PKR One Year Out - Pleased With Outcome

Oh no! I pray your infection is cured really quickly. Thank God you are already starting to feel better.
Very sorry to read this news, but thankfully you acted quickly and you're receiving treatment.
Prayers for peace and healing. I hope they take good care of you. :console2:
You were right on top of this! The IV meds will get you back to feeling well in no time. The metronidazole might make you feel a little nauseous. Did they order a probiotic? Thinking of you!
Infection was only partially improving.
Now have blood culture back and I have Strep A.
Been started on different antibiotics which are more targeted
I am switching to infectious disease team
They are already involved as fortunately my daughter in law ( the one with the annoying father who was golfing at weeks and skiing at 8 months!) knows the infectious disease consultant at my hospital as a good friend. So she messaged him and he called in at lunchtime.
Goodness, so sorry to read this. Hope the antibiotics and infectious disease teams get this cleared up quickly for you.
What a good knee she is! I pray your infection is 'kicked to the curb' really quickly! Since you are now taking the correct antibiotic now, I'm sure it's short-lived.
EalingGran, I’m glad they figured out what it is so they can target it. I hope you heal quickly! I’m sure it will be good to be home in a couple days, and maybe your knee will enjoy the rest as mine did? Wishing you the best :prayer:
Thinking of you, EalingGran. I hope you’re comfortable and the infection resolves soon. Thankfully your knee is behaving. Take care!

I have just read about your recent infection. I'm so sorry but your knee seems to be doing really well and you too!! ;-)
I hope that one day we will all be able to "laugh" at this.. all my encouragement
Was feeling very fed up with this setback but just had a nice boost.
The ward physio called in to check on my mobility due to the severity of my infection and being back on blood thinners to prevent DVT. He thought my range of movement was brilliant and I showed him how far I could squat and he thought that was excellent for 4 months.
He pressed the exact spot where MCL pain is and although the first time he did it I was fine, when he pressed slightly harder I did feel it. So he agrees that is the cause of my pain. He showed me some specific exercises for the vastus medialis which should help.Apparently it is a very underused muscle but really helps to balance knee and with patellarg tracking.
Otherwise feeling very washed out and still a bit sick- but may be partly due to the heavy duty antibiotics.
Great news!
And the mega antibiotics will make you feel awful. If its nausea ask for something. If its the dreaded diarrhea they can give you something.
I was in hospital for 5 days 2 yrs ago. Infectious diverticulitis. They threw everything at me until I begged for some help. I know your medical system is different from ours, but they may be able to help with the side effects.
Hope you can rest and feel better:flwrysmile:
I am sorry you're still feeling sick and tired of it all. It is certainly understandable.
Hopefully you notice a change for the better soon.
Good news and mood booster on your ROM...YAY! :thumb:

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