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Feb 3, 2021
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I had my THR-R on Jan 6, 2021! The BoneSmart forums were a huge support to me back then. I just realized I should check to see you there was a place to get support for my latest issue...and here you are!

I'm an active nearly 73 yo who rides a tandem bicycle a lot. I wear cycling gloves and it's common to have a little soreness of the wrists and big thumb after longer and bumpier rides. But nothing serious or lasting.

This may NOT be relevant but just in case...A little more than a week ago I broke out in a huge case of hives for the first time ever. It lasted nearly a week and I was seen and given many meds both oral and topical. We stayed off the bike this week from Monday to Friday to give the hives a chance to heal. As the itchy rashes all over were subsiding a few days ago I woke up and my left (non-dominant) hand hurt and I couldn't bend my fingers. I went to Urgent Care as it was early and they x-rayed it and said I have Osteoarthritis. Didn't give me much info. I came home and looked for support groups and posted 24 hours ago on the Arthritis Foundation "support" group. NADA! Today when I woke up I remembered you.

This is the third day with the hands. The day after I went in it moved from my wrist and thumb base to my fingers. Then this morning it moved to my other hand! They only x-rayed my wrist not my fingers and only on the L not R. Yesterday I woke up afraid I'd never ride again (it's our passion/happy place) and today I woke up and took a BM and worried I won't be able to wipe my own butt! I know these are stories but I have literally NO information on what's going on.

If the hives were a virus this hand joint stuff could be related, though the MD didn't think so.

I'm not sure anything is helping. It does seem better during the day, not gone mind you, but worst first thing and into evening. We rode 50 miles yesterday. We have a big cycling trip we're preparing for. The Arthritis website did say even though it's counter-intuitive that exercise helps.

I'm on hold now with Kaiser (my HMO) to ask more there and find out if I can get a more thorough evaluation and if they have local support groups. So far I've iced, taken ibuprofen, and since it's readily available here a topical cannabis cream. Not sure anything is helping much.

Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for being here and for listening.

Sheila Hoffman
Hi @Sheila-Seattle and welcome back to the forum.

I'm so sorry to read about the trouble you are having with your hands. As a tandem cyclist myself (although we don't ride quite as much as you do), I understand how upsetting this must be.

I don't have any specific advice to share, but hope another member will come along with suggestions. You might also try using the blue SEARCH box in the far right corner of the navigation bar to search for posts that include or match you symptoms.

I so hope you can get an appointment quickly to have this assessed.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Sounds like you need to set up an appointment ASAP with Kaiser for a full evaluation of your wrist symptoms.
The sooner you can get treatment the better you will feel.

In the meantime continue with the meds you are using, Ice, and elevation.
I am sure you are not the only cyclist with this problem, maybe speaking to someone at a dedicated bike store may be able to help with suggestions how to provide support to your wrists.

Keep us posted on how you are doing,
I agree with Pumpkin that you need to see your GP again about the latest developments with your hands, wrists, and fingers. It may also be helpful to see a rheumatologist at some point since the problem appears to be bilateral and increasing.

If you do have osteoarthritis in your wrists and hands, it's true that exercise can help with the pain. But the fact that you've had the hives and then a rather sudden onset of worsening pain and stiffness in the joints needs to be explored. If there is a cause other than arthritis, quick treatment can make a real difference.

What did the rash look like and where did you have it? Have you had any fever along with the rash or afterwards? Is the rash gone now?
Thank you all for your responses. @Jamie the rash is mostly gone before this started though I still think there could be some correlation as they're both inflammatory. I have a 9 AM video consult w/ MD tomorrow. Fingers crossed I get more complete information. Will report back. I did ride today and it felt mostly acceptable until near the end. My right wrist/top of hand got swollen and still is despite ibuprofen and icing. Sigh. And it's hard to type. I'm noticing all the ways it limits me such as helping clear the table, pushing open heavy doors, etc. Crazy. More tomorrow. Thanks for being there....

It seems odd to be that it came out of nowhere and that it's migrated from wrist to fingers on Left to whole right hand. Not consistent either. Hope I get a good listener tomorrow who is knowledgeable. Will definitely report back.
Please let us know what you find out tomorrow. :prayer:
My husband contracted Lyme disease in our back yard. The symptoms are so variable, with this sudden onset, you might want to ask for a Lyme disease test.
Morning greetings. It was a difficult night. The right wrist swelling never went down from yesterday's ride and I've had tingling a lot of the time since. I didn't sleep well at all. Laid on my back (not my preferred position) to be sure I didn't lay on my hand. I woke up yesterday with it tingling. After fitful sleep I gave up at 4 AM.

I had a good virtual session with a female MD this morning. She's pretty sure the hives and this new hand thing are both from a virus. We did full hand x-rays and blood work and she's going to consult with a rheumatologist today. She thinks likely they'll prescribe prednisone. Hopefully will know more and start that course before the day is out. She also said it's likely with all the years of cycling I do have OA as well.
latest update from MD:

The lab results are back showing that you do have a significant level of inflammation which the rheumatologist thought could be what is called an inflammatory arthritis. She did recommend prednisone which I am sending to the pharmacy.

If your symptoms do not go away and stay away, she did recommend some additional labs we could look in to in the future. I am hopeful that a single course of prednisone should get you back in to biking shape.
Happy to hear they on top of your symptoms, and you are receiving treatment.
:fingersx: that you will be able to get back on you bike soon.
Sorry you have to wait until tomorrow to pick up your RX. I hope you are able to get some rest tonight.
Hope you get some relief soon with the meds.
Thanks. Turns out it's good I couldn't get last night. I've never taken prednisone but they say it can make you hyper and to take first thing in the morning. I took my first does of 4 about 7 hours ago. No magic yet. But I slept like a baby last night, between exhaustion and benedryl! I'm now feeling confident this will fix me up for now. And I do think this is a preview of where my hands are heading in the next decade or so. She said my blood work shows very elevated inflamation and the x-rays definitely show OA in both hands.
Glad you were able to sleep and the Benadryl got you through the nite. Hope you notice a difference in your hands soon with the prednisone.
Thanks for checking in. I didn't see this until now. We've been away cycling. We left on the last day of the Prednisone and it helped miraculously. HOWEVER, two weeks later I started having some hand symptoms AGAIN. No hives anymore. And not as bad as before. Sort of "break through" episodes. I was treating with Ibuprofen, but given that we leave for a longer, 600 mile, cycling trip on Monday Sept 5 I've just today started a second course of the Prednisone. That way at least our vacation won't be ruined. I have an appointment when we get back, the end of September, with a rheumatologist. No one knows what's going on. I've had lots of blood work and conversations. I do NOT have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is good. One theory is possibly pseudo gout. Another is possibly an arthritic response to a virus. It keeps changing locations and behaviors. Most disconcerting for sure. But my pessimistic guess is that no one will know what it is and will only treat the symptoms.
How frustrating. I know you'll keep looking for answers and sometimes that is all we can do....just eliminate things that a problem isn't. Let us know how you're getting along. Glad you're able to enjoy the summer with some cycling trips.
Glad you are back on your tandem, and have a trip starting on Monday. Sorry you still do not have answers about your bouts with periodic arthritis. Hope the Rheumatologist is able to help you.
Have a great trip! :biking::biking:
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