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Hi @Nana moon 27 I meant to reply but forgot!!!! Sorry!!! My knee is not brilliant...have put a few pounds on and that doesn't help!! I blame the Gabapentin I take for Restless Leg Syndrome. I've tried doing without but can't sleep as my legs twitch and move. It's a horrible feeling. Although I can walk a few miles I am in some discomfort most of the time, thouh I walk without a limp....and stairs bother me. I can go up and down but again it bothers me. My knee is still warm to the touch and always a bit swollen . I feel I need to walk as I need the exercise....I go to the gym once a week and do a few exercises at home, but mostly prefer to walk. My ROM has always been excellent though, so I'm lucky there. I feel I've gone a bit backward though, and don't really know what I'm doing wrong!
There are many brilliant things about your post, certainly that you want to walk. I sense the weight thing is dragging you down a wee tad. I was on Gabapentin for a while and fond it made me feel very down. I spoke to Dr and tried Pregabalin it also works on nerve pain and if anything I had a real boost when I started on them. Keep us posted

Legin THR Sep 14
Hi Don @Legin thanks for your message. Interesting about the Gabapenttin....I am certainly quite crabby these days and have been putting it down to being tired and fed up of aching back and knee. I have very little patience with anything....not like me at all. I will see my GP about Pregabalin. Thanks....Mel
That's what I said it wasn't like me no matter what life threw at me, worst if I sort of knew but couldn't stop. Needless to say I'm just v annoying now, back to normal then

Legin THR Sep 14
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