PKR One Year Out - Pleased With Outcome

for me, its week 15 since PKR medial, 4 weeks ago I quit PT, have 135 ROM, they were killing me… now I walk daily, stationary bike 3x a week, stretch and light PT 4x a week, no squats, weight bearing… I am at 8-9,000 steps daily, but walking is still a challenge, stiffness, numb leg, but trudge thru. I travel for work so the walking daily makes travel a bit easier. Still stiff after sitting a while, but very slowly gets better, not what I expected. I ice twice a day, 1.5 hours per session, hot tub 30” a day… Seems getting the whole walking motion back is a long term goal, stairs are now painless! That a win, I wear knee high compression socks, a compression knee pad at night too, it helped my sore ligaments, and circulation. I hope at month 6 I am walking much better!
@ealingso sorry to hear about you recent problems. As if a new knee waant1enough to deal with! Hope you make a speedy recovery and sending hugs
@ealingso sorry to hear about you recent problems.
Thanks! I am now fully recovered from the Strep A septicaemia thankfully. It was a strange experience and no one quite knows if it was linked to the biopsy I had the day before or just a coincidence.
Thankfully it didn't affect my knee and the knee seemed to actually enjoy the rest!
just pray this knee gets relatively normal some day… airports & travel are the worst
I haven't tried an airport yet but we have a short ( one hour flight) coming up in a couple of weeks. A bit worried as there are strikes threatened so may well be delays. I am planning to take my foldable stick in case I have to stand in long queues. Do you do much travelling/ airflights? Any tips?
I just did a 5 hour flight to get home 6 1/2 weeks after surgery but was 12 hours total travelling. It was tough going. I took disposable ice packs and plastic bags for the crew to fill with ice on plane. I booked an extra seat to put my leg up and had wheelchair assistance who take you to from plane and around airport. But I think you're much further along than me so I'm sure you'll manage better than I did.
I travelled first at 6 weeks, then 7 weeks, now at 15 weeks, first, get a aisle seat! if stuck in the row you can not stand. I find the whole travel experience the worst, crouds, people walking in a hurry behind me, quite frustrating. Maybe order a wheelchair to & from the gate?
This is a good discussion. Travel is hard enough without a joint replacement in the mix! I’m all the way out at 7 months and it still sounds dreadful. My knees and hip and back all protest if I sit in one position for too long. Travel tips are helpful! EalingGran, I hope your trip in couple weeks goes very well! At least it’s a short flight. And I bet your walking stick will help people to be a little bit more understanding, even if you don’t really need it. I miss traveling. We were all set for a trip to the Greek Isles for our 20th anniversary in 2020 and then Covid hit. Later in 2020 I was injured and 3 surgeries followed. I still really want to go on that trip someday! EalingGran, is your trip for fun or obligation? After all the challenges you’ve faced lately, you sure do deserve some fun!
@JusticeRider Thanks!
It's to visit my husband's brother in Northern Ireland. He has Alzheimer's and it's to give a bit of moral support to his wife as well. So not really a fun trip but we are going to stay in a nice hotel and go to the theatre/ visit the seaside/have some nice meals out. So we will have some fun as well.
It's only for four nights but it will also be a good trial for whether I can manage a longer flight/ trip in the Summer. We usually like a lot of sightseeing but I think that will be too ambitious even by then. There is quite a restful holiday to one of the smaller Italian lakes ( Lake Orta) that I rather like the look of. Having said that I still struggle to sleep in my own bed and still like my cryocuff iced water jacket at night- so this all could be wishful thinking!!
Good tips @Ayse and @ScottieW about aisle seats and ice packs. Thanks!
We were all set for a trip to the Greek Isles for our 20th anniversary in 2020 and then Covid hit. Later in 2020 I was injured and 3 surgeries followed. I still really want to go on that trip someday!
I hope you make it in the near future.
You sound as though you are not far off from the knee perspective. Hope the other joints hold up. Know what you mean about back/ hip though. Currently my back is more painful than my knee....
Just got through security at Heathrow for my first flight post op. Took my stick but managed queue just fine. I expected my new knee to set off the scanner but it didn't. Wonder which metals/ which implants do trigger the security alarm?
Also managed to get some of the new Boots Number 7 peptide serum in the airport shop, which was presented at the American Dermatology conference last week. Apparently it boosts collagen and helps with skin damage/ wrinkles and scars. Going to try it on my scar as well as my wrinkles!
@EalingGran - Safe travels! It sounds like it will be kind of tough but good for you for making the journey. Be sure to fit in doing some fun stuff. The biggest thing I miss when I travel is sleeping in my own bed, but that's what you give up when you travel. Otherwise, there's a lot to gain from the experience. Please try to give us a report on how it goes. I will be quite interested since I'm traveling in June!

