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Nov 4, 2021
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So my surgery is scheduled June 22nd. I have a drs appointment June 8th. I have lost weight last appt I was 104 and was 117. Dr said go home and eat. I started eating healthy because my husband had a heart attack in March. I cannot gain weight, I admit I am depressed from dealing with works comp and not being able to walk for a year and I was so active before. I started drinking chocolate skim milk and I went to 105 but now back down this am to 103..afraid he is going to cancel my surgery. I use to eat all the time I am wondering because of my husband if I am afraid to eat non healthy stuff, I can't gain eating spinach lol...he has lost 26 pounds but he needed too lol..any suggestions? I have a week to gain at least 5 pounds.
Hi dog lover. I have the same problem. Try and eat every 3 hours, protein bars, yoghurt. I sprinkle grated cheese over meals, have full fat milk and at least I'm no longer loosing weight. My husband too is trying to loose weight so understand your difficulties. Keep in touch.
@Doglover7 When my husband needed to put on weight before surgery, I made high calorie "milkshakes" for him. I used the Boost Plus (360 cal) as a base, added a banana and a scoop of ice cream or yogurt to create a 500+ calorie drink. I made him have them twice a day.

We also added a snack of nuts and dried fruit to his daily menu. He was able to put on 5 pounds in under a month.

Hope that is helpful!
You could eat a bunch of healthy stuff and hope you gain healthy weight like muscle mass, but from your post it seems your arthritis has you pretty sedentary at the moment. I would just eat a bunch pancakes with butter and syrup if I were trying to gain weight
I suggest you do an online search for healthy foods to eat to gain weight. You will find lists of ideas. Good Luck, many are wishing they had your problem. :wink:
Another way to add lots of calories without having to actually eat more food, if you are unable to eat more, is to drizzle good amounts of healthy fats, such as olive oil or sunflower oil, to all of your vegetables and salads. And use full fat dairy instead of skim.

You could make or buy a high protein drink and supplement your meals with one.
Some really good ideas, one of my friends today suggested the protein shakes..I have high bad cholesterol so the ice cream and full fat milk which I love is really not good for that. My good cholesterol and triglycerides were great so my General Practitioner put me on a stain I took it for about 2 weeks and felt like ****! Stopped taking them for now. I have had high cholesterol all my life. I couldn't figure out why I was feeling so bad I just thought my leg was getting so much worse but then it hit me and I stopped and about 2 to 3 days later felt completely better..I was having heart palpations guess thats a muscle too.
Thanks for all the suggestions! I just started eating a handful of nuts and 95 percent chocolate pieces with a dash of ice cream.
Best Wishes for your big day tomorrow!
We’ll be watching for you over on the healing side and hope to see you there soon.
Thank you!! Have to be there at 6 am Surgery at 8:15am ..I can't believe this is about to happen. I just want it over! I will probably be writing alot :)

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