TKR pall48's recovery

I will add: It's been a while since PT in the USA required a masters level graduate degree; currently it requires a clinical doctorate degree with a much more comprehensive curriculum. This may be why some of my favorite local PTs in terms of their assessment skills and flexible thinking have been somewhat younger with 5-10 years clinical experience... OTOH the guy who rehabbed my shoulder eight years ago, specifically referred by the OS, introduced me to the weight training program I actually love doing and he is older than me!
On this site it would be nice to have an area where it could help us figure out what is the best rehab center in our areas..
Rehab is very individual. And not everyone is eligible to go to a rehab facility. In most cases a rehab facility is not needed. Patients are only discharged when they can move around on their own and manage self care.

In the UK it is not an option unless the patient is already in care or unable to care for themself.
Even those of us that recovered alone never needed a rehab facility. You are much better going home and not being around a lot of extra germs! Also, taking care of yourself makes you do your daily activities, which aids in your rehab.
One question as I go though this Journey:

On this site it would be nice to have an area where it could help us figure out what is the best rehab center in our areas.. For Instance, I go Spaulding rehab in Massachusetts however they have many differentt site that have different specailities.. One site might be very good strenghtening another gait and flexxiblity so on... I did not get any help from my surgeon... This has been most frustrating area for me what has been your experience in finding a rehab that meets your needs?... Any thoughts or comments thanks for your response in advance
I wish choosing a therapist or therapy facility was so cut and dried that it was possible to provide good information for our members. But it’s not. As has been mentioned, proper therapy is a very individual thing and it would be impossible for us to vet the recommendations made by members and apply them to multiple individuals. Not to mention that today’s good recommendation might not be so good a few months down the road if a “good” therapist went to another clinic. My experience is that they do tend to move around a lot.

Even when recommending surgeons, we only give suggestions and tell members they need to meet with doctors and decide who best suits their needs. It’s the same with therapists….people should research clinics in their area, talk with someone in the practice about your concerns and needs and ask to try the person they think might be the best fit for you. Sometimes you have to try multiple therapists to find someone who “gets” you. It’s a very imperfect process.

That said, it is helpful for our members to talk about what works for them and what doesn’t in their recovery threads. People do read those threads! The information helps people learn what to look for in a therapist and helps them decide if they even want to use formal therapy to recover. It’s not for everyone. So please continue to talk about your successes and even the things that don’t go so well. We really depend on this type of input from our members.

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