Bilateral THR New hips on November 26

A belated Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well and had a lovely Christmas. We'd love to hear about your progress.
All the best to you in the New Year!
Hi everyone. It has been a month. Some weird things are going on. First I think that I am do too much, and then I ache that evening a the next day. I have to remind myself to go easy. Then my right wrist was sore, I think that I was putting a lot of weigh and stress on it. I now am more aware of what and how I am getting up from chairs. I think that my confidence is not high when I first start to move because I put too much thought into what if.... The biggest issue is nerve issues in my left foot. The surgeon is aware but boy it is more painful than either one of my hips. I have been using a cane occasionally since two weeks out, but find I am using it a little more now, see doing too much. I do find that I tire very easily and I am getting so much better at paying attention to that. I think that the pain or more discomfort is from my THR is really my muscles. Still healing and I will update
If you're aching it's a sign you did too much. Are you icing at the end of the day? I'm sitting on my ice pad as I type this. If I'm sitting I'm icing after activity. Your muscles still have a lot of healing to do, it will be quite a while before they stop hurting from normal activities.
Totally agree with @Eman85, ice, ice and more ice! :ice:
Also, are you elevating, that along with icing can really make a world of difference. If you're having never issues you may want to bring it to the attention of your primary doctor and see if they have any suggestions. Unfortunately our OSs seem to be more concerned with the bone and implant and not so much the muscles, tendons, etc.

Also, if you feel like you're doing too much, which pain after is probably a sign off, take a day or two off. Only walk when you need to go to the bathroom, get a snack out of the kitchen, etc. Plus, if you're doing any type of PT I would stop that as well. Your body needs to heal and you have to give it time. One of the hardest muscles you're going to have to learn to use is the patience muscle. :snork:
A belated Happy Two Month Anniversary, BDM!
How are you doing? We'd love to read all about your progress if you care to share next time you stop by.
I hope all is well. Have a great rest of the week! :SUNsmile:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Oh where, oh where can you be? We'd love to hear how you're doing next time you stop by...if you're interested in sharing :fingersx:
Hopefully we'll hear from you soon.
Until then...all the best to you!

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