Reverse Shoulder Replacement One month into recovery


Jan 6, 2018
Burton on Trent
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I had a reverse shoulder replacement 11 days ago. Had x ray 7 days ago tomorrow and surgeon said it was fine. Had first visit to physio 4 days ago. Did a little movement of the arm and was given some exercises to do at home. Maybe pushed it too much yesterday and was in excruciating agony last night. Painkillers this morning have made today more bearable but Im still in a great deal of pain. Dressing came off today and everything looks nice and clean. Really struggling to sleep on an incline but sleeping flat feels very heavy and very painful. Night times are very painful and challenging.

I admit to feeling worried something has gone wrong somewhere and am wondering if things sound normal. I’m a 77 yr old long term sufferer of osteoporosis and arthritis so I’m aware things may take longer to heal.

PS. My Son has typed this out as my dominant arm was the operated one!
@Ursula72 It does sound like you did too much with your new shoulder. Are you icing the shoulder? Ice will probably help control the pain and settle things down. If you are not feeling better by tomorrow then do contact your surgeon's office to discuss this problem. Go gently with any PT exercises. Yes they are to help you regain range of motion and strength in the shoulder, but they should NOT be causing you serious pain.

Alas sleep disturbances are very common after shoulder replacement - or any other major surgery for that matter. I remember it took me several months with each shoulder before I was really comfortable sleeping fully lying down.
Thankyou so much for replying to me,it’s a dark and scary place when you think you have damaged the new shoulder. The operation site is beautiful and neat to look at. My surgeon told me he had never seen such a wasted away shoulder bone on bone,and he could not find a replacement to fit in the UK,so he sent away to America for one,and now I have a piece of America in me…God Bless America ! xx
Aww, Ursula, you’re precious!
I love your post, your enthusiasm and your humor.
I’m happy to read of your successful surgery and hope you have a lovely Summer!
Hugs! :friends:
Thankyou Leyla for your reply,and the little people cartoon faces! May you also have a blessed and good Summer xx
Hello,I went to Physio two days ago and he gave me new exercises to stretch my muscles further…it hurt,he said it was because I was anxious and tense. I relaxed,and carried on doing the excercise. That night and the day after and today I’m still in pain,This is not normal. I know I I should not have carried on ,but I need to get the range of motion back. He said no muscles would be torn, and I like an idiot believed him. Help please xx
Are you icing that shoulder? It does sound like you did a bit too much. I doubt you tore anything but you are right - listen to that shoulder and don't feel forced to push too hard.
Hello, I was going about the day and in our garden and as I bent over I fell heavily on my operated shoulder and my head. I had two kind paramedics take me to hospital because of the impact my head took from the concrete. I had my new shoulder XRayed and they said it looks alright,but I am in pain and I’m back in my sling again,I am so frightened in case I’ve ruined all the good work that’s gone into my right shoulder replacemenT. My head and the area around my eye is purple,I momentarily lost my consciousness,but that’s ok now. I’ll never go into our garden again…..Sendind love x
I am so sorry to read this, @Ursula72! That's the last thing you need during recovery from surgery. I'm glad to read that everything is okay, but I'm sure it was frightening to have this happen!

Please go slowly. I guess the purple eye will remind you to be cautious for a few days!

Sending hugs
I had my new shoulder XRayed and they said it looks alright,but I am in pain and I’m back in my sling again,I am so frightened in case I’ve ruined all the good work that’s gone into my right shoulder replacemenT.
So sorry to read about your fall! If they said your x-ray looked good I imagine you are dealing with soft tissues that took the impact. Icing might help. It may take a few days for all this to calm down. Do take it easy!
Oh no, Ursula! I am so sorry to read of your accidental fall and lapse in

The headache and bruise must be an unpleasant physical and visual reminder. Thankfully the shoulder x ray isn’t showing any signs of damage, that’s a blessing in the midst of all of this, but I’m so sorry for the enduring pain and stall in your good recovery the fall will cause.

Please stick with us and let us support you emotionally through all of this. You will get back to where you were, I’m certain, but it will likely take time.
I will remember you in prayer for healing and peace of mind.
Sending love and a hug! :console2:

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