MUA Oct 2017 TKR - Hematoma - MUA - Finally past 90!<

Christina, great news about the bend! I’m sorry you don’t feel well but exciting news. Maybe it will start to bend on its own. If not you have it rescheduled and you will be ready. You should know by then if you are moving in the correct direction! Be careful and celebrate:yes!:!
Yay, a full revolution on the bike! That's great! To do that, your bend had to be better. If you don't overwork, I bet it'll continue to get better and better! Just maybe, your sickness came on so you would have to cancel that MUA the first time, and just maybe you won't have to have one at all. That would be fantastic!
So much to be happy about! You probably are bending better. It’s been three months and change, so there’s that, and your knee is apparently liking your current program for it. Keep on with whatever you’re doing.

And yay for the cancellation for that PT you want to work with! I hope Monday brings more good news in the form that she is perfect for you. :loveshwr:
Full rotation! Score! :yes!:
Good call on stopping that new supplement to see if that helped with the itching.
Take care of yourself with the cold/bug you have. Like they say, lots of fluids. :beer:
Talk about weird and BAD advice! Check out this post by a gal on a Facebook page thread I'm a part of. These poor people on this thread no nothing about the BS philispohy and are continually in pain and crying at PT! I was very surprised at the advice given to this gal.

Im only 8 days post op . My mobility is great but pain bad. My leg has been swelling the last few days. I have been elevating and icing already. BUT talked to PT about it in more detail which was very helpful. DON'T ICE AND ELEVATE SIMULTANEOUSLY! The ice slows down the blood flowing away from your feet etc. Also, when elevating don't have your knees bent or blocking flow again. I put mine on back of couch with calf only touching not my knee.:Thirdly, wear compression socks. Put them on after you elevated. Never use compression socks if you have heart problems. Never sleep with your compression stockings on.

:holysheep: :what: :thud: :what: :holysheep:
You do wonder where these PTs got their training from. It makes me so mad.

And often you can’t get the patients to listen to the Bonesmart approach, they believe anything and everything the PT tells them. I’ve given up trying to talk to some people.
That's exactly how I feel, Jockette. I am living proof that you don't have to cause yourself that awful pain of PT, just gentle movements. Treating our tkrs like the infants that they are is the key. ADL is the answer to a good, less painful recovery!
Hello, how did your MUA come out? I'm having trouble posting how about you?
Hello Everyone...
So sorry for the long delay and being out of touch with eveyrone. Last week was a very stressful week since it was month end and since I work in accounting, month ends are usually intense. I had to work 4 full days in a row and I just seriously had no energy for absolutely anything else. I took yesterday off and was basically a log leg all day with not much flexion due to internal swelling. Today I'm better after rest and ice.

So, humm where to start the update. Well I went to the new PT one time so far and she was immediately concerned about the scar line being so tight especially in the area where they had to cut it back open to remove the hematoma. She felt like that might be holding back or will continue to hinder good flexion. So she told me to do scar massage 3 times per day for 5 min each time. I'm not sure about it. Is it really necessary and will it cause my knee not to bend? I've never read too much about that here on the boards.. so I'm curious. She also massaged the knee area quite a bit and then put me on the upright bike. She told me not to move my hips to the side in order to get a full revolution when I cycle around and so with that, there is no way I could do a full revolution. She said that I really cannot do one because I'm cheating and it will hurt my back. I see her point but whatever! I like doing them and if I have to slide my hips over to do them so what - I feel like there is benefit in rotating around even if I do have to move my hips. She also kept measuring me. When I got there, she measured 82 with me pulling back as much as I could without too much pain, and after a few minutes on the bike, she measured while I was seated on the bike, 75. I left with a homework sheet to do 8 min on the bike twice a day - (except not really to cycle but to just get to the point of tightness and hold, breathing deep), quad sets of 15 three times a day and to continue to tease the bend back further with heel slides, etc. I wasn't too impressed with her overall and if that's all I get for $96 I'm not sure it's worth my time or money!

Then I emailed my OS a couple days ago and ask him how long he would give my knee to slowly increase in flexion and he said that the best window of time is 12 weeks and that too much longer after that the benefits of doing it go down. He said that he recommended I proceed with it but if that I could gain flexion without it that would be the best. I have read that you can do MUA's beyond 12 weeks but the studies show that the best success comes with those around 12 weeks. Anyone have any studies to the contrary?

