Revision THR On my 4th revision for left hip after only 2 years.


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Sep 15, 2023
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My first left thr failed after 2 weeks. The implant slid down and split my femur. This was September of 2021.
I spent 10 weeks in a wheelchair d/t non-weight bearing restrictions while I healed.

In this short 2 years, I've experienced 12 anterior dislocations, at least that many resulting ambulance rides, and four total hip revisions. The most recent revision was on 6/4/23. I was discharged without weight bearing restrictions. I went home with an incision vac for 7 days. The incision vac was wonderful analgesia. Didn't need pain medication until after it was taken off. BUT- the vac had "sucked" a stray end of dissolving suture up through the center of the incision, keeping it from closing in that spot. It drained ALL.THE.TIME. Gross sero-sanguinous leg juice (clear, blood-tinged drainage) that leaked copiously for weeks, until the ortho's plastic surgeon did YET ANOTHER SURGERY on 8/15/23 to try to get that little hole to close up.

Meanwhile, I was getting around fine and painless with my walker post-op, and then without the walker after 2 weeks. I was good. Walking fine without the walker...until about 5 weeks ago, when I began to feel stuff moving around in my left hip when walking. It's like it gets all crunchy feeling, very painful, along with this...dangling sensation. Like my leg is a skin bag full of bones. It feels like an almost dislocation. Or maybe the IT band is...loose? Making the left knee and hip extremely painful and unstable.

I had to start using the walker again because I can't bear weight on it now without it feeling like my greater trochanter is loose in there.

It gets worse and worse, as time goes on, which is the opposite of what should be happening. I was supposed to get better, not worse. The IT band seems to be too long for my now-shortened femur, so it wiggles and bunches up when I'm walking -which isn't as cute as it sounds. It's terribly painful, and allows my knee to give out.

I've lost about 40 lbs in the last couple of months simply because I've been too painful to get out to the kitchen to eat most of the time... I've complained at every appointment for the last 2 months that something isn't right in there.

My theory is that because they've had to revise this left hip so many times (it has a locked down, constrained liner now), and using the same screw holes to secure the acetabular component every time, I'm afraid one of the 2 screw holes are simply STRIPPED, so that when I'm walking, the constrained liner is bending away on one side from where it's supposed to be seated because 1 of the 2 screws is in a loose hole. -Oh, and those constrained liners/receivers ARE PLASTIC, which is why it's bending as I walk, with that screw sliding in and out of its seat.

They always take x-rays before each appointment. You must stay very still for any imaging studies. So, on these x-rays, nothing appears amiss to the surgeon. He says it's unchanged...nothing could be moving. Basically dismissing my concerns and speaking to me as if I'm either insane, a liar, or just an idiot. He prescribed Flexeril, a muscle relaxer. Relaxing the muscles makes it worse, lol. I went to them to get OUT of the pain of osteoarthritis in my hips so that I could get back to my active life and career as a nurse. Now, 2 years later, I'm in WAYYYYY worse condition than before they ever touched me.

The same surgeon did my right thr (my right hip was replaced only once, and without incident in March of 2022.), initial left thr, and the first, second, and third revisions on the left. The fourth (most recent) revision was done by a different surgeon, but from the same Orthopedics practice.

I have an appointment at a different ortho firm in about a week and a half, because I need to get an opinion from a completely unrelated and unbiased practice, and I hope they can help me. Because, if THIS really is my end result, unable to walk, I'm gonna need a wheelchair permanently, and my career might be over. I'm only 52...
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I'm so sorry to hear how traumatic the last 2 years have been for you. It must be really awful to have an operation thats fails to correct the problem but then for further procedures to keep going wrong, it must be simply dreadful.

You mentioned having x-rays and I wonder if a MRI, if it was possible to have one, might give the doctors a clearer picture ? I only mention a MRI as my Rheumatologist wanted me to have one to get a clearer idea of my hip problems as it shows soft tissue as well as bone. Hopefully your appointment next week will be helpful to you and enable you to see a way forward.
OMG, I am so sorry for the suffering you have gone thru. I thought I was going thru the hip replacement from hell. I haven't had any revisions, but I have gone thru many injections, labs, imaging, PT, lots of Dr visits. Since April 2022 I have had over 200 different visits related to my condition.
I think one of your problems with all of that weight loss, you have lost a lot of muscle and haven't been able to keep the leg strong. I missed that very important window of PT after my replacement. I am sure that you have also, to an extreme degree. I noticed with, what was finally diagnosed as SI Joint Dysfunction, my left leg really got weak. Plus, my right leg taking the brunt of my weight, other issues developed.
I go back 2 years ago when I was hiking, biking, and swimming to now, just limited swimming. Moving slower and dealing with a weight gain of 20 lbs. Tough to accept but I am still fighting. You must TOO!!!
Monica please hang in there. This has to be hard to go through. I hope the new ortho has answers for you. Please keep us posted. This forum is a great place to be.
Welcome to BoneSmart, @MonicaBadHips, I'm so sorry to read what a terrible struggle you've had.

