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@vinny this is a full photo of Stan and Ollie's statue, with me and my grandaughter Chloe, about 4 years ago when I could still crouch down! (Not done that for quite a while!!!!!)
Lovely photo, I remember being able to crouch like that :heehee:, those were the days......
@Fancypants ...Thanks Mel for the photo...I probably watched every Laurel and Hardy movies 1000 times as they were always on TV in the 50's and 60's.....When I used to crouch like that it was getting up that was the problem..Say Hi to Chloe

@vinny .... I always say Hi to the guys when I nip into town. I always used to walk into town (Ulverston is a little market town with original cobbled streets and THE best coffee shops/cafes and I used to call into a different one almost every day....cherry scones, yum yum) Haven't been able to wander down for well over a year now. BUT my partner says tomorrow is the day. Woo hoo!!!!
@Ellejay ......It's true what they say - never take your health for granted! Oh, and youth is wasted on the young!!!!!
@Legin ......another photo for you. Remember the Hoad Monument? I look out on it from my 1st floor flat, although this is a professional photo, not the view I have...and my aim is to walk up again. It's only 430 feet (ish) and it was a weekly walk a couple years ago. I got out of breath of course and needed a sit down at the top but the views are magnificent.
7 weeks out today, knee is brilliant during the day. Good bend and almost straight. I walk without a limp and without a stick or crutches though I tend to take one for security if I'm going to be in a crowd. Still bothered by hip pain which chiropractor says is sacroiliac joint. Ice sometimes helps but I can't sit for long and it's very uncomfortable at night. That's my main whinge now, not my knee! Oh, and can't do stairs yet. I can go up like a child bending over with hands two steps up if you see what I mean.....though not a good look in Debenham's. And can just about go down if I hold onto the banisters and don't fully weight bear. But not rushing it. It will come eventually I hope! Nights are still a pain. 4am this morning and still awake trying to get comfy.
Oooo yeah. Used to go stay at a friends at Broughton im Furnace. Had a cockle party there cockles everywhere. You are doing really well stairs are the nemesis but you go as feels safe. See knew there was a reason why I never went to Deberborams

Legin THR Sep 14
Stamina is one of the last things to arrive for us but it will come..walking is great for you..

Ah yes - stamina! I remember that!!!! I'm walking every day but feel like a limp dish-rag afterwards. I've been recuperating at ny partner's house in Cheshire, which has stairs, which are a trial. But today am going back to my flat, in my lovely Ulverston, which only has stairs on the way in (1st floor apartment) so can potter about without having to crawl up upstairs, and which has my own lovely comfy sofa.. Aaaah there's no place like home is there? My lovely man has waited on me hand and foot so can't complain! !!!
Just remember what Dorothy said Mel..."click your heels together and say There's no place like home There's no place like home... Enjoy..

Am about 11 weeks out now and not feeling that bright. Good bend, almost straight, managing stairs (just) sleeping ok. On Gabepentin for restless legs and sciatica. I have pain/deep ache in the groin and inside of thigh and in my ankle and it's getting worse, not better. I've had discomfort from the start but at first blamed the bruising (my leg and foot was almost black) then doc said it was sciatica because pain was also in my buttock and down my leg.( The Gabepentin helps with the restless legs but not the other pain).. I try and get out walking - a slow amble - every day but can only manage a few hundred yards and it is harder now, not easier so I give up and stagger home! Going round the supermarket is no fun and I had to leave early today without finishing. Anyone had this after TKR? I don't think I'm over-doing things....I see my OS in 2 weeks but am struggling atm.
I had something similar and a chiropractor did wonders for me. It took a while, but he cured the pain.
Hi. Could be hip muscles locked up. Ask for deep tissue massage to release hip.....did wonders for me. Nothing to lose. Cheers Maggie x
I bet you're doing more than you think you are. Why not try a week of just doing some gentle bends and stretches several times a day and only walking around your apartment for exercise. If things improve, then you have your answer. During this decrease in activity be sure an ice the areas that hurt and take something for the pain. errands, no shopping, no house chores.....give your leg a real rest.
I am with Jamie on this. I rode the supermarket electric carts until 3 months---walking around the store and then standing in line was too much. You are early in your recovery and it is so easy to overdo. My doc told me that I should be down for two hours for every hour that I was up/
I am just a week ahead of you in recovery and this has been the first week of no pain. I have not done any of the exercises that the PT told me to do since formal PT has stopped, I just go about my normal routine and my knee seems to have better bend. I was having a problem with my hip and did get an injection a week ago and now feel so much better. From someone that has had sciatica pain for over 30 some years, rest has always been my best bet. You may be just irritating the problem. Why not try to just take it easy for awhile and see if that makes a difference. I do remember from my right knee recovery that it took me almost a year before all pain every where in my leg seemed to ease up. I just keep telling myself that next year at this time I will have two happy knees.
I read your responses and think rest is probably going to help...Unfortunately have had ny 8 year old granddaughter to stay since Good Friday till tomorrow (yaaay roll on tomorrow!!!!) So resting has been difficult if not impossible. I haven't been able to have her stay for nearly a year ad I've been unable to walk with the OA so figured 3 months post op - piece of cake...hah!!! Knee - 1 Mel - 0... I tried to go for a walk today and only got a few yards and had to turn round and come back my knee hurt so much! it seems impossible but it's the same as the pain I had before I got my new knee! Pottering around in the house barefoot is manageable, but any type of shoe and start walking outside and bad pain. So that plus sciatic pain in hip and leg makes for one very unhappy Easter bunny!
Fancy pants - sure hope the resting helps, I'm a month behind you and finally decided to listen to the folks here and give myself a break, I'm six days into not killing myself with PT and am feeling so much better!

I am with Jamie on this. I rode the supermarket electric carts until 3 months---walking around the store and then standing in line was too much. You are early in your recovery and it is so easy to overdo. My doc told me that I should be down for two hours for every hour that I was up/

So glad to read this, I keep thinking its time to give up the electric cart at the grocery store, but the store is HUGE, not really sure I could finish the shopping without it.
Why do so? They are there to help people shop!!! I rode one around forever. I could stop, get out and get stuff, but the total store was too much for me. It made shopping kind of fun. Once in Lowe's, the power ran out. I had to call them on my cell and have them bring me a new cart!!!
@Fancypants I just thought of something---are you wearing old shoes??? Lots of them have the wear pattern from our old limping gaits. I got all new shoes---despite my husband's skepticism!! It made a big difference.

I tried to wear my old orthodics--with the same result, foot pain.

So, get yourself a new pair of well supporting shoes and try walking again. Walk first to the next house--then two houses, etc, etc until you have no pain while walking.
So sorry to hear that you are having such a rough week. Especially when you wanted to spend time with your granddaughter. Mine is 2 1/2 and I can barely get around. We just normally sit and play as I cannot run after a toddler. Make sure you are elevating and icing that knee. Even though we are over 3 months we are still healing. I had a bad pain night last night and today. Again, are you using a cane to help when you go for walks? When I go for any length of a walk I use the cane. I don't around the house, especially if you are experiencing hip pain, we need all the support we can get. I hope that next week you will be able to rest a bit more.
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