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Pain management: topical pain relief

Discussion in 'Post-surgery information (knees)' started by Josephine, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Josephine

    Josephine FORUM ADMIN, NURSE DIRECTOR Administrator
    Thread Starter

    Member Since:
    Jun 8, 2007
    The North
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    There are NSAID gels that can be applied directly to joints to relieve pain - the one I use is called Ibuleve but there are others. But remember that you shouldn't use the gel and take pills but if you do, factor the ibuprofen in the gel to your daily intake. Also worth remembering, if you have a stomach sensitivity to NSAIDs, using the gels will affect your stomach also though not quite as badly.

    Also, be sure that any surgical wound is completely healed before using this or any gel or cream near the wound. It's a good idea to let your surgeon and/or GP know that you're regularly using the topical treatment also.
  2. referee54

    referee54 omega

    Member Since:
    Dec 21, 2007
    Northern Part of the Buckeye State
    United States United States
    There is an interesting and effective cream called Capsaicin, that comes from the hottest peppers on earth. My wife uses it - it does have some anti-inflammatory properties. You do not use it like you would use a traditional analgesic cream---this just takes a very little bit to be rubbed into the area.

    I have used it before my BTKR and it works with repeated use.

    It is not an NSAID, but rather, it relies on the properties of the capsicum peppers to be effective.

    Here is a link about it:

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