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Well, Celle, I got a phone call at 3:00 in the morning. He fell out of bed onto hardwood flooring! My mother is practically deaf, she wouldn't have heard him if he yelled, but he just laid there for an hour or so trying to gather the strength to get up. Around 1:00 a.m. My mother goes to bed and my dad isn't in the bed, but his feet are visable on the floor on his side of the bed. After an hour or so they called 911 and the EMTs got him up, watched him get around the house. My sister went to the house, yelled at both of them and proceeded to roll all the area rugs up and put them in the basement.
I just came from their house where I threw laundry in and took my leg lifter. I don't think he can get enough leverage to scooch into the middle of the bed, so I'm hoping the leg lifter will help. They agreed to home PT today (over the weekend they didn't want anyone coming in) because my mother realized how difficult it would be to get him into a car and to pt.
Thanks for asking. I had a talk with my dad, telling him that if he would just settle down and rest this would be over sooner rather than later. He is a very independent fellow and doesn't like anyone doing anything for him. As I was putting the laundry in he was yelling directions to me. It didn't matter that I have been doing laundry for 40 years. :bored:
Oh and he says he's in no pain at all. Taking 5mg of Norco when he remembers.
Your dad sounds like quite a remarkable and quite a stubborn man! How frustrating that is for those taking care of him.

They are so used to being independent, aren't they? We tried to get my dad in an assisted living facility for years; he refused. He stayed in the house I grew up in alone since '98, slowly declining, but never leaving until the verrrrry end.

Hang in there!

I'm glad your dad wasn't hurt when he fell out of bed.
What a worry for you and your sister, though!

I'm glad your sister took action and removed all the tripping hazards. I hope he doesn't have any more accidents.

I can see that it's going to be a demanding job trying to keep him safe until he's fully recovered. Annoying and worrying as it is, I do have to admire his stubborn independence.
My sister is the baby of the family and somehow is able to get away with things I can't. When I tried to prep the house I was told (translated yell) no many times and I don't think my sister thought it was an issue. A few hours later in the middle of the night she saw it differently. So we are treading lightly. It is his Scottish blood showing through, that's for sure!
I am the youngest of four, and when my father was trying to check himself out of the hospital against some very sound medical advice I was the big gun my family brought in. I am in home healthcare, so maybe that helped, but I was happily surprised that he would listen to me.

Hope your father heals rapidly. My 92 yr old mother-in-law broke her hip last year and shocked us all by being able to walk unassisted by around 5 months.
I'll reciprocate your Thanksgiving wishes, Karri, but myself still being in the pre-op stage, I'll be realistic and shoot for the pain free part next year. :thumb:
@KarriB , I wanted come check on your Dad. I hope he is doing better now. My father was very proud and stubborn - I understand. I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed. Thank you for all your support. :roseshwr:
Hope your dad is doing well and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!
Thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness. My mom turned him in to the OS, she called and said he wouldn't elevate or ice. So the PA called, talked to him and he is elevating and icing today. He also seems much calmer. Dad and Mom stayed home and a few of us brought dinner to them when everyone left. I remember what it's like to have a house full of guests when you don't feel well.
I'm glad your mother acted so sensibly, Karri, and I'm glad the PA was able to persuade your dad to follow orders. Your dad isn't going to make his recovery easy for any of you, is he?
thankful that things seem to be settling down a little bit at your parents' home ... he sounds somewhat like my Scottish grandfather ... independent and not inclined to listen to cautionary pleas from the womenfolk well into his 80's ... here's hoping there are no more "fall" "adventures" at his home or yours.
He was so sensible and obedient to Drs orders two years ago with his 2nd TKR. We're not sure if the two years has made a difference in his behavior or the fact that this was an accident because he wouldn't listen when we said no more ladders and he's embarrassed. My grandfather (his father) was crippled with arthritis and a fall off a step ladder led to his death, so I believe fear has played into his behavior. I remember getting off an elevator to visit my Scottish born grandfather and hearing him yelling at nurses, then last week it was my father we heard! Oh the apple doesn't fall far! But things are looking up. My dad has been having a difficult time getting his compression socks on (he has worn them since his TKR), but my brother returned from bear camp this week and has been able to get them on my dad every day with no trouble. We do want him to get back to his active lifestyle and will not hold him back after he's recovered, however all ladders are being removed.
My father finally decide a couple of months ago to stop driving. He's a very stubborn Irish man. It must be that area of the world! He was getting lost if there was some construction with a detour around a block.hes been driving if that area for over 40 years and he shouldn't of had any problems. The last time he just left an no one know where he went. He decided to go get the oil change for his car. We were getting ready to put out a silver alert for a missing person. They are so stubborn!! I hope he recovers quickly without any other mishaps!
Two years tonight I was meeting my revision surgeon for the infection surgery. Going in we weren't sure if he'd take out the knee for an antibiotic spacer or whether a washout would do the job. I'm thankful everyday that God had Dr. P. was the surgeon at the hospital that Thanksgiving Eve and that two months after I was able to go back to teaching part time.
Spent the day at the hospital with my dad. The OS believes he developed a seroma. I have never heard of a seroma, but my nephew's girlfriend was there and that was the first thing she thought of. She is graduating with a nursing degree in May.
This morning as my dad was washing fluid began pouring out of the incision. He had no fever and the pinky flu didn't have an odor, but the incision was a bit open and looked very red. We went through 7-8 towels then taped some gauze down and due to my experience, headed to the ER. His OS was there working on a fractured ankle, but the ER docs took cultures and admitted him. By the time the OS saw the hip the seeping had stopped and didn't look too bad. My dad is staying till tomorrow when the OS will look at it again as well as the cultures and make a decision. On the humorous end, his roommate seemed unable to speak, but was very good at taking his clothes off! Yes, he stripped down to underwear/adult diaper with 4 women in the room!
@KarriB, I am so sorry!! Your father is covered in prayer for a quick recovery and for his OS to have the wisdom and guidance of God's almighty hand to treat him. I had to look up what a seroma is - how interesting what we all learn here! At least his roommate kept you all entertained! :eyebrows: I hope your Dad will be able to rest with his roommate tonight! My dear friend, you are also covered in prayer. I know as the kind and loving daughter you are, that you are praying for your Dad and worried also. May you have the peace of knowing God will be with you. Love to you!
I hope your Dad's seroma clears up soon and he can come home again, Karri.

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