Clearly something is wrong. I'm glad you've made an appointment with a different orthopedic group to get a second opinion. I hope you will come back after that appointment and let us know what you learn.

Meanwhile, I'd like to create a signature with a summary of your surgical history so other members can see that information quickly when they visit your thread.

Would you please review and confirm or correct my understanding that you've had the following:

Right THR -- March 2022
Left THR -- September 2021
Multiple Left THR dislocations leading to
Left THR revisions -- <please provide us with the dates of your previous 3 revisions>, and June 4, 2023
Ok, the way it has played out is:
Dr. Mike Yergler
12/2020- Arthroscopic cleaning out torn up cartilage and repair torn labrum of left hip.
Dr. Jeff Yergler
9/7/2021- Left THR
9/20/2021- Left Revision surgery
3/2022- Right THR
1/2022, 8/2022, 10/2022, 1/2023: Left hip dislocations.
1/31/2023- Left hip revision #2, ("locking it down" with constrained liner. It failed horribly)
5/24/2023- Left hip revision #3.
5/26/23, 5/27/23, 5/28/23, 5/30/23, 6/1/23, 6/2/23, 6/3/23: LEFT HIP DISLOCATIONS
Dr. Adam Cien
6/4/2023- Left hip revision #4.
Dr. Sam Fuller
8/15/2023- surgery to attempt closing a failed incision closure from 6/4/23 surgery. This has failed as well.
So Sorry you are having so much trouble. How far away do you live from Nashville TN? I had my revision there and it finally has worked out I highly recommend the Southern joint Replacement Institute located in Nashville TN.

I’m so sorry you are going through all of this. It must be so debilitating for you. I’m also having a tough time since my hip replacement 14 months ago. Ongoing sharp pain down my leg into my knee. Difficulties accessing any appointments, told I have bursitis and illiopsoas tendonitis. Injection done for bursitis 10 days ago and no improvement what so ever. Can’t even manage to walk round a supermarket. I’m only 45 and had the surgery to get my life back but I honestly feel like I’m in a worse position than I was before. Whilst I had pain walking pre surgery, it was a pain I could push through where this pain I can’t. Having physio for the illiopsoas problem, but feeling very concerned. I’m in the UK so I don’t have the worry about paying, just the issue of actually getting help. I do hope you get somewhere soon. Best wishes to you.
Hi @MonicaBadHips I just what to say how sorry I am to hear of all the problems you have had and the pain you must struggle with. As @benne68 has said, there is clearly something wrong. I do hope you can find the help you need. Best wishes.
Oh my gosh my heart goes out to you. I could not imagine the pain you must have gone through all this. You are one strong human being to still be able to fight for your health and staying strong-I had my own heck of a journey but you never really realize how strong you really are until others point out that you. You are one heck of a lady. I really admire you.
Good for you for getting another opinion to see what they have to say. Complications can happen, but this is a really extreme end of it. The very least another un-biased opinion will do is put your mind at ease with all you've gone through, or offer a solution which both offer a win win solution.