So I'm not sure. I'm just surrendering and trusting that God will guide me and if I see an increase to 90 by Wed, I will cancel the MUA and move forward on my own. If I don't then I will be going in on Thurs. the 8th to have it done. It will be 10 days shy of 4 months since the original surgery. So we will just see. Today, even after yesterdays log leg, my knee is bendy. I did 3 min of half turns on the bike and then a minute of full turns. Then I loosened up in the tub relaxing it and doing a bit of gentle stretching of my muscles. Now I'm icing and resting for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday and I look forward to catching up and hearing from everyone!!!
Good to hear from you.

I think you are making progress yourself. You know your own knee. My PT knows that I 'cheat' with hip but feels that small amounts of time won't affect hip too much and to stop if I get pain.

I find the bike hit and miss. Yesterday I did 15 minutes on bike with seat at normal level and hardLy raising hip, whereas today I couldn't get a rotation even with seat highered!

My PT massages the thigh and IT band which I find helps.

I'm still at 90. I'm still plucking up courage to book to see OS. I should have gone weeks ago. I'm not having MUA. I think that's only needed if there is adhesions like I previously had.

it is a hard journey but I think you are making slow and steady progress in right direction. How does knee feel on generally day to day basis
Can you do a backwards rotation without hiking your hip? Sometimes backwards comes first.
@funkymuse Hello. I was one that was terrified of having a MUA. I kept hearing it may break a bone. After reading success stories here and elsewhere, I decided to have it. Also, I didn't do it because my ROM was low, I did it because my leg wouldn't bend past a certain point, it would just bounce back. Well, I had my MUA at 16 weeks. My Dr wanted it before 12 but I wanted to be sure. I can honestly say it did help. Before, I couldn't take the steps and now I can (I needed to for work). My ROM eventually got to 120 but due to internal swelling (I think) and some loss, I am around 115. Before surgery, I couldn't get past 100. Those extra 15 deg made a difference. So I am happy with the results.

Good Luck with your decision!!
Hello @kneeper.. no I cannot to a rotation backwards at all. I can only do them forward by sliding my hip off to the right.. I don't lift it.. I just slide it in the seat. @Tanya76 - as far as adhesions, how did you know you had them? My knee feels extremely tight within the knee cavity itself.. I can't seem to get it to go past that point. The pain on the inside part of the scar line has gone down quite a bit - which I'm grateful for since I didn't want to have the MUA with that pain still present.

@MyTest thanks so much for the kind encouragement! I'm glad to hear of your 16 week wait which is just about where I will be from my original surgery. Would love to hear what your PT had you do after the MUA. I plan to rest and do some gentle bending throughout the day.. BUT VERY GENTLE as I know not to overdo it which would cause more swelling, and other than that I will be doing extensive elevating and icing. My husband will have to go back to doing most every little thing for me! Also when did you go back to work after your MUA or did you? I'm planning at least 7 if not 10 days off work. It won't be crunch time at work.. so it won't be as bad for my co-workers to carry my load.

@Polkadot feet are still itching and areas around the side of the foot itself are starting to here and there. It has gone down to a low level some nights and others it flares up stronger again. I have started to wash the feet before bed and haven't found that it makes that much difference. I woke up in great fear last night that maybe I was having an allergic reaction to the new joint materials and I DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT. So I'm not going to. :scaredycat:I do have an appointment with a dermatologist and a podiatrist coming to try and trace down this issue.
The good news is that the IBS has resolved. Thank goodness!

Other than that, this problem with my knee not bending is causing horrific imbalances in my body and my back is becoming chronic so I hope the MUA will help me with my bend so I can get on with continued healing overall!

Happy Sunday everyone and as always thank you so much for support!
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I'd like my thread title changed to
Oct TKR and Hematoma - MUA scheduled 2/8/18

thank you!
@funkymuse I know it's not recommended but I had the MUA on a Mond. and went to PT Tu-F. Since I had a good amount of swelling we didn't try to force it too much. The PT agreed it's hard to bend when it's too swollen. Also, I took 2 weeks off from work than worked at home the third week. I probably could have went physically back to work the third week though.

I will be watching your thread to see how things go.
Thank you @sistersinhim

@MyTest - so what did your PT have you do Tues thru Fri? I just hate the getting in the car and trudging to these PT places! It's so hard on me especially right after the procedure! For some reason all OS's seem to want us back at therapy as soon as possible after the MUA but why can't we just proceed at home with gentle PT? I am leaning toward that direction.
You can do it at home. You already know what to do. Why pay someone to do what you can do on your own. Why have the aggravation of traveling to and from PT, not to mention the gas, if you don't have to. You can do it all right at home!
Well last night after a day of work, up and down from my desk, I came home and took off my ice pad and I felt more bendy. That USUALLY does not happen after a day of work. I usually feel log legged. I swear I'm near 90 if not 90 with a gentle push into a slight amount of pain. How one measure without any devices?

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