TKR No change in 15 deg Extension for 11 weeks since surgery

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I agree with the others---I believe you are working too hard at trying to achieve this, and, in doing so, you are causing more inflammation.

As for extension issues, when I had them after my BTKR, I woud take small ankle weights, lie down face-first on the bed, and let the leg hang over the bed and let gravity do its work.

I would also heat the hamstring up with a nice heating pad to make the hamstring more pliable and stretch it.

It was gentle, and it worked.
I know that @Dhare63 had some problems with extension. At some point--- much further down the line that you are, she had a simple surgery to help with the extension.
I can echo the value of heat and gravity. I put a heating pad on my calf above the knee and then hang it. Got me from 7.5 to 2 so far.

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Hi there and welcome to Bonesmart. My apologies for not responding sooner when skigirl tagged me.

Your experience sounds very similar to mine. I had LTKR and from the beginning had a long slow recovery. My pt was aggressive and many times I had tears running from the pain of the pt pressing down on the knee. I knew from prior experience that flexion would come, but worried about extension. I got stuck at 12-15 degrees and sort of stayed there for a year. I tried everything, had the MUA at 3 months, therapeutic massage, etc. it just wouldn't budge.

Finally a year almost to the day my OS did a quasi revision. He opened up the TKR incision, pulled the spacer and cleaned out the adhesions. He also did a capsular release and a lot of work behind the knee. None of the other hardware was replaced. The first 3 days were awful, but then as the pain subsided, the walking got much better. It was very clear that this was what I needed.

This time around I took the less is more approach. I only did gentle stretching, focused on controlling swelling, then gradually added the bike and leg presses. My pt did lymphatic massage to help move the swelling out of the leg and to drain out of the body naturally. As I got better, I started doing warm water therapy and within a few months, I was at zero. It was miracle. I followed the advice of the people who have posted on your string and they stuck with me. It was frustrating and took way too long but in the end was worth it. I am at zero and 125.

My advice at this point is to back off the heavy exertion. Even though you may not see swelling, the joint is so compact even the slightest fluid build up will prevent motion. Don't worry about flexion, that will come with time. Focus on gentle stretching, do the extension exercises that have been posted for you, ice all the way around the joint and elevate, toes above nose. Slow way down. Remember that you are recovering from a major surgery and not training for anything. I know it's frustrating but you have to give it time. You are still in the early days yet. If after you have given this many more weeks, then it may be time to consider something like I had done. My OS said that there was no way I could have broken through the adhesions with pt and exercise. And try not to compare your experience with one knee versus the other. They are unique and will dictate the course you need to take.

Please keep posting and we will help support and guide you. This is by far the most caring and kind group of people I have ever encountered, not to mention the first person experience.

All the best to you,

Pat I had same problem surgery dec 8 2014. Left hospital 15 degrees 6 weeks still 15 degrees pt could push to 8 but next day back to15. At 6 weeks dr. Said stop therapy walk stretch and ice. Now at about 4 degrees slow but still improving. Time and patience was the answer for me

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I totally agree Jo, aggressive pt was the start of a bad outcome in my case. Having gone through the revision and going slow and easy in recovery based on advice here made all the difference in the world. I wish I had done that from the start. You guys saved me and my sanity:)

I went in for my surgeon's 6 month evaluation on jun 9th, 2015. He asked how I was doing. he measured with his goniometer and shook his head and said OK, I want to see you at the one year mark. Oh, they took X-rays too. I think I may see my chiropractor. He may know more about my limit areas and maybe can feel something out of place. My ROM is the same as the day I left the hospital. Thanks everyone, for all the support and ideas you have given me as a third person opinion. You guys are great and very knowlegeable. I would have been beside myself with worry without you. I got rid of my walker and cane as I was relieing on them too much and leaning on them. I hobble along as long as my knees will allow. then I sit for a half an hour. Am doing guitar music at church in a sitting position.
So so true! You all have helped me SO MUCH! When I wanted to cry and did, your comments helped! I am not going to push myself as hard as I have at 3 mos. (14 weeks today). I can walk independently with little or no pain most of the time. I have been killing myself with exercising 3x a day, but thanks to you guys, I am LISTENING to my body! Pat, keep playing at church, I teach at church and will continue to sit and do so until I can do better!
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