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This group is amazing and supportive throughout the process. I had some of the similar experiences that you have been having. Less of an appetite - but I have found it again. :loll:Sleeping was a huge challenge for me - slept much better in a recliner but now I am almost 3 months out and sleeping is going great. Now I am done with formal PT and working on my functional movement with walking, gardening and swimming. I still elevate and I ice my knee about 3-4 times a day. Especially after walks or any type of extended movement with my knee. It helps a lot. Congratulations on the new knee
Hello! today i’m 9 weeks post-op. I had my last PT appointment today and after riding the recumbent bike for 14 minutes, (which like everything else in my life right now felt great on my new knee and not so great on my old one), we worked on my back. I’ve had such bad lower back pain for years but it’s being exacerbated by my knee surgery, everything feels off kilter and hurts but my back is really bad. So she taught me some stretches and right away I felt better, I’m going to incorporate them into my daily exercise routine.

After PT I ran a few errands and one of them had me standing in a line for about 6 minutes. After a few minutes I realized that because it was so painful on my left knee, I had been putting all my weight on my new knee and it felt great and held me up! It was a very awesome realization. By the time I got home I’d gotten in and out of the car 4 times and I was tired, but the only thing really hurting me was the old knee. My new knee is still stiff every morning when I get out of bed and it’s sometimes sore and swollen, but it already feels so much different and better than it had. I hope I’m not jinxing myself but i’m really happy with it even in this early stage and hope the left knee goes as smoothly.

I’m looking for a recumbent bike on facebook marketplace because I really enjoy riding it at PT and can see myself using it a lot in the future. My ADL, because I take care of my mom, are keeping me active it plus I do my quad exercises every day as well. It feels like a good mix that’s working for me.

Last weekend my son came up from Chicago and we had a 4-way birthday party with the whole family here. I was up and around a lot and without even noticing by the end of the day I had over 9,000 steps and again the only thing really affected by it was my left knee. I thought for sure when I woke up the next day I’d feel it in my new knee, but it was fine. I’m encouraged and hopeful and really as much as I’m dreading the left knee replacement, because it’s so rough in the beginning, I’m eager for it to get done. I know each knee surgery is different, even on the same person, and that unknown is scary, but I’m ready to get this done :fingersx:
i’m doing better than i thought i would but still have a healthy respect for the things i know could still go wrong. how are you doing, any improvement with your swelling? my knee is always swollen too so i bought some thigh high compression stockings, open at the toes, approved by my OS, and they’ve been helping.
i’m having my LTKR 3 weeks from tomorrow and yesterday that knee started swelling way beyond the norm, it’s the size of a small head of iceberg lettuce. and it’s so painful, wave after wave of sharp stabbing pains with no let up. i think i overdid it when i tried my new bike, which the new knee was able to make full revolutions but the old knee couldn’t, and i think i aggravated it. i also stupidly made a spaghetti dinner which is more work than i’m used to, and then the 3rd mistake was i sat down on this little saddle stool i have for mobility in the kitchen, but my old knee has very little ROM and it hurt badly.

i had to sleep on my recliner as i couldn’t get comfortable at all in my bed last night and today when i woke up it was huge, painful and i can barely bend it. i also can’t put any weight on it whatsoever.

the biggest mystery is this evening i started running a fever, it’s hovering at around 101.5. there’s no pain or anything on my scar of my surgical leg but of course it’s freaking me out. i’m going to call my OS first thing in the morning. i’m going to see if they’re worried about the fever and also ask for a prednisone pack to try to get some of my swelling down.

i’m thinking maybe it’s a lupus flare, which i usually get some kind of fever when that happens and it always affects some
joints, although it’s usually my hands that get the worst of it. or maybe i have some kind of bug or virus and it’s just a coincidence that it happened when my knee got worse. i’ve taken a covid test and it was negative but i’ll test again tomorrow to be sure.

i’m also scared that my new knee is going to balk at having to do all the work now, even tho so far it feels ok.

this journey is surely a roller coaster. has anyone had anything similar happen?

I am sorry. It does seem that you overdid it and hopefully with lots of rest, some icing and elevation, it will ease.
Thankfully surgery is only three weeks away, which can be a l-o-n-g time while suffering with pain. :console2:
Hopefully you've received some feedback from your physician by now. Lots of comfort to you!
i spoke to my doctor’s nurse today and they think the fever is a coincidence and the knee pain is just the stage 4 arthritis in a flare from overdoing it. they told me to keep elevating and icing and stay off it, as i’m doing. if it’s not better by the end of the week, they’ll aspirate it and send the fluid to be tested just to be sure.

i’m trying to be patient.
I saw my OS today for my 12 week check-up and he’s thrilled with the way my new knee is healing, as am I. He doesn’t think my left knee is infected, he thinks it’s exactly from what I described to him, trying to ride the bike and then sitting on that very low stool. He didn’t want to aspirate it as that’s putting a needle in which carries its own risks of infection. so I’m good to go for surgery from his perspective.

Next up, I have to pass my pre-op physical on Wednesday, which isn’t with my regular provider as she’s booked out, so that makes me leery and I’ll be glad to get that behind me :fingersx:

I’m in so much pain I can hardly stand it and I have so much to do to prepare for the surgery, like you all know. it’s overwhelming but I’m trying to take one hour at a time. Please cross your fingers for my pre-op physical.
Best Wishes all goes well tomorrow with your pre-op. Hang in there, relief is on the way and we're here for support.
A peaceful evening to you!
i got my official pre-op clearance from my primary provider! that’s a huge weight off my mind because i know things can get weird this close to surgery. surgery is one week from today, i’m doing my best to get organized and stay calm (lol) and baby this left knee which is so painful even the weight of my ice machine pad hurts.

it’s weird to be eager to go into major surgery when i know i’m going to be dealing with all the unpleasant things again, but with the pain i’m in right now, that’s exactly what i am. i keep reminding myself how my right knee never hurts like that anymore and that’s what i’m trying to look forward to. hopefully.
This 2-knees-in-a-few-months gal is just about five months ahead of you and 100% rooting for you!!!!
My knees are both now feeling better and more functional than before surgery.
You have good things to look forward to. Your old knee would only get worse without the TKR. After the TKR it will only get better! I'd say that is a positive future!
Glad you received the clearance to move forward as scheduled.
Only five days to go until, Lefty, joins, Righty, in recovery. Just think how great you’ll be feeling for the holidays! Happy Three Month Anniversary!
One down, one to go. :yes!:
Only one weekend to go! The countdown is on.
Wishing you comfort as you await your big day on Monday.
We'll be watching for you on the healing side again. :wave: All the best!

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