Bilateral TKR Nerve Damage?

One step forward - two steps back??
I've been doing so well (nurse called me "poster child for recovery"), but now at eight weeks I feel I have regressed a little. ROM is still good, but I feel now as though I am having more swelling/tightness than I have had in weeks. Have any of you found this to be the case for you, as well? I really don't see where I've been any more active than usual, but the last several days have been more uncomfortable than they had been. I guess I figured things would continually get better and better ... not go backwards.
Bingo, I was at the same point as you on my first surgery - no worries, it will pass. :) I talked my therapist ears off and anyone who would listen, lol, but it passed in due time. Stay the course :)
@Sbow3111 .... I'm glad to see that a couple of the threads here on BoneSmart are helping you and are pertinent to your recovery experience. I'd like to suggest that in addition to posting on these threads that you start a recovery thread of your own in the post op forum to provide periodic updates on your progress. Doing so will provide an excellent journal of your progress. And on those "dark days" when you wonder if recovery will just go on forever, it will be helpful to go back and read your thread. You'll be so happy to see you really HAVE made progress!! If you need assistance on starting a new thread, please refer to the Help & Info tab at the top of the page. There is a link there on How To Use This Forum that has a lot of information on how to make your BoneSmart experience more enjoyable.
but I feel now as though I am having more swelling/tightness than I have had in weeks
@Sbow3111 I can help you with this so do please start a thread of your own so I can talk with you without derailing Anchovy's thread.
I am at 8 weeks out, into the 9th. So tired of the pain/discomfort. I took myself to PT today(1 hr. drive) and stopped briefly for a tiny bit of shopping. I stopped myself in the middle of the store knowing that I needed to get out so I could rest. Elevated/iced as soon as I got home. I knew that I was done for the day. Feel so discouraged. Will be going back to work next week, just for a few hours to start. My boss is very understanding so I don't think it will be a problem if I can't handle it. Currently taking 3,000 mg/day Tylenol, 2, 50 mg Tramadol and perhaps 2 Norco in between. Feels like not enough. Part of me just wants to wake up and be through this time altogether.
Also have continued concern over right leg. It was the weaker of the 2 from the get go. My thigh muscles hurt, extending up into my hip. The calf aches too, and there is more aching pain at the surgical site than the other leg. I have a lump, lateral rear right knee. That has been there for a while, it is sensitive to touch. All this is very mystifying to me. My next OS appt. is 2/23.
Both legs appear to be quite atrophied. I guess this is normal? My friend who also had a BTKR says he was probably too drugged up to remember the details of his recovery. :thud::what::umm:
My thigh muscles hurt, extending up into my hip. The calf aches too, and there is more aching pain at the surgical site than the other leg.
Are you still doing any exercises? In my experience that's the usual reason for these aches and pains. Remember I said this earlier?
My assessment is that you are doing rather too much and since your surgeon is happy with your progress, you really don't need to do all these. I'm an advocate of no exercises at all as you can see from these which I suggest you read
Currently taking 3,000 mg/day Tylenol, 2x50 mg Tramadol and perhaps 2 Norco in between.
I don't quite get this - when are you taking the Tylenol and Tramadol? Can you give me a time table please?
Will be going back to work next week, just for a few hours to start.
You'll only be 10 weeks out. Are you sure you're ready? Because it doesn't sound like it to me.
But I very glad you have a sympathetic boss.
I am doing very little in terms of exercise. Still doing PT 1-2 times per week but it does not cause pain. I try to walk a little every day when I don't have the PT or other errands. I go up and down a flight of 10 steps throughout the day.

The discomfort I described in my left knee/leg has been much more obvious than the right since the surgery. This knee was originally my "good" knee, the other having had 3 traumatic prior surgeries. The only worrisome thing for me is perhaps some right hip involvement. Within the last year I have noticed hip aching which I thought was muscular due to my limp. Now I am thinking arthritis and will see another doc to determine that. I guess that is not all that uncommon.

I am taking the 1000 mg. Tylenol morning, afternoon and before bed. In cutting down on the Tramadol I have been taking 25 mg morning and afternoon and 50 mg at bedtime. As I said, maybe 2 Norco doses during the day as well. I still have some oxy 5 mg. which I would prefer not to use.

Yes, I would agree that going back to work may be a bit premature but I aim to try it out for a few hours to see how I do. That is one of the reasons why I would prefer to not be taking opiates. I really do need to start my slow return for my mental and financial health!!!!

