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Yay for a good day! I've had a good day or two also. But......the knee boogie man is always behind a corner waiting to jump out at me. Or the hip/knee/back boogie man in your case:unsure:
I hope you were able to get meds refilled.
Today was a VERY good day!!! I had the strength and confidence to get out of my recliner using my hands/arms to lift up/out; then use the walker (if in reach) to pull my self up and walk to the bathroom room unassisted. I am still wearing a diaper but I am able to make it to the bathroom in time.
The biggest issue for me and my husband has been my urinary incontinence. The pain medication causes this, so I have cut my Hydrocodone in half to 5 mg. My husband has been getting up during the night every 2 hrs to help me to the BR. It's like having a newborn in diapers!! He has Parkinson's and is so stiff, he is having trouble taking my diaper off and on. Tonight will be my first night getting up by myself, so he can start getting sleep. This has really stressed my marriage.
My twin sister leaves in the morning at 8am. She has been here since the 13th taking care of us both basically: Cooking, cleaning, taking me to the BR during the day.
I will miss her terribly .
Question: will I need a total hip replacement after this recent repair to the hip and femur?
Also, could someone tell me if it is OK to take my pain medication this way:
7:15 am 5 mg Hydrocodone with 162.5 mg Tylenol + 500 mg ES Tylenol
12noon: 50 mg Tramadol + 1 ES Tylenol
4pm: 5 mg Hydrocodone +162.5 mg Tylenol + 500 mg ES TYLENOL
9 pm: 50 mg Tramadol + 1 ES Tylenol
11:15 pm 5 mg Hydrocodone + 162.5 mg Tylenol + 500 mg ES Tylenol
I think I am doing well but so scared I need more surgery. My husband with Parkinson's won't be able to handle it. I'm pretty sure I will have to go to rehabilitation for an extended stay. I worry about the care there and catching Covid-19.
I see the ortho surgeon on Monday, the 23rd of January. Get my sutures out and have more x-rays. After surgery, he mentioned about going back in and putting a plate to support the femur.
Question: will I need a total hip replacement after this recent repair to the hip and femur?
Don't they usually just put a new hip in when you break your hip/ femur? I think that is what mainly happens in the UK unless there is some surgical reason not to.
I would find out from your surgical team what they have done and how permanent it is. You have gone through a horrible time with the fall and fracture. At least if you were reassured that you didn't need any more surgery there it might make it a bit easier to cope with the pain.
Rods and screws. No hip replacement. Talk of putting a plate in to support the femur more.


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Sorry to hear you may need more surgery after all you have been through.
I saw the orthopedic surgeon today at 1:30 pm.
He was shocked how well I was doing....VERY impressed!!! He said most pts. with this type of surgery (19 days out) come in using a wheelchair! He said my incisions looked good, no infection.
I see him again on Feb. 24th at 1pm. He will take more x-rays and look at my knee and tibia then. He is my second opinion.
Hi Cementless,
Awesome news on your OS visit today! :thumb: I'll bet it felt good to receive that reassurance from your surgeon. Hopefully you raised your question about meds and schedule that I see you posted on Saturday? Your OS is the best one to answer that for you, but if you forgot to ask, I am sure a member of his care team can help you with a quick call to their office tomorrow.

Will you please name the procedure you had on January 5th so we can update your signature?

Thanks for updating your thread with the good news of the day. I hope you are having a peaceful evening and enjoy a nice week!
@Layla ,I just ask for refills on my meds. He reduced the Hydrocodone to 5mg which I was already doing.
I am taking the meds the way they did it in the hospital for 8 days. I just added the 1 extra strength Tylenol to stretch it. I hope that is OK? I know not to go over 4,000 mg of ES Tylenol daily.
Any input? Where is that scheduled BoneSmart use to post regarding pain meds?
Are you talking about this one?
The first is for 4-hourly doses and the second for 6-hourly:

If you use this schedule, do check to make sure you're not taking any other drugs that contain Tylenol (Acetaminophen) You need to stay within the safe limit of no more than 4,000 mg of Tylenol in a 24 hr period. If any other medications you're taking contain Tylenol, add their amount into your daily calculations and reduce another of your doses, so you stay within those limits.
Also, exactly what procedure did you have done 19 days ago?
@ Layla, YES, thank you!
I will look up the procedure I had tomorrow and post it.
I forget how to add it...refresh me please.
Just post it here and we'll gladly do it for you.
Sweet dreams, I hope you sleep well tonight. :yawn::sleep:
Great news! Hydrocodone 5mg has 325mg of tylenol in it. Taking one ES with it is like taking arthritis strength tylenol. I was on that before my knee replacement for a time.
Cementless, just so you know you're safe and since you're only 20 days removed from your latest procedure, please run any med or dosing schedule changes you are considering by your care team first. We need you coherent and stable on your feet, not stumbling around around this point and hurting yourself :wink:
We do care. :friends:Hope today is a good one!
Now that I can focus better. I reread my x-rays. I don't think I actually have a broken hip! It says: "closed/displaced intertrochanteric fracture of left femur".
"Postsurgical changes are present following: cephalomedullary nailing of an intertrochanteric left femur".
My husband said: the x-rays showed my left leg was 1 1/2 inches longer than my other leg and the orthopedic trauma surgeon had to renail it in the ball and socket of the, not really a broken hip. The orthopedic surgeon did mention he might have to go back in and put in a plate to support the femur. Oh, I hope not! He is also going to evaluate my kneecap for osteolysis and check to see if the tibial component is loose like the NM bone scan suggested on 12/9/2022.
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I have an acute compression fracture at L-2 that does NOT require surgery. I have a hard back brace when I am walking or sitting in a chair. I will be wearing it for at least 4 months.

I do A LOT of walking with the walker. I'm up every 1 1/2hrs to 2 hrs to go to the restroom. I walk from the front of the house to the back of the house 4 to 5 times a day.

The surgeries I'm talking about are 2 fold:
1. The orthopedic dr. may want to go back in and put a plate in to support the femur.
2. Before I fell, I was looking for a second opinion to see if my knee cap needed to be removed or redone because of osteolysis. I was very unstable from the previous surgery. There is also a possibility that my tibial area has become loose from the previous surgery. This will all be evaluated on Feb. 24th when the orthopedic dr. takes more x-rays.

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