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TKR Never Ending Infection

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Glad you get to go home, open wounds are a pain, but do heal very well.
Keeping my fingers crossed that this will heal this time.
Hope you are having a good day.
I once met a lady who had a huge open infected wound on her back, she showed me the photos :scaredycat:. Fast forward to a couple of years later, we finally realized we knew each other while swimming at the pool. Wow, that big wound was just a little healed line on her back :yes!:.
Well, home for a week or so. It is good to be home and in my own bed (and out of hospital gown). Home health care nurse will be here early to change the sponge stuff in my wound. Taking that stuff out hurts, so pain pills before. I have a lot of organizing to do, but I need to take my time and just do a little each day. Portable wound vac is my constant companion. It is only 3 pounds, but it irritates me. Not enough to go back to hospital. Do not know yet yet when I need to return to hospital. Will find out next week. By the way, my plastic surgeon is very good. He closed the incision after the revision, and already you can barely see it. He looks like a high school kid, and wears untucked polo shirts and jeans on rounds.
Glad you are now home. That should make a big difference.
So glad you are home for a bit! The wound vac sounds like an inconvenience but allows you to be home. Is your next surgery the skin graft closing? Take care and enjoy your time at home!
Old Texan,
Enjoy your time at home, glad you are happy with the results from the wound closure the plastic surgeon did.
It is great to have confidence in your surgeon.
Hopefully soon you will be home for good!
If there is no sign of further infection, then yes, they should be able to close the wound. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Tried to post once and pushed wrong button and all erased. But still doing well and glad to be home, even if just for a week or so. Waiting on plastic surgeon to get scheduled for next surgery. Should be this week or next...
Glad to hear everything is good so far. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.
Back to surgery Friday. One thing that has been difficult is that I am having a hard time judging progress. It has been 6 weeks since my revision, but I am still using my walker and staying close to bed. It is unrealistic to expect the same progress as with initial TKR. I have had multiple infections and surgeries. I have a gaping wound on the side of my leg that I looked at when it was uncovered, and am scared that it could come open at any time. I am in bed now, waiting for my nausea med to kick in so I can get up and move around some. Trying to be patient with myself and just do what I can for today. Reading other threads, I realize that I am not alone in this!
Trying to get some of my apartment in order before I go to hospital-- don't want to leave it all on my daughter.
@Old Texan
You have been through do very much, sending you warm thoughts & good wishes for your recovery.

Take care,
Cathie :flwrysmile:
Old Texan.
I am at 4 months with my revision, and am using crutches 75% of the time, 100% when I go out of the house.
Give youself plenty of time, you will heal with time.
Surgery was yesterday. Went well, apparently. Did not need skin graft or muscle moved from calf. Pain is ok today, but I can feel my sutures pulling. On bedrest today and have been taking advantage. Now tug of war starts--plastics wants me in bed with leg elevated, and ortho wants me up and walking. They will sort this out, I am sure.
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