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NHS Choices: Patient's Charter and your right to choose

Discussion in 'Pre-Surgery Information' started by Josephine, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Josephine

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    There is a right of choice in the UK/NHS and it's outlined here ....

    NHS patients' rights

    Hospital Choice
    In England, if you are referred for a first outpatient hospital appointment, you can choose to go to any NHS hospital that provides a service or a private hospital.

    Seeing a consultant
    In England, you have the right to choose a particular team headed by a named consultant for your first outpatient appointment, provided that the doctor referring you agrees that your choice is clinically appropriate. You can choose a team based at any hospital.

    If your operation is cancelled, you should be offered an alternative date.
    If your operation is cancelled for non-medical reasons on or after the day you are admitted to hospital, you should be offered another treatment date within 28 days. If this is not possible, your treatment should be funded at the time and at the hospital of your choice.

    Right to refuse treatment
    Forcing treatment on you against your will is assault. If you are assaulted, you should contact your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or NHS Trust to make a complaint. Your local HealthWatch, local independent advocacy service or hospital-based PALS service may be able to help you take the complaint further. You may also wish to involve the police.
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