One week to go and no aspirin?

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Mar 24, 2008
United States
Hi everyone,
I have been off aspirin now for 4 days and I think my toe nails hurt! I am sort of suprised as I really didn't think the one pill did that much for me. But I was wrong again lol.
I cannot even walk now and that concerns me as now I can't exersize in the pool. I found out this weekend I could not get out alone. So now I am pretty much immobile. I think it is more my legs and hips lock when I stand for a minute or more and then they pop when I try to sit and the pain is horrible. So I try not to stand straight now when trying to get things.

I am not heavy but when I quit smoking a few months ago I did gain about 10 pounds. And I wanted to get rid of it befor the surgery and also stay physical but I guess that is out of the question now.
Someone told me I was going to be in so much pain for the next 4 months after surgery. I wanted to kick them but I couldn't. I just sort of sluffed it off thinking I know I will be..but it will get better every day.
I have one question now, I live in Fl, if they put metal in me will that hurt when it rains here? My Doc doesn't decide till he opens you up so I was just wondering about that.
I am taking Tyelenol now and it helps there anything else out there that is better that we can use befor surgery?
I was also taken off all NSAIDs and Aspirin the last two weeks before surgery. I was told it was due to blood thinning properties. It was the roughest part of the journey. I also did not know how much it was helping until I stopped taking them. I was using mostly Naproxen sodium...4-5 a day.

Not sure about the 4 months of post surgery pain ...Hopefully you will feel so much better. For me there really is nothing compared to the pre-surgery OA pain...and your described pain sounds worse than mine. Anyway, afterwards the pain was a 1-2...compared to 8-9. There was 2-3 weeks of medically controlled discomfort...then better from there....a lot better.

Tylenol is pretty much the OTC substitute I was offered...seems like your doctor should be able to help you if you can't even move. AS far a metal hips...I now have 2, and went through a rainy season with no issues. Best wishes for your surgery.
I am so glad to hear no problem with the metal hips, I hope it is the same for all.
Well I think I have more pain now all over the place which I didn't have before. Maybe it is from being so distorted?
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