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Getting a diagnosis is only a step in the right direction. I am sure you do get tired of it all, especially the pain. It is draining. I am not sure if you searched, but we've had some members that experienced HO. If interested you can type key words into the SEARCH at the top right of the page and threads where its been mentioned will pop up.

Also, here is an article from the BoneSmart Library if you care to read it. Heterotopic ossification
I hope appointments become available sooner than you are imagining, leading to resolution. I wish you
comfort in the meantime.
6 months for a CT scan? I live in Las Vegas which isn’t known for being fast for anything healthcare related but I waited 2-3 weeks tops. The CT scan took all of 5 minutes.

I sure hope you don’t wait that long for the scan or any other appointments. I’d keep nagging on the phone for any cancellation or time they could squeeze you in.

Good luck!
I am under the the impression that in the United States that as long as you have a good job that provides benefits. Your Healthcare is covered by those benefits. The problem In Canada is that everyone is covered. Meaning the hypochondriacs, drug addicts, homeless. If they had to pay to get treatment they wouldn't go to emergency for ingrown toe nails or show up at emergency and ask for meals or clean cloths. Our system gets abused by those people and creates a massive back log. Making an appointment to see you doctor for a cold takes weeks to get in. Going to a walk in clinic is a 5 hr wait for an earache. People think Canads healthcare system is wonderful because it is covered. But it is all window dressing. I would rather have a good job where my benefits pay for healthcare or have the option to pay for an MRI or CT scan at a private clinic. That is if I had the money and did not want wait. Having that option would open up some space and perhaps make things move a little quicker. Problem also lies when they can not refuse people treatment. Forget going to the hospital for an actual emergency. People will go there for an earache. Leaving someone with an actual emergency (appendicitis) to wait for 15 hrs for treatment. It's an Absolute joke. I started my hip process in October of 2020. I waited 8 months to see orthopedic surgeon and waited on a canceling list for 2 years. I now have been waiting for the past 6 months for an MRI and over a month for a CT SCAN. Criminals in jail however get their medication paid for. Owe did I mention CT scans and MRI,s on the spot for them as well. But a lot of civilians and the elderly are forced to pay for their own medication. Completely butt backwards.
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Hi, .... I hear your frustration with the wait times you're experiencing with your Canadian healthcare system. Trust country has the "perfect" answer when it comes to providing healthcare to it's citizens.

But I do need to clarify a few things about American healthcare. It's a little different than what you think.

Pretty much everyone in the US is covered by some type of healthcare insurance, unless they opt not to get it. It's not a national healthcare system like what is available in Canada, the UK, Europe, or Australia. Many companies offer medical insurance options through a group plan with one of our country's insurance providers as a benefit. It is not mandatory for employers to do this, but many do. There are usually several levels of coverage that involve payments from the employer as a benefit and some amount of money paid by the employee as well on a monthly basis (plus copays at the time of service). So, it's normally not free healthcare, even when it's a benefit.

If a person is employed by a business or company that does not offer an insurance benefit, there is an open market where people can shop for various types of medical insurance policies. The policies vary by state and usually have a number of options for the type of coverage and monthly cost. Some policies are part of a particular hospital network (where you must use their hospitals and doctors or pay out-of-network costs) and others (usually more expensive) allow you to go to any doctor you choose. All of these policies have monthly expenses for the insurance itself and additional copays that are required at the time of service.

If a person is unemployed or they meet certain low income requirements, they can be covered under their state's Medicaid program. These programs may have restrictions on who you can use for service and they may also have some copays at the time of service. There may also be some small monthly payment required.

People 65 and older who want health insurance must sign up to be covered under Medicare, which is a national healthcare program. There are many choices for plans - some at no cost and others that have monthly fees. But Medicare plans only cover 80% of the cost so there are copays for most plans with good coverage. So, a lot of people purchase "gap" policies to cover the difference.

While people can't go to hospitals or Emergency Rooms to ask for clothes or meals, our hospital ERs are required to evaluate and stabilize anyone who comes in the door. The only way they can not treat someone is if they are not in an unstable condition and it's not an emergency. Consequently our ERs are usually quite crowded and have long waits, just like you describe. We do have a lot of walk-in clinics located throughout our cities that help with this. You can go to them rather than going to the ER or trying to schedule with a doctor. They are usually for things like minor injuries, colds and the flu....that type of thing. Many of our hospitals, clinics, and doctors also use telemedicine now to offer another option that can be quicker.

Our wait times to see doctors and particularly specialists has increased in the last 10 years or so. New patients typically may wait 3 months or more to see a doctor. If you're already a patient, the wait times are more like 3 weeks. It does seem to be fairly easy to get necessary imaging done here, because we have a lot of independent imaging companies and a person is free to choose where they go. Wait times for surgery is in the 3-month time frame as well.

To me, the biggest difference in US healthcare and other countries is that we have a lot of choices in our medical insurance plans. This is good and bad, because it forces people to search for what suits them best. There are companies that will provide this service for you to help select the best plan for you and they do not charge for the service. But it's still a lot of work that some people can't or won't put in to get the best option for their situation. Each year we have Open Season in November and December and everyone is free to change insurance plans if they want to. Then you have to do the research all over again, which can be quite tedious.

