Revision THR On my 4th revision for left hip after only 2 years.

2 stage revision must be a pretty uncommon set of surgeries, because I've never even heard of or about it before my experience -or in nursing school.
Unfortunately two stage revision is often done if there is a serious infection. Long term hospitalisation is not always required as patients are taught to administer IV antibiotics at home via a PICC line.

Use the search function on this site (upper right hand side of the blue bar). If you type in 2 stage revision you will see a list of threads discussing this. In most cases these members are no longer posting and are off living life again.
You have been through so much! I’m grateful there were other options for you. I am sending love and light your way for the operation today! One thing that really helped me was listening to guided meditations specifically for pre-surgery. It helped me go in with less anxiety. Wishing you the best of luck!!

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