PKR One Year Out - Pleased With Outcome

On the downside- I have definitely got the chesty cough from baby/ husband/ daughter. Just resting again and thankfully I had already cancelled the one day of work I still do.
Oh no. I was so hoping you wouldn't catch this. But, as you said, the downtime actually helps your knee, so just concentrate on getting rid of that bug. It's running pretty bad over here in the states. It gets us and just doesn't want to let us go!

Prayers are sent up for you. :prayer:
Take care of yourself, EalingGran. Your poor body has been through a lot! But it’s really good you realize the benefits of rest. And those stairs, yeah. I definitely think the steeper ones are much more difficult for the knee. Take it easy! Sending you good vibes :dogwalk:
Oh no...I am so sorry you caught the cold. When it rains it pours!
I hope you're able to get lots of rest, even though I am sure you're tired of that by now.
You're going to be a tough one to hold down once you're felling better, given all you've been through. I am guessing you're getting excited for Summer. You'll be feeling stronger and steadier on your feet..they'll be no stopping you, EG! :happydance:Feel better soon!
Thanks JusticeRider, beachy, sistersinhim, and Layla for all your kind wishes. The cold/ cough so far isn't too bad. I have some co-codamol left from the early days of my post-op period.
Codeine is a really good cough suppressant and I have been taking half a tablet at night which stops the cough at night and helps me sleep.
The only problem currently is that getting back home with lots of stairs/ no toilet on the ground floor means that my knee is again a bit warm and sore by nighttime.
It is fine again with rest/ ice by morning.
This wouldn't normally worry me but with my recent history of sepsis, I start to freak every time it swells slightly and gets warm.

@Jaycey I know you are right. I am just a bit hypersensitive at the moment because of my recent sepsis.
I also think I overdid it a bit on the stairs front. I was so pleased at doing a full flight of stairs going down properly that I have been trying to repeat it too often at home. We have a lot of stairs and I am trying to bear in mind something I read here.
Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something...
Can you spend most of the day on the floor that has a bathroom? I assume that's where your bedroom is? A good book, some snacks, thermos of tea and naps might be what your body needs for a few days.
You just got out of the hospital. You deserve more rest at home.
@beachy I know you are right and I am trying to take it easy but I go nuts if I spend any more days in bed.
Oh man! Going down stairs controlled, was so tough. Quads take a massive hit during surgery, dependant on pre-op fitness. When I couldnt sleep at night stairs is what I would be doing…. Wife thought I was going crazy at night when she would find me walking pup and down them.
@EalingGran hi, I have just read about your last episode with the cold, sorry to hear that, as you didn't have enough already!
And your sepsis, that must have been really tough, but it's great you are over it!

I hope everything goes well. It will, I bet
Best wishes
hope everything goes well. It will, I bet
Best wishes
Thanks! I do feel better and am gradually reintroducing my exercises.
A milestone. I tried yesterday to get in and out of my bath tub. I did it clothed, in case I had to be hauled out by the younger ones! My husband has had a hernia re- repair and I made sure my daughter and her partner were around.
It was a bit uncomfortable getting out but I managed it fine. I will wait another couple of weeks before I have a really nice relaxing soak- really looking forward to it. I am sick of showers.
Good, it's incredible how creative we become due to all this!

Glad to hear you are feeling better:)

I hope your husband recovers well too!
I'm longing for a bathtub soak, too.
I had trouble getting in and out before surgery.
Its a big soaking tub and I have no idea how I'm going to manage it. Probably wait a few more months.
But, I will definitely try your method with clothing on!
EalingGran I’m so glad you’re feeling better! It was one thing after another there, wasn’t it? Hopefully now you can get back to healing that knee! Wise choice to try the bath tub fully clothed with people nearby first. No emergencies that way! And I’m sure it will be lovely to get that first soaking in a little while. :bath:
@@EalingGran, I’ve just read your posts and I’m hoping things will settle down and you get stronger with your knee! So nice of you to comment to me regarding my stuff. My TKR was last August and at the 4 month time frame everything was kicking into gear in a good way. Then I had my injury that gave me my complications. Anyway, back on track now hopefully.
We had our 40th anniversary two years again Knoxville, seeing the Bluegrass band , The Steep Canyon Rangers. Hope you plan to make up that trip you had to cancel.
I too take care of my granddaughter once a week and my husband helps too because he works from home. So anyway we have some things in common. ❤️
@RaeRae1 Thanks for your kind wishes. It sounds as though we are at the same life stage. I really want to be fully better so I can do more with my grandchildren. It is a lovely time to share if it wasn't spoilt by all these joint issues.
Still in some ways I feel lucky that it happened now -when I dont have to deal with bringing up a family or doing anything more than the very little work I still do remotely. I feel sorry for younger people here who are still trying to work, look after children/ relatives and build up their lives as well as dealing with all this pain/ rehab/ anxiety.
I agree, it must be so very challenging when you have so many other responsibilities to contend with. I do volunteer work once a week but that’s been put on hold for now. So we are fortunate with the time we can give to healing. I thought I’d be in my 80s before things started giving out. I had my LTKR in 2011 and then the RTKR this past Aug. I have my faith, husband, supportive family and three grandchildren I get to see regularly. This darn knee thing is just a blip.
Nice chatting.

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