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Doctors have to undergo a prodigious amount of training, most of which is undertaken at the side of other senior and more experienced doctors. Medical students obviously have a period in university and then go out into the world to take up junior jobs in hospitals where they learn the basics of medicine by doing the donkey work, doing on calls for numerous wards, departments and A&E, etc. After a few years of this, they will start to form a preference for a certain speciality - general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, etc.

Our chaps, for instance, will have chosen surgery but first they need to get a ground in several specialities. So then they will spend more time in junior positions in a few specialities but the must have ones are usually general surgery, obs and gynae and trauma. Trauma inevitably also includes orthopaedics.

Now suppose our chap has decided he wants to work in orthopaedics, he now needs to work in a variety of senior but training positions alongside the senior surgeons (US) or consultants (UK) in order to learn his craft. During this period, he might work with up to a dozen different surgeons and maybe even more. He will also be required to undertake significant research projects and publish them in peer reviewed journals, this all goes to add substance to his CV or resumé which he will need when he applies for permanent positions as a senior orthopaedic surgeon or consultant. He will also be required to attend conferences and meetings to present it papers and to add more to his knowledge and his CV!

So now you can see how this man comes out of his preparative years having consumed and absorbed prodigious amounts of information, opinion and detail about his subject. But that's only the start of it. Now he sets about more research, reading and attending conferences. He still discusses topics with his colleagues at clinical meetings and even starts to blend his own thoughts and conclusions into his practice.

All of which makes him into that very special and unique person what we all know and love! And that, my friend, is why you will rarely get identical opinions from two or more doctors or surgeons!

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