medicines and often use this to tailor the dosages.

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