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Jan 10, 2020
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My DW is beyond frustrated trying to navigate through her surgeons pre-op requirements for knee replacement. She has had blood work, knee MRI, chest X-Rays. Problem came in when here primary care physician got an abnormal EKG. They referred to a cardiologist who re-ran the EKG which looked fine. However since the original was abnormal, he required a stress test to clear her. Chemical stress test was done however was abnormal as well. So Monday this week, she went in for a heart cath. Fortunately she was in the 20% where the chemical stress test returned a false positive for heart trouble...all was clear.

So here is the problem. She was pushing on the cardio/orthopedic surgeon/PCP to communicate all results and clear her for the knee surgery. Apparently now the orthopedic surgeon is telling the PCP that she has to repeat all tests to get clearance including another EKG. We are both beyond reasonable frustration since the cath should have cleared her for any heart issues. She has an appointment with the cardio next week to discuss.

Has anyone else encountered this and any advice for navigating this merry-go-round?


Oct 27, 2011
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@TN Bigfoot
Sorry to hear you are getting the run around, I agree clearance from the cardiologist should be the gold standard.
I have heard about members having some difficulty getting clearance, but not to the extent you and your wife are experiencing.

Suggest your wife request copies of all the medical records so she can hand carry the copies of her results to her other doctors.
Ask the surgeon for clear guidelines for the tests needed, including timelines for how long tests will be accepted prior to her surgery.

Please post your wife's surgery date when you have the date, a moderator will add it to your signature for you. Having the exact date will help us properly advise you. Thanks!

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