TKR Okay, I just had a great fall!!

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Kelly! Ouch!!! I hope you are not in pain for too long, glad your X-rays don't show damage. Young lady, you are grounded!!! :heehee:
:rotfl: Okay, Izzie...YOU try and hold Kelly down!!! Good luck with that!!! :heehee:
Hi skigirl I had my right tkr in nov. 2012 and im doing great except for a permanent clunk with every step.I am pain free though and walk, bike, and paly golf with no problems at all. My surgean told me that the clunk will more then likely be permanent. I would like to get back to sking this winter but im not sure about the falling which as you know can happen. Have you had many falls on the mountain and if so how did you do. I do live in new England which means lots of ice at times which from what I can see you live out west with the best sking in the country. Any advice will be great . thanks Eddy Graz
Kelly, hope things are less painful for you now. Do you have specific things you can do to lessen the pain?

I finally went back to the surgeon for my one year (ha) visit. Saw his P.A. who is wonderful. The knee is fine. It's tendons below the knee that are all inflamed. Too much standing, not enough of particular kinds of strengthening exercises. .Told me I could get analgesic cream to rub on it or get a shot of cortisone in the tendon, which she warned me "will hurt a lot more than the cortisone shots you got in your knee pre surgery...but will work a lot faster than the cream." It took a long time to inject, and I did yell a bit as she moved the needle around, but it's two days later and I am beginning to notice a difference.I feel so relieved. This isn't about getting more surgery. I do need more physical therapy, and may have to switch doctors so I can be referred to someone who is actually going to help. I had pretty much given up exercise because I was constantly in pain and always exhausted after work. So I have the weights out and am actually using them...and then back to the gym and PT.

Have a good weekend.
Sounds like progress.
kneeper, yes it is, and tonight, the knee feels even better. I wish I could tell everyone on this site to keep their hopes high. Sometimes it may be just a visit to the right person to balance care for the parts that hold our knees together--ligaments and tendons--enough rest and ice as well as the right exercises. I have often gotten the balance wrong.
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