Thank You!!!
I'm glad your boss will let you try it out just a few hours at a time. You mention going up and down stairs "throughout the day." You probably want to limit those trips as much as you can. I tried to do stairs only once a day for over 12 weeks.
I have a question. Just lost a crown in my mouth yesterday. This and another tooth were patched together pretty imperfectly just before my surgery to get the clearance. Should I be concerned about infection?? Hopefully get it back in within the next day or so.

I am 14 weeks BTKR and doing fairly well thanks to all the good things I learned from this terrific forum!
I had to have a broken crown replaced at about 4 weeks. My doc did order extra antibiotics---I think you should call the office of your OS and tell him that you need a crown replaced.
Thank you skigirl and celle for responding. I really appreciate it!!

I have my suspicions of all the hype around the antibiotic protocol. Guess I have read too many posts about infections requiring revision surgery.
Hi @Anchovy . I had BTKR mid February, now in my 9th week. Wondering how work is going, if you went back? I would say my recovery is slow going. I am not doing much more than walking in the house and heel glides. The boredom is making me crazy. Whenever I go out shopping or car rides I usually collapse the next day. In fact I have been so out of it I couldn't even bring myself to read any other threads because I didn't want to scare myself. Just now starting to calm down emotionally. My meds now are just 2 500mg Tylenol 2 times a day and either a full or half oxycodine at night to help me sleep. I have tried going off them and some nights are fine, then other nights are horrible with itching and pain. Can't wait to get off them altogether but I don't think the small dosage is anything to worry about right now. Have you cut down your meds yet and how is that going?
Kaye!!! So good to hear from you!! I was right there with you at 9 weeks from what I remember. Was absolutely bored out of my mind, still taking meds, not sleeping and all the things you are describing. Long, long, long, frustrating recovery. It does seem true from what everyone has said that after 12 weeks things seem to brighten up a bit. I also know what you mean about getting scared over peoples’ postings regarding complications.

I am at 17 weeks and have been back to work for over a month. I still have pain, especially in my right knee, which feels suspiciously like nerve injury. I take Tylenol a couple of times a day. I am trying to walk on the days when I don’t work and do 30 min. on the stationary bike a few times a week. It’s hard to say how far “recovered” I am, maybe 60-75%? The legs are still pretty weak. I am still crawling out of depression triggered by helplessness and lack of regular routine.
I am pretty sick of people asking if I was glad I did it!! Still too soon. The knees do certainly look and feel different than they used to and that is a good thing.

I am optimistic about recovery and I hope you are too. I know how hard it is to see that at this stage.
A big hug to you!
@Anchovy even if you took antibiotic for dental work, how do you know they are the correct one for you oral flora? I just had a throat infection which my doctor cultured my mouth. And he was shocked that the usual antibiotic would not treat the bacteria. If he did not test the culture for sensitivity, he would have given me wrong antibiotic. I ended up having to use a different antibiotic because my oral flora was different than most people.
It's been a very long while since I posted but I visit the site frequently. I am coming up on 9 mos. post op and keep wondering how many others have had similar issues.

I am thinking I may have nerve damage in my right leg from the surgery. Achy pain goes all through the leg from the hip down into the foot. It hurts especially behind the kneecap and when I tense the knee. No amount of stretching seems to help. The aching wakes me up a lot at night. The quality of the pain has changed slightly. It was sharp and burning in my foot when I pointed my toes but that has subsided over the last 2 months.

This knee was more problematic right from the beginning but I just heard, "Each knee is very different and you are too early in recovery."

ROM for both knees is roughly 120. I have not overdone exercise or PT.

I have my year anniversary appointment with my OS in December but really don't expect any good insight from him.

I would like to hear from the surgery veterans!!!!
I'm sorry you are having problems. Do you think you might have sciatica? Hopefully someone with similar problems will respond. Ask for OS. He might be able to help with meds or other suggestions.
I'll tag @Josephine so that she can comment. She will likely ask you to identify where the pain is on a chart. So sorry you are having this difficulty.

I'm also going to merge this newest thread you've started with your original recovery thread. It's important for us to have all your history about this knee in one place for easy reference. So please do continue to post here with questions or concerns.
Is the leg straight from the extension perspective? I had nerve pain in my left leg and it was from my low back.
it was bad at times....would go all the way down to my foot. Worse at night. I've had treatment on my back (PT) and a RF Ablation. That got problem under control. I have to work at stretching with low back exercises and have PT every month or so to keep it balanced.
Can you tell me the exact site of your pain using this chart?



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