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Lovely to hear from you Ann but so sorry to hear about your problems. We had our knees done at about the same times. I am having problems that no one knows the causes of, pains on the outsides of both knees where the IT band goes in and out of the knee, and some tightness inside the knee and pain that creeps down my shins. These different problems are never at the same time. I have no knee pain, although I haven't got the flexion. I would like, and have lost some I think over the last year.

I suspect although can't prove that the problems were caused to a large extent by a drug I was given for Osteoporosis. The leaflet said it could cause muscle and ligament problems, although all my Doctors say it wouldn't have lasted this long. I started the pills in the last week of last August and by the end of October I was stiff and had lost flexion, and then the pains started. It also triggered my epilepsy which had been stable for years. I have had many trips to my Neurologist and my drugs changed 5 times, and at last there seems to be some improvement. However I cannot ride my bike or swim, although I am still dancing. I am being treated by a Chiropractor and I do believe I can see a tiny improvement.

What sort of treatment are you having? Do keep in touch, all my bones,art compatriots seem to have recovered well and gone on their way rejoicing, so I have been feeling very left out and despondent.
Nice to see your update and see that things are going so well. I hear you about the weight creeping on; I have the same issue and hate it!
Hi @Majic

I have very similar pains to you especially the one down the outside of the knee. This affects both knees but never together. A recent X-ray of both knees shows perfect alignment. I was told it's just "one of those things", alongside the nasty clunking I keep getting. I've been discharged from the hospital for my knees now. I'm undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation in the hospital gym which is making me a bit stronger. It works my lungs and heart to make me breathe deeper. Bonus point is it's helping with my overall strengthening for my knees.

You mention that you have osteoporosis. My mom has that. They have diagnosed her as having fragile osteoporosis and said that is why her hip is taking so long to heal. They put her on a very strong vitamin d drug initially and she said she felt dreadful On it. Now she's on a lower dose of a different type (Adcal) but she's not happy. Mom is not well but doing ok. We keep things as normal as possible. I try to get her and dad out at least a couple of times per week. She does gentle gardening and I try to encourage them to do things independently when feasible.

I have a beautiful great grandson Elijah who is a year old in November and two more great grandchildren due in the new year. My eldest daughter turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. Her partner proposed and they're planning on getting married in 2019. It's a long way off yet.

I saved a cat that was almost dead from starvation. He's a beautiful healthy cat now and lives with us. We called him Oscar.

It's so lovely to hear from you. We must stay in touch xx

@Celle its lovely to hear from you too. I hope alls well with you over there. Yes, it's nice things are better knees wise and everything wise.

All my love
Nana moon 27 xx
I'm doing well, thank-you. My knee, however, is a different story. Long story short, I have to have a revision and we're planning it for late Feb. My OS wanted to do it asap, but since we already have tickets bought to go away for Christmas and New Year's, and he doesn't want me in the ICU and hospital in the middle of flu season, it'll be late Feb-ish. It's going to be a pain, but we're all hoping it'll fix the problems this time.
Hi Ann I'm still here stumbling along [emoji173]️

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Hi nana so nice to see your posts we went through first tkr at same sort time I am jut two weeks post op starting that process again
Hi all

I hope your Christmas was a lovely one. Happy New Year to you all.
@Homeport how nice to hear from you again. I honestly wish you all the very best in recovery.
I still hve nerve pain issues but through regular physio I'm improving marvellously. Still find stairs an issue but nowhere near as bad as before. My knees are starting to feel some kind of normality now. I'm able to walk further and my gait is much improved. After having such a rough time with the surgery I'm so happy to say to anyone in a similar position to hang in in will happen eventually.
Btw I'm to be a great grandma twice over in the new year. One in Feb and one in Mar. Both boys!!! That'll be three great grandsons in total.

Big hugs to everyone. Please take care

Love Nana xxx
Hello Ann,
How lovely to hear from you again!

It's great to hear that your knees are continuing to improve. :yes!:

And you're going to be a great-grandmother at your tender age! Wow! I was 68 before my first grandchild came on the scene, so I don't suppose I shall be a great-grandmother. My 3 little granddaughters are so precious, though.

I wish you a continuing improvement in your health and your knees and a happy 2018 with your increasing family.

Best wishes!
Great to hear from you, happy you are doing well, and continue to improve.
Congratulations on the great grands, and your beautiful avatar of one your great grandsons, what a handsome boy.
Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!
Congratulations that is lovely start to new year
Yes I do have nerve pain issues too in groin and ankle just find it irritating as pain relief does not help
Hey Ann. Great to hear from you! It sounds like you're coming along really well! And a great grandma twice over is coming your way in the new year! I became a great-great aunt in 2016. Talking about sounding old!!

I'm not painfree either, but much, much better than before!
Happy new year Ann, and glad to here your family news. It won't happen to me as I have no children, we have a very small party at Christmas, just 3, hubby, me and my mum aged 92 and rather doddery now. We have more at New Year as we Always get together with friends.
Thankfully I do not have nerve pains, but my muscles still get very very tight and painful especially in the afternoon, and if I stand a lot.Lots of treatment, chiropractic and massage is improving them very slowly but I think I would benefit from swimming. I think I would be safe to do this now as my epilepsy has improved beyond anything I could have hoped for, but we live a fair drive from three pools, so I would have to be driven there. Which means a large chunk out of my husbands day. We thought he could swim at the same time, but the pools seem to be booked up by schools and clubs for most of the day, and we are still trying to find a time when I could go in the shallow pool and he could go into the deep pool. I expect it is the same in Birmingham.
How did you get on with the snow? We have 3 or 4 inches each time and with the snow plough going past our house which has no footpath outside it has been piled up in our gateway and made it hard to get out. We have also had power cuts over 3 days and on Thursday had breakfast by candlelight!
I wish you a very happy and much less painful New Year, and the same to everyone who follows you.
Hey stranger.....just wanted to check in with you and see how you're doing. I see you have a couple of new babies coming soon to celebrate! Congrats! Other than that, I hope your knees are doing great. Let me know. Kim
Another hello stranger from me
Hope all is well. All body parts still in place for me. Now going in for back surgery and hopefully that will be the last of it
Hope you’re doing well and enjoying all your new and not so new grandchildren
X susanne

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Hi thought I drop by and say hi. My knees are doing ok. Good range of movement. Still having to attend the pain clinic though. I’m managing ok. My parents are as ok as they can be and I look after them more or less everyday. I take them shopping and out and about to the garden centres or places of interest like old architecture etc. How’s everyone doing? ((Big hugs))
Hello, Ann,
How lovely to hear from you again! :flwrysmile:

I'm glad everything is going well for you.

My knees are fine and I'm planning a visit to our daughter in Berkshire later this year.
Hi Ann,
It's good to hear from you again. Glad to hear your doing well, but I'm concerned that you're still having to attend a pain clinic. Why is that, do you have a different problem.
I'm also in some pain, but none seems to be from the knees. After taking Alendronic Acid tablets, my leg muscles seemed to seize up, and when they are very tight they are also very painful. I'm so annoyed with myself for taking the wretched tablets, as muscle problems were listed as a possible side effect - but my Doctor assured me it was not likely to happen and if it did it would disappear if I stopped taking them, which did not happen, as two years later they are still tight.
I have massage, hydrotherapy and chiropractic. I also go to an exercise class, and tomorrow am starting a beginners Yoga class. Otherwise I take paracetamol and use Voltarol gel. Like you I get along OK. We have just come back from a holiday on Exmoor, were we did a lot of walking. My knees were great, and caused me no trouble but it was annoying to be held back by muscle problems. I expect you are disappointed that you are still in pain.


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