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Well, falling seems to run in my family. I've spent the last six hours at the hospital with my dad (who doesn't listen to his family) after he fell off a ladder and snapped the ball off his femur. He's having a hip replacement tomorrow. I'm not thrilled with the choice of docs, however he is in too much pain to transport to another hospital. He fell off the 2nd step of a ladder onto the concrete, managed to get up again (with his two TKRs), only to fall a second time due to the break. He then crawled to the door in order to ring the door bell and get my mother's attention. My mother said his screams could be heard through the neighborhood when they put him in the ambulance. We are going with an unknown, newer OS over one that we know isn't good. Trusting that the Lord is in control.
Karri, I'm so sorry about your father. I've had a hip fracture and I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy. Do you know if he's having a total hip replacement or a hemiarthroplasty? They are very different and, if it were me, I'd push hard for THR.
I'm not sure which he's having. We haven't actually spoken to an OS, just the ER doc. We saw the X-Ray, the ball on the femur is cracked right off. They've morphine through the IV to get him off the ER guerny and into bed. We call in the am to get details on the surgery and we're hoping to speak to the OS before hand. This is so different than preparing for a THR or TKR. My dad is 84 and very healthy with a real stubborn streak. We're removing all ladders from the house asap. Thanks for the advice, I'll have to do some reading on the hip side.
Yes, it is very different. I've had unplanned surgery for a hip fracture and I've had planned THR, when that first surgery failed. Having the opportunity to plan makes a big difference. He's lucky to have such a savvy daughter. You're already an expert on orthopedics!
I'm sorry to hear about your father's accident, Karri.
I hope his surgery goes well and he recovers OK.

Please let us know how he gets on.
I, too, am sorry to hear about your father's accident. I would have chosen a less experienced OS over one I knew I didn't want, too. Praying all goes well.


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Hugs to you and your father. Having you in his corner will make a huge difference.
Ouch! Prayers for the surgery, recovery, and the care-givers!
Well,it was a marathon surgery. I really liked the OS, however we didn't get to meet or speak with him before the surgery. When the surgery was finally over he sat with us to answer all the questions we had. He used a posterior approach and was glad he had, there was an issue getting the ball of the femur out of his hip. The OS said my dad has the biggest, heaviest bones he's ever worked on. Dr. was ready to do a full, but when he got in there was no damage to the pelvis or cartilage so it was a partial. He said he had the cartilage of a 40-50 year old. The OS had to leave the OR to get a larger implant and he used the largest they had. I'm relieved, but the dr did say hips are more prone to clots. Thank you all for your thoughts. Just waiting for my dad to come up from post op floor.
I'm glad your dad's surgery went well. Thank you for letting us know.
I hope he makes a good recovery.
I asked the OS how many hips he's done, what approach he used and why the partial over the full. He seemed a little surprised by the questions, but he's done 300 or so hips.
Best wishes to your dad.
I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully his recovery is swift and pain free.
Thanks for your good thoughts. My dad came home today, I think the nurses were quite happy to see him go. He was not a good patient, getting up and walking around the room without calling or using the walker. Neither of my parents would allow me to pick up the throw rugs or clear things up. The house is an obstacle course and my siblings are afraid there'll be another fall, but there's nothing to be done. He stumbled three times while we were all there. Ugh...
Apart from worrying the living daylights out of you, how is you Dad doing now, Karri?
It's obvious he's a very stubborn man - but that very stubbornness may be what he needs to have a successful recovery.

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