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Mar 1, 2024
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HI ALL I have been waiting for my knee replacement for over a year having three cancellations, I am now looking at other ways to get my knee done, I noticed that some people had NHS knee ops carried out in private hospitals.
my question how did it come about, can any one help.
@rinaj Welcome to BoneSmart!

Many Trusts are contracting with private hospitals to try and deal with the huge backlog of elective surgeries. This isn't something you can choose - your surgeon's NHS hospital will be scheduling these surgeries if there is a contract in place.

I had my NHS LTHR done in a private hospital. But I was still on the wait list which was only 6 months at the time.

If you have had 3 cancellations you should have priority now. I would call the hospital scheduler and rattle some cages. Remind them of the cancellations.
There is supposed to be a way to check the waiting lists at various hospitals and ask to be referred to a shorter one ( including I think some private ones) if you are prepared to travel.
Will have a look online and see what I can find about whether that scheme is still operational.
But also agree with @Jaycey about complaining about the cancellations and trying to get some priority.
I had a look on the NHS website and there does seem to be a way of going via e-referral system to get a choice of hospitals with shortest waiting times.
It does also say that there is supposed to be a legal requirement for treatment within 18 weeks- not sure how recent doctors' strikes affects that though.
It might be worth contacting your local ICB ( Integrated Care Board- can find contact details on NHS website). They took over from CCGs to commission local services. Worth a phone call/email to see what your rights are given you have been cancelled three times.
@rinaj Here's a link to the site where you can look up NHS wait times.
It does also say that there is supposed to be a legal requirement for treatment within 18 weeks- not sure how recent doctors' strikes affects that though.
Unfortunately the 18 week wait time went out the door during the lockdown and most areas have never recovered from the influx of patients. Some areas are looking at 1-2 years wait for elective surgery.

Regarding the ability to choose where you are treated - in theory this is the case. But if you are looking at an ICB in another area, they will need to agree to fund your treatment. This can be tricky.

Your best option is to get on the phone to the scheduler and keep calling. You should have priority as you have already seen cancellations. When was the last time you talked to your surgeon's office? Get to know your surgeon's medical secretary. They can help you navigate this maze!
@Jaycey The nhs app has a waiting list link that gives you a rough idea of time. Go to hospital appointments its at the bottom. I don't know how accurate it is as mine says April but not holding my breath lol
@Kentpete Yes the app does have the information. But I am usually looking at multiple trusts when I am searching so having all trusts' data on one screen is a bit more convenient.

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