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Jan 8, 2007
I am to have my first (need both) hip replacement in a couple of weeks. My surgeon is going to do the non-cemented type since I am only 55 and want it to last as long as possible. Everyone that I have spoken to that has had a replacement tells me it is the best thing they've ever done and that they were up and walking very quickly. However, I have not spoken with anyone who has had the type of hip where the bone grows in to hold the replacement. Does anyone out there have any information on how long it will take to be on my feet again, and drive again with a non-cemented replacement? I have read that it is much longer.
Hello JGosse. Last year I had two THR within 4 months of each other, both uncemented ceramic on ceramic and both have healed wonderfully. Uncemented implants are designed to find their own level so to speak as new bone growth and the once severed but now fully recovered muscle tissue takes over the original function of hip joint support. I walk 99% normal except for the odd time when I still require an extra bit of support/stability during a long haul around a Mall or after long walks. I am 66 and pleased to report that healing went much faster then anticipated. Good Luck.
I too have 2 noncemented THR, mine were simulataneous, MIS, posterior (no cut muscles). I was up the next morning walking, home in 2 days, and forgetting to use my crutches going room to room in 4 days. Much depends on the skill of your surgeon as well as your physical conditon going into surgery and how dedicated you are to PT following surgery. I got my new hips 19 mons ago when I was 53 yrs. It was like being born again!! LOVE my new hips and my new life! Good luck!

Believe in Barbaro
Hello ripcano. Sounds just wonderful, the recovery time I mean. I sincerely doubt that I could have endured two replacements at the same time, although "no cut muscles" does seem a more patient friendly alternative. My doctor here does not perform such procedures. Good to hear you are well again.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate hearing about other's experiences. I am looking forward to my first surgery (Jan. 23) and eventually being able to stand up straight and walk normally. My ability to walk has taken a dreadful downturn in the past year and I had no idea the arthritis in my hips was as bad as it was. I just kept blaming other things, but I'm thrilled that there is something that can be done to make it better. My surgeon is going with the highly-crossed polyethylene. He has the most confidence in that material. It's good to hear that others have had a positive experience with it.

Also, Barbaro is a miracle horse! I guess he's not out of the woods yet, but his survival is amazing.
Barbaro needs some jingles now, he had some tissue removed from his left hind, was in some discomfort!! But he is a miracle!!

I have highly-crossed linked poly/titanium hips. My surgeon uses all three materials and choses what he feels best for the indiviual. He felt that because I wanted to run again, that would be my best choice. So far, so good.

You may want to think about seeing a 'gait specialist'. I did and it made a huge difference. I had no idea how badly I was walking, and it had become a habit. The gait specialist put bright dots on my shoulders, hips and knees and had me on a treadmill in front of mirrors for hours! It took a good 6-8 weeks, but I now have a straight, strong, long swinging gait! Not a hint of limp.

Believe in Barbaro
Thanks for the tip. I will ask about a gait specialist at my pre-op cl*** next week. My bad hips have caused me to walk with a terrible rolling gait and that has hurt my knees. Mercy Hospital in Sacramento is very thorough in their preparations and education, so I'm guessing they will know about this too. Poor Barbaro! He didn't look that good in the news video last night. My "horsey" friends say he is far from being OK and that most horses with his problems don't make it.

This "hip-chat" is so helpful for someone about to go through THR for the first time. I thank you all.
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