There are good and bad points about any system. The important thing is to be an advocate for yourself and try as hard as you can to get the service you want and need within whatever framework is set up. It can be a challenge, no matter where a person lives.
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I can't even think about the thousands and thousands I owe for this surgery because I'll burst into tears. And this is with insurance, and there's still $42k pending to see what insurance covers and whatever they don't, we'll be stuck with on top of what we already owe (on top of what we've already paid).

Sounds like your health care system also has its flaws, but where I live, most people just "walk it off" because they can't afford to go to the doctor.
@Hotchocolate What would happen if you just flat out refused to pay the leftover cost??? I'm just curious.
And this is with insurance, and there's still $42k pending to see what insurance covers and whatever they don't, we'll be stuck with on top of what we already owe (on top of what we've already paid).
I surely hope that your hospital, surgeon and anesthesiologist accept what is paid by insurance. I have had 4 joint replacements and a rotator cuff repair that had large balances after insurance paid. I was not billed for the difference.

I suppose this could depend on your insurance plan but hope you don't owe the balance. :console2: I googled the answer because I didn't know. Apparently the hospital sells the debt to a collection agency and eventually it'll mess with your credit score.

@mature mama with that many joint replacements I'm really happy you didn't have extra bills on top of trying to recover =)

Unfortunately, I've already started getting several bills. I'm not whining about it. We'll just make small payments until it's eventually paid off even if it takes a couple of years. I was just trying to put some context to the misconception that in the states "if you get a good job, then you're benefits are good" my husband has a college education, is a salaried manager, and has been with his current company for over a decade. My computer programmer friends' insurance is only slightly better.
was just trying to put some context to the misconception that in the states "if you get a good job, then you're benefits are good
I agree. I had a good job with L'Oreal and great benefits. We are now with my husband's high deductible plan. The only reason this surgery is covered, is that I stayed within network and our 4,500 deductible had previously been satisfied. Not really as I am paying a small amount monthly for a paramedic and eat ambulance bill for my daughter with mental health issues from January. Cost over 4K, after insurance adjustment, still owed close to 2K. It will be paid off little at a time ... some day. :hairpulling:
Nothing like being harrassed and threatened when you are feeling unwell and weak. Adding extra stress to an already crummy situation. They should feel embarrassed of themselves to do those things. I couldn't imagine working/accepting a position in a company that harrasses people for unpaid health costs. We can only wish Karma finds them In life.
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Everything is much simpler in Croatia. You either pay out of pocket or you die. In both cases there is no long wait.
Something to be said about having some skin in the game, in your case it's all in or all out.
I think for us in the states, that Healthcare gets bashed because it has become increasingly more expensive for a lot less coverage. So while we can still get procedures relatively quickly, depending where you live, it has become very much big business and more about the bottom line than the people. And that is a really broad generalization.
@Rebelguy. I don't know of anyone who bashes the American healthcare system
I do. It's because of it becoming corporatized and full of uncaring people running it which makes the employees uncaring and unhappy in their work. You have to really search for a Doctor that has any control over their practice. When you do it's usually not for long until the next group takes over the office and policy changes, usually not for the better. Healthcare has become like chain restaurants or mega stores. Bottom line rules, and customer service is disappearing. I don't go to chain restaurants and I have traveled to find better healthcare.
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I can not speak for healthcare outside of ONT, Canada. I can only tell you what I see In our healthcare system. Or How I feel. Covid was hard and a lot of first responders where over worked with little compensation or even gratitude from the public. We know now that covid perhaps was not as deadly as first thought. (my opinion) I can see that even receptionist are fed up and are having a hard time with controlling there emotions. (rude) Over worked and under paid.
What I have learned from my experience with people in general is to be overly polite to them when you see them struggling and their attitudes change immediately. As for surgeons who are good at their craft. Its kind of like rolling the dice. My surgeon has amazing reviews. He is in the top 3 surgeons in my area but left me very unsatisfied. I have spoken to him at length and calmly about how I feel. Even though I want to strangle him. I believe the last time I saw him I said to him when this turns around I will be giving you a very long and uncomfortable hug. Lol. He smiles and said he cant wait. lol Even if they try to rush you it's up to you to continue on the conversation. I feel and I do believe that we all have different experiences with any surgery. Some hippies are able to get back to running while myself I still struggle at 9 months to get a shoe and sock on. I definitely can not run. I have said to my doctor because he seemed reluctant to book appointments because like most surgeons he felt he did his job and did it was with perfection and time to move on. Not his words just his body language was saying that. I simply expressed to him that we can not be so arrogant that perhaps their is an issue with the implant its self. I did not point the finger at him. Once he recognize that I am not blaming his work. (Even though in my head I hold him responsible) he changed his attitude completely. After all we just want to be healthy and it must be hard for them to see one of their patients still struggling afterwords. They also have families and can be empathetic. He is very helpful and takes his time now but not without my guidance/leadership. Yes I know it's his job but it does help to be calm and help along the way. We have to remember that we are in charge of our health and the best advocates for ourselfs. I do not like to be yelled at like most.. My initial reaction would be to so the same. But it's not conducive to the final outcome. I will not allow him to preform surgery on me again but I will stand by him to help me get answers. I think sometimes when we meet aggressive people in our life. We also need to look in the mirror and see what our non verbal communication is sending out and the words we are using. If you are nice and someone continues to be rude. I don't see a harm in calling that person out on why they would address you In that fashion and they would not like if someone addressed them in a disrepectful manner. Just my thought.

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