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Aug 16, 2023
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I had both knees replaced six years ago and both hips replaced four years ago. I recovered from both relatively quickly, but my right hip has started hurting and when it does my shin has a feeling of "pins and needles." I wonder if this is related to the hip replacement or if it is sciatica and is not related to the surgery. I suppose it could be sciatica and still related to the surgery. I don't know whether to go back to the surgeon who replaced the hips or go to my general practitioner. Or wait and see if it gets better on its own. It costs me more to go to a specialist than to go to my GP. But if he can't tell me whether to go to the orthopedic surgeon or to a neurologist... If I go to the orthopedic surgeon and he sends me to a neurologist, then I have paid two specialists. Our health shouldn't depend on $$$$$
@RebeccaJHB2 Welcome to BoneSmart!

I suffer from sciatica and the pins and needles you are describing is exactly the symptom I feel. Many times my foot goes numb. I had spinal decompression for a trapped sciatic nerve so I don't have the shooting pain anymore.

Does this article describe what you are feeling Sciatic nerve pain? If so, I would start with your GP first. There is medication that can get this calmed. Working with a physio who specialises in spinal issues also helped me. Core stability exercises are key when you have this issue.

Can you give us the dates of your previous surgeries? We will put them in your signature for you.
I'm glad you say GP first. That's what I wanted to do - he is not only cheaper, but also closer. Long drive to the specialists. My knees were both done May 15, 2017. My right hip August 7, 2019. My left hip October 31, 2019.
Is the pain you are having a shooting pain down your leg? You may not need a specialist at first. I didn't see a specialist until 2+years after I first saw my GP about spinal pain.
Don't know how it is where you are but here my GP is just a place to get referred to the specialist. I have a great OS office that gets me in if I need and my co-pay is pretty cheap. You can try tele-med if your plan has it for me it's free and I can do it at my convenience.
Sciatica is a pinched nerve in the back and is very painful and does not let up with ice, rest or medication. Sometimes it’s a bulging disc , not from hip surgery.
Best Support now would to see your GP. So many things can happen in that general area. It’s helpful to see a doctor. Especially if this has been a long term issue for you and does not clear up with Rest, Ice or Tylenol.
The GP gave me a prescription for five days of prednisone and showed me a YouTube video of runners stretches. Wow! After only the first dose of the medicine I started feeling better and the second day I felt great! I tried the video, but it was a little too much for me. Most of the stretches were on the floor on hands and knees. The knee replacements are uncomfortable in that position, although putting pillows under them helps. The real problem is that my hands, wrists, and shoulders are too weak for long periods of weight. I am trying to find some better exercises and stretches, but I really don't know what will help. I wish physical therapy weren't so expensive and so hard for my insurance to approve. I am getting discouraged. :(
What stretches did they show you? Honestly a PT is only going to show you things you can do on your own. If stretching helps look into some simple yoga stretches and don't push too far. Also check your insurance for tele-med they might have some suggestions. I don't fool with any weights and have the same problems with hands, wrists and shoulders.
Hey, Eman85, where in East Tennessee are you located? I spent a lot of years there in Morristown, Knoxville, and the tri-cities. One of my sons is in Russellville now and the other in Johnson City, but I am in South Carolina.

I know what you mean about weights! The trainer at the gym showed me a simple exercise for my shoulders, but even when I do it without weights my shoulders make so much noise that I wonder if it is okay. My mother had shoulder surgery on one shoulder and she said she didn't care how bad the other shoulder got, she would never do it again.

I will check on the tele-med.

Thank you!
I'm right near all of those places, I'm in Hawkins County. Best place to buy your Fentanyl with the stolen catalytic converter money.
Been to Rogersville lots of times. I have friends in St. Clare and Bulls Gap!

On another note, my sciatic pain is back. It was great for a few days when I was taking the prednisone, but as soon as the meds stopped, the pain came back. I am doing stretches from YouTube, so I guess I just need to keep doing them. Although, there is conflicting information about what stretches to do. Sigh!

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