THR New hip - done by a robot!

Hi @TheTerrier
A tip -
Try heel-toe walking when / if you're limping. Let your heel hit the ground first followed by toes.
It takes a concentrated effort but I believe you'll notice a difference. Give it a try.

Hope this helps. A great Thursday to you!
Time and Layla directs us what helped me.
Hope today is a good day.
Stay with the aids until limping lessens though...really early days.
Went for it yesterday - caught bus to town, did some Xmas shopping and caught bus back. Three weeks and three days after op and it feels a major breakthrough. Legs were a little tired but I felt great. Was on both crutches but think I’d have been better with just the one!
But as I’m awake in bed now, sleeping still an issue. When can I please sleep on my side!!!????
When can I please sleep on my side!!!????
Are you under any post op restrictions? You probably won't be able to sleep on your op side just yet. But try the non-op side with a pillow between your legs.
Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope the past week has gone well for you.
Leave us an update if you have time, we'd love to read about your progress.
A great weekend to you as you continue on your healing journey!
Thank you. Just got back from my first short drive! I’m not using any crutches in the house, taking one with me when out.
Most swelling has gone and all the bruising.
Sleep still an issue and the fatigue! Two sleeps today!!!!
Feel real progress and have also yesterday stopped wearing the compression stockings. Blood thinner medication and lots of movement should be fine now, physio says.
All the best everyone!
:wave: Happy Thursday!
Good old energy're certainly not alone in experiencing that.
Our body's energy supply isn't limitless. So when we're in healing mode after major surgery
our energy will be used for healing first, not leaving a great reserve for all the other activity of daily life. It is completely normal to feel tired for quite some time. How long....most likely relates to your body's rate of healing. Making our best effort to get adequate sleep and rest is beneficial.
Our body does it's best healing while we're sleeping.
Woo hoo for driving! :driver:
Great news on swelling dissipating and bruising gone.
Losing the compression socks was the best day for me. Hated those awful things!
You're on your way...have a great weekend! :SUNsmile:
:bored:The sleep thing was long time coming for me...yes, to nap when you can to catch up.
Feel real progress and have also yesterday stopped wearing the compression stockings.
Yay for ditching the TEDS...detested them!:blackcloud:

Onward and upward!:egypdance:
I do have some numbness and pins & needles still on my non-operative leg. Is this common? Nothing on the bad-now-good leg.
I'm not really familiar with numbness / pins & needles on the non-op leg at a month post op.
Possibly someone will stop by that's experienced the same. Consider phoning the office of your OS with your concern, hopefully through a series of questions they'll be able to offer you some reassurance.
I hope you have a pleasant weekend.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well. Wondering if the pins / needles and numbness sensations went away on your non op leg?
Hopefully all continues to go well with your new hip.
Happy New Year to you!

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