Knee Infection* One Good Leg.

Thanks so much Chris, Celle and Janis.
Of course the on call surgeon went over the worst case scenario with all of us (very familiar to us), so we were very relieved to hear it may just be a seroma. As soon as the OS heard about my dad from the on call surgeon(he was a hand guy) he called to get the right size joint for my dad's femur, just in case it was infected and he needed to replace the ball, so there would be no surgery until tomorrow anyway.
Yikes. Been away a while and just saw this today, Kerri. So sorry for the pain and ordeal your dad had to experience. Sounds like he has a lot of family working very hard to take good care of him, so I'm sure he will be fine in time and with patience. Sending positive vibes and pleasant thoughts your way and his. :fingersx:
I hope your dad is better soon and out of the hospital. At least his roommate kept his diaper on!:heehee: I hope your dad does not need to have surgery again. You and your family are in my prayers.
Thank you! I did ask the nurse to move my dad to another room so he could get some sleep. Just got off the phone with him and he's settled in and ready for the football game!
He's home! :yahoo:No infection, cultures are all good. If he's ever really ill we have a big problem as he refuses to eat or drink while in the hospital and was totally upset they were hydrating him because he was required to call for help before using the bathroom. My parents stopped to pick up lunch on the way home...a lemon pie and an apple pie. :praying:
I'm glad your Dad's home again, Karri. He's a stubborn old dear, but that's probably what keeps him going!
This is great news! I must say, that sounds like the lunch of CHAMPIONS!! :friends: I think your parents have earned those pies with all the stress they have just been through. :yes: Does he think the food isn't good or just wants what he wants? My Daddy was stubborn also - sure do miss him and I KNOW where I get my donkey side from! :heehee:
I think it's a combination of not liking the food and worrying about going to the bathroom. Before flying, he won't eat for 24 hours. Meanwhile, we were all starving yesterday in the ER and didn't want to leave to get food for fear of missing the doc. We were eating apples and grapefruits we had left from our lunches on Friday. Hope everyone sleeps tonight!
Very glad for the good news that it's not as serious as it could have been and that he's back home.
@KarriB - just caught up on your thread! Hope your dad is doing better and cooperating. I have elderly parents as well.. Dad is 95 and Mom is 90.. Fortunately, still very much 'with it' mentally.. but STUBBORN!!! Hoping you all can enjoy a peaceful and restful holiday season!! :yes:
Thanks, @Braunzie . It's been a rough month, but things seem to have settled down. I've been very fortunate that my parents are fairly healthy. Just TKRs for my dad and uterine cancer that was caught very early for my mom. My dad is the independent one and doesn't like giving up his "jobs" around the house. He worked till he was 67, so is surprised that I'm considering retirement at 61. But my dad was at a desk, I'm on my feet most of the day. That doggone work ethic!
I hope that the coming month is calmer for you Karri.
How is your Dad getting on?
@Celle he's doing well, thanks for asking. Home pt is coming in and being very gentle with his left side. That's where the new hip is and his oldest TKR, which is 17 years old. Dad says it's starting to bother him, so he babying it along. He's elevating and makes a point of telling me when I call to check on him. I made him some ice packs with the alcohol/water recipe, he likes that it molds to his hip. The scar and surrounding area are losing the redness that the seroma caused. You're so kind to think of him.
Pretty sure my dad is in the midst of post op blues. This week my friend and I took the toddler she watches to my parents' house for a visit. It seemed to help a little, my dad loves kids. But I'm afraid he's reverted back to the depression. I've developed a cold/flu and don't want to subject either of my parents to it, but my sister is taking my dad's favorite movie up to watch with him and put the tree up (even though he's saying no tree).
I'm sure he's worried he won't gain his independence back and he's feeling responsible because he was up on the ladder, so I'm trying to think of somethings we can do to help, just not sure what he'll agree to.
It is very hard to watch our older parents go through so much. The movie sounds like a great idea. I haven't been able to see my dad for a while because of distance but I call him several times a week. I know my dad says he hates dogs but one of my daughters has a dog he has fallen in love with. The dog just sits next to him all day long. I hope he starts to feel better soon.

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