p.s. You don't look wrinkly! but we all want to look our best.
The photo on my thread is a few years old! :heehee:
EalingGran, thinking of you on your trip to Northern Ireland! Curious what part you are visiting? When my husband I were in our 20’s, we spent 6 months staying with a friend in Carrickfergus near Belfast. We travelled around a bit too, and really enjoyed our time there. I do remember that the cars don’t stop for pedestrians there, so I hope your knee is feeling good and your stride swift! :running:
It was Belfast and we also went down to Strangford Loch and to the seaside at Newcastle. Didn't get to Carrickfergus or up to North Antrim coast this time. It is absolutely beautiful countryside and the weather was amazingly kind. We had some beautiful sunshine and very little rain which is unusual!
Got back yesterday- just a short trip and very hectic. Did too much really- I think my husband wanted to stay busy so as not to think too much about his brother's illness. It all went pretty well. I was a bit more stiff and sore by evening but no real swelling. I missed my regular pilates and afternoon rest/ ice but coped.
The main issue was sleeping in a hotel bed and not having my Cryocuff. I coped by taking my stronger sleeping pills ( zopiclone). I also took some leftover dihydrocodeine at night. It helped with the bit of extra soreness and also with yet another cough ( picked up from my grandbaby) before we set off. I am not taking any painkillers at home these days.
It made me realise I can do a trip away if I plan carefully and take the right meds. The airport was fine- I didn't really need the stick apart from to lean on briefly in one queue. The flight was only an hour and a half. I would definitely pay for extra leg room though on a much longer flight.
We are back now and waiting for our third grandchild to be born next month. So not planning anything yet.
I was looking at BoneSmart on my phone whilst away and you are doing great!
It is 6 calendar months tomorrow from my surgery. I can hardly believe it. It has been both incredibly long and yet somehow over more quickly than I thought.
I was going to do a full post saying that things are going better and my knee is getting stronger. Except I have had a bit of a set back in the last day or so.
I really don't know what is going on.
My knee is a bit more generally achey on stairs and there has been the odd new twinge at the back of my knee where I used to have a Baker's cyst.
It may be that I have overdone it. We have been doing some much needed Spring cleaning ( windows/ washing curtains). My husband has done the heavier/ ladder work but I have been washing/ ironing more.
I also stopped the naproxen a few weeks ago. I really didn't want to take non- steroidal meds long term because of the kidney/ stomach and heart risks. But maybe that is why my knee is not great. My back is also sore/ stiff despite regular back pilates. The osteoarthritis in my fingers seems worse too.
I think I am going to try regular paracetamol for a week or so and then reconsider if I need to go back to naproxen.
More generally- a six month review.
Scar- excellent. Less than 4 inches/ flat/ straight. Still purplish/ red but my lower limb circulation is poor and all my leg scars stay dark.
ROM- excellent. 145+ flexion and 0 extension. I can bend my knee almost as far as my good leg if I lie on my back and squeeze my knees in. With the standing quad stretch the flexion isn't as good- can't hold that leg. I could sit back on my haunches in child's pose but I don't risk it.
I can squat pretty far down and kneel for 5- 10 minutes on a padded cushion.
I do wonder though whether I have more pain as a price of the ROM?
I have always been a bit hypermobile but perhaps a degree of laxity and not enough strength leads to the twinges of pain??
The medial knee pain on stairs has been improving with exercises for the medial quads. I have been doing stairs more normally most of the time- but possibly overdid it in the last day or so.
My current stairs pain is more general aching.
I do still wonder if my femoro patellar compartment is ok- definitely crackly and a bit sore at times.
I can walk 2-3 miles on the flat with no real pain and up to 6- 7 miles/ day.
I haven't had much swelling for a while but my knee still gets a bit warm by evening. Overall my knee is massively less swollen than pre- op ( I had 3 bursae) and the leg straightening compared to my previous severe knock knee is remarkable.
It is still a bit of a mixed bag. I am definitely better off than I was before my surgery. I have to remember that I am walking a lot further and faster.
It's hard to compare the pain levels. My knee pain was getting worse pre- op but I was on painkillers and doing less.
I didn't really have the grinding bone pain some people describe- but apparently lateral arthritis presents late with pain. It was mainly the deformity and knock on sciatica and hip pain that pushed me to surgery. Both those are gone- although I still have generalised lumbar pain.
Overall I am pleased with my surgery. Although I do still get a bit worried when I have a set back.
I also get despondent when I read about someone on BoneSmart running 5K 6 months after a PKR or signing up for a mini- marathon!
Have to remind myself that I am 1O years older and that knee surgery for valgus knees and lateral pkr is more complex than medial surgery.
You are doing great! I need to wash my windows and drapes as well. I'm afraid my husband will not be much help. I find if I really push myself, I need to take some ibuprofen but I'm not taking it like I used to. Maybe on those days you need to take something. I won't be signing up for any mini marathons! Maybe a walk!
I think this is the last year I will be pushing him to do this!
Will have to find a company that does high cleaning and cleans inside windows....

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