TKR Pain in my TKR done in 2013 . Revision?

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to answer your valid questions I've found a revisionist in Milan to call once I have my scan. Every surgeon in Italy works within the state system of hospitals for operations No one in Italy pays for operations, except the stinking rich in private hospitals. What you can pay for is consultations to get access to that particular surgeon or head of department and get on his list quicker.
Before you commit to trying to get old in the UK, get all your facts. With Brexit, getting residence may not be so easy and health care rights from Italy may not transfer to the UK.

I am a UK citizen, married to a NZ citizen and now living in NZ. Even though he is married to me and the UK and NZ have reciprocal medical and pension rights, he cannot take up permanent residence in the UK without an approved prior application.
@Celle yes I understand that, I'm in the process of getting Brit citizenship. Life is never simple especially when you have a bad knee replacement . I lived in Switzerland for a few years and they consider the Italian system absurd. They also picked up my genetic heart condition completely overlooked here. My GP here in spaghetti land is a joke. Happy Easter !!!
Happy Easter to one and all.
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