Keep on doing what you're doing and fighting for your own health and be your own advocate. We are all here to support you the best we can.
I’m glad you found our supportive community to help you get through these challenges you’re facing. We’ll be here for you and try to make suggestions that will make things better for you. You are right to look somewhere else for medical advice. Unfortunately sometimes it can take a while to find the right person to recognize what is going on when there are problems after surgery. Let me know if you need any assistance with consulting surgeons and I’ll see what I can find.
Update folks...
I saw a reconstructionist at a different practice last week. He pulled all the notes from the other practice and immediately found that the surgeon from the practice I abandoned, charted a sinus tract from incision to to implant. He discharged me from his care. Never notified me or treated me for THIS DEEP SOCKET INFECTION which has been growing unchecked since 6/4.
Now I have to have a 2 stage revision, which I understand to be the most complex of ortho procedures. They say I'll be inpatient in the actual hospital from 6 weeks to possibly months receiving antibiotics thru PICC IV after they've removed all the hardware and placed a gentamycin packed cement spacer in its place. Once infection is all gone, new implants are placed. They're sending me to yet another reconstructionist to do it, because he has been in the area longer, and has a proper team and equipment to perform it in this area, whilst the one I've just seen is only willing to do it in Indianapolis at University Hospital, because he's not set up here yet, new to my area of Indiana. He is one of 2 surgeons in the region who are qualified to do a 2 stage. The other one has agreed to do it for me at a hospital in the next city over, so that I won't be so far from my family for so long. But, it has occurred to me that I HAVE 2 ARTIFICIAL HIPS. We didn't touch on how that will effect the good artificial hip. I thought I was taught in nursing school that if one side's hip implant gets infected, the other side probably is, too. they would have to take BOTH OUT??? This really scares me. You can't put any weight on those cement spacers. They're only there to keep the muscles and tendons the right length. This is the reason for the lengthy hospital stay. The surgeon says he only allows his own specifically trained team to care for you. Hospital and rehab/nursing home staff aren't trained to provide care for 2 stage revision. I think it's happening today or tomorrow, and I'm really freaking out...not to mention that other horrible things have been happening in my life on top of this. My youngest daughter's fiancé shot and killed himself last Wednesday, and she found his body. I'm bedbound right now, and she lives out of town, so I have been unable to get to hold her and comfort her, and it's killing me...
Murphy's Law seems to have been inexplicably assigned as my life theme, tbh.
The silver lining is that I should be able to walk again when all is said and done...and now I have 4 or 5 smoking guns involving 3 different surgeons from South Bend Orthopaedics who have all made serious mistakes in my care. Incidentally, they all 3 have MANY malpractice claims in their history, while neither of these reconstructionists have any. In fact, the surgeon who did my rt hip once, and my left hip 4 times, just paid out a $1.2 million malpractice settlement last year over a case that's far smaller than mine.
Don't worry. I'm getting a lawyer...
I'll update again when I have more.
Thanks for reading❤️
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Don't worry. I'm getting a lawyer...
I found a searchable database which lists every single doctor in my state and how many (if any) malpractice claims he/she had had against him/her. It also provides links to review the case info. Posting twice so that I can share the link.
Not sure if taking the "tap-ability" out of a typed link would work. So...but I'm going to share it in a new post too, to make it easier for everyone to find and access. I'll title it "Homework."
@MonicaBadHips Sorry you are going through this 2 stage revision. But it does sound like you have found the right team to correct this situation.
I thought I was taught in nursing school that if one side's hip implant gets infected, the other side probably is, too.
No this is not the case. Who knows how the infection was introduced into that bad hip. Do you have any symptoms in the other hip?

Just FYI to you or anyone else going through this - we don't allow any discussion of legal action here on BoneSmart. This is because our focus is on supporting patients through pre and post op recovery. It is also because discussion of any case on any social platform could jeopardise your position. Any lawyer will advise you on this.
Not sure if taking the "tap-ability" out of a typed link would work. So...but I'm going to share it in a new post too, to make it easier for everyone to find and access. I'll title it "Homework."
Please read our forum rules. We do not allow links on post that take members off the site. Many of our members are in a very vulnerable state. This means they may not be able to navigate back to the site if taken off.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Just FYI to you or anyone else going through this - we don't allow any discussion of legal action here on BoneSmart. This is because our focus is on supporting patients through pre and post op recovery. It is also because discussion of any case on any social platform could jeopardise your position. Any lawyer will advise you on this.
Please see the post I just made on pre-op, okay? If it's against the rules, delete
I didn't talk about my case except to say how many surgeries I've had, and only explained how to find the .gov website. I also encouraged solid research prior to surgery. I wish I had known I could do this research before ever having my first surgery... I didn't mean any harm. Apologies if I've broken rules.
While PT and your surgeon will tell you to "walk, walk, walk!" understand that if you are overweight, you should keep using the walker for weight redistribution even after they discontinue the need for its use. Continuing to use the walker longer than required will not cause any harm, and may contribute to a more positive end result. Extra weight is hard on newly healing load-bearing joints and their new artificial cohorts (implants.) I've learned this as a nurse who has cared for many post-op TJR patients, as well as being a multi-TJR patient, myself.
No this is not the case. Who knows how the infection was introduced into that bad hip. Do you have any symptoms in the other hip?
No symptoms on the right side. Whew! Thank goodness! One wave of relief washed over me,, thank you. 2 stage revision must be a pretty uncommon set of surgeries, because I've never even heard of or about it before my experience -or in nursing school. We were only taught that if there is deep socket infection, it may spread to both joints, is very serious, and can linger silently for a very long time. Nurses might be considered the worst patients, but we're also almost too knowledgeable to not dive down terrible rabbit-holes in an effort to be 100% clinically abreast of our situation. It's a really strange position to be in.
Thanks again, ma'am.

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