THR Op on 3rd October

I’m glad you asked that question, as I hadn’t thought of it. Good to see all the answers and learn from them!
All the best for tomorrow! (Today?)
Good luck tomorrow! I'm a few weeks away from surgery but feeling the same pre-op nerves you describe, so I'll be watching your progress with sympathy and interest! You're not alone!
Best wishes for you and your surgery! I hope to see your updates on the recovery side, but only when you feel up to it.
You got this!
Best Wishes tomorrow @Brookeer
I hope you'll share your recovery journey with us on the healing side.
See you there soon! :wave:
Thank you so much. Last on the list today so just waiting.
I think I feel better today (strangely) than I did last week x
Thank you. I’m feeling much better than I thought. I had a spinal & sedation and don’t remember anything about the op - apparently I slept through it all
I haven’t got up yet because it was too late for the physio to come by the time my legs returned to normal after the spinal. They’ve given me so much pain relief I can’t feel anything.
I’m feeling quite positive and whatever comes I’m one day nearer to getting my life back.
Brookeer, so glad to hear your surgery went well and your pain is managed thus far. I'm rooting for you!

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