THR New Here- THR 8/22/22- Muscle Atrophy (maybe)

I can only answer this generally, and from my own experience. Don’t expect miracles and expect a longer recovery time. Our gait has been moulded by years of our bodies accommodating tiny differences and changes in our bones and muscles to cope with our existing walking / movement patterns.
Now we are asking it to modify itself again.
It will, but may not do it as quickly as for someone who has no other spinal / gait issues.
Good luck and patience to you!
@ladyj Thank you so much. My first one went well. (I also wasn't aware that there was any trace of scoliosis) This left hip doesn't hurt like the right one did before surgery, and at the moment, I don't feel like I am compensating in any way. If anything, I still rely on the left side from doing so for so long prior to my Right Hip replacement. I am doing everything I can to prepare for this. Thanks again for the help.
@SweetV I gather from reading my X-ray reports that I too have scoliosis. I didn’t really pay much attention to what it said at the time but as I read the posts on here, it makes me more aware that this is something I should probably look into. It was first picked up 25 years ago when I had some problems with my back but I have never really followed it up because through the chiropractor, my back improved massively. Now I am beginning to realise that back, knees, hips are all connected …
Something else to worry about. :gaah:
@Gloucestergal65 thanks for sharing. Mine has progressively become worse this last year. ( Wondering is associated with working from home) I am struggling to find the right chair to sit in.
It amazes me how this type of thing could go unnoticed or not mentioned. I am going to take this one thing at a time and do what I can to help my recovery...but yes, I will still worry. :-(
@SweetV I used a cheap plastic moulded chair with lots of cushions and managed quite well with it so I never bought anything else. We are a sofa house, I can sit on those now although I do use a cushion to sit on.
Best Wishes tomorrow, SweetV
Hope to hear from you soon!
Best Wishes tomorrow, SweetV
Hope to hear from you soon!
@Layla Thank you so much! So, my date has been changed to next Tuesday, the 25th. I was supposed to have my surgery at a new "Surgery Center" and I don't think it is ready. My date was changed, and then they changed me back to the hospital that I was at last year. I am actually comforted by that in some way.
As we approach the date, there is no question in my mind that I need to do this surgery. My daughter and I went on a quick weekend get away, and I walked more than I have in a very long time....and OUCH! But I did it and it removed any doubt in my mind about how much longer I could make it without the surgery. more week to prepare. :fingersx:
One week to go! Thankfully you’re ready without reservation.
Thanks for sharing your new date. You’ll soon be on the road to recovery and we’d love to cheer you on as you’re healing. Best Wishes for next Tuesday, SweetV!
Hi @SweetV - you and I are alike in many ways, from age, to need to have both hips done, to stubbornness around the need to have both hips done, haha. I got my first one done and then did everything I could to convince myself that I could wait out the right one for years. Well, that lasted about six months before issues started popping with it. At the end, it hurt to sleep! So yeah, after a while, our body tells us what our brains need to hear.

The good news is that probably by October for you, things will be soooo much better. The first few weeks aren’t great, but the improvement is usually able to be seen on a weekly basis and that is always encouraging. I know my back pain did go away after my first hip. I was clearly compensating when I walked.

Nerves are normal leading up to the surgery. I mean they are replacing a body part! But take solace in the fact that the new part is much better than what you have now. Best of luck!
@Caison113 Thank you so much for the encouragement. I think I was "babying" my hip and that is why I felt like I didn't need the 2nd one done. I was wrong! However, I am looking forward to being able to walk those long distances again.
@Layla @ladyj Thank you so so much! It is greatly appreciated!
Best Wishes tomorrow, Sweet V!
First step on your way back to all you love without the pain.
Hope to see you on the healing side soon! :wave:
@Layla Thank you! Had the surgery Tuesday. I did have to stay overnight this time because I had some nerve pain. Came home (to my mother's house) Wednesday. The nerve pain is slowly subsiding. Last night discovered that my nerve block was bleeding at the entrance site and had some blood in the line. After a few hours on the phone with different nurses, they are sending someone to remove it today. A bit nervous about that, but I want to avoid risks. I'm ready to be active, so I'm going to focus on staying Hydrated and getting the proper nutrition while I'm unable to move like I want to.
This one is a bit different, I'm trying to just go with it. My mother is taking care of me, but I feel so bad because she isn't feeling too great lately.
Thanks for checking in. ❤️
Good to hear from you, SweetV.
I am sorry you’re dealing with nerve pain and feeling a bit unsettled. I hope you receive some reassurance from the nurse coming today. Hopefully you and your mom both get some restorative rest and things begin looking brighter.
We’re here for support if you need us.
All the best!
@Layla Has anyone experienced nerve pain and numbness before? Last night I had the most excruciating shooting electric zap like pains in my thigh and it literally made me scream. The front part of my thigh into the groin area is numb as well. The nurse said it was normal and I took meds, but it doesn't feel right. Just looking for similar experiences or an indication this is normal.
Thank you
:wave: @SweetV
Yes, these sensations are common post THR although when they happened to me.... wouldn't describe it as normal...:flabber: They lessened in frequency and intensity (thank goodness) over a fairly short time except an errant zip!
Nerves coming back to life.
I also came to the forum in quite the panic.
Gotta love this resource.

I had a rather prominent numb area mostly around my incision...that stuck around for almost a year, getting increasingly smaller.
I almost thought it might end up being collateral damage but all normal now.
@Mojo333 thank you. I didn't experience this last time and it's scaring me. I'm laying here with all kinds of different sensations in my entire leg...but the pain last night was horrible. I started working again and have to sit up for a bit, so wondering if that caused it. I appreciate the input. I'm going to try and sleep some more hoping it will subside.
The thing I found with those electrical zaps were they were unexpected, scary, but Fleeting!
Hopefully the same for you.
I started working again and have to sit up for a bit, so wondering if that caused it.
Sure wish you could take more time and not have to worry about work...
Likely, all temporary, friend!!
@SweetV Far too early to be back to work - even if it is WFH. You will set your recovery back if you push too hard. All you should be doing at this point is rest, ice, elevation and short walks around the house. Read this article again and give that hip time to heal. Activity progression for THRs

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