TKR Nana Moon's Shiny New Second Knee

Nanamoon, my mother has been prescribed this cream for arthritis, I will ask her how she is getting on, although if it causes discomfort she may have given up- she gives up easily.
Hi, @Nana moon 27 Just catching up with you via your thread. Congrats on being a great-grandma! I just recently found out I'm also going to be a great-grandmother at 59! (Well, I'll be 60 when it's born) It's strange to me-grandmothers are the little old white haired ladies, and here I am a grandmother 10 times over, and soon to be a great-grandmother, and I am nothing resembling a grandmother, let alone a great-grandmother! lmao. I'm sure you feel the same way. I'm glad you're coming along and hope you get the things settled that are plaguing you.
Hi folks its me Yorkshiregal54 !!!! You'd thought you'd got rid of me lol . I'm now retired in Lancashire uk loving it - been losing weight and doing jeffing ( jog and walk ) got my left knee lined up for replacement in August. Wanted me to have it done before but got 2 holidays and my sons wedding before then . Well how's everyone ???? Xx missed you
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Hi @nanamoon27 hope your ok and recovering well xx

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Yourshiregal54, great to hear how well you are doing, you look fantastic.
Looking forward to seeing you here as you get close to your second TKR.
Hi there Ann. Must have missed so much on your thread. Haven't been on much. Busy with work and gutting out projects in apt. New bathroom no tub, floors countertops. Guess everything snowballs once you get started. Love my contractor thinking of maybe adopting him
Knee is doing ok. Passed the 2 yr mark. Rt one giving me some trouble trying to get approval for gel injections.
Now I have to have back surgery lamenectomy. My back a mess. Pins and needles going down both legs, and the terrible leg cramps/ spasms
Dr prescribed tizanidine. Works well but at times I wake up in middle of night to quickly and have passed out a few times. I am absolutely done with pain mgmt Drs. I feel it's just a band aide to mask pain and over due everything. In my case now with the back issues I've seen 2 Drs did 3 procedures and nothing worked.
I was on lyrica gabepenten and other nerve meds Be careful the side effects you wrote about are so true plus I became so depressed on them I had to go off
Now my rt shoulder replacement from 2011 is losing cement so some pain there too.
I'm so glad to hear you're doing well
Miss our chats. Congrats on becoming a great granny must be a great feeling
Love to all
Pix for your granddaughter
Kitty and me and Emily
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HI @Nana moon 27, How are you and hope all is well with you. So glad to hear things are going better for you. Though I pop in and out of this board, I do miss seeing you and reading your posts. Much congratulations on being a great- grandma. Wow.. that is a blessing in and of itself. Stay well.
Hi all

I'm ok and it's lovely to hear from old (not meaning age) friends. Welcome back. @Yorkshiregal54 you look amazing!!! Well done you. @susanne thanks for the pics my granddaughter will love that too. @chestnc I hope you're doing ok? @lovetocookandsew whens your great grandchild due?

A brief update on my knee that's a few days off being a year old. I'm still using a stick. I can't do stairs properly. I do them toddler style. I occasionally overbalance sideways. Pain is tolerable due to Lyrica. The Capsacain Cream has done nothing. Waiting for follow up re that one. However I walk really quite well now. Woohoo!!!

I went to see the consultant but ended up with his registrar. On arrival I was given an X-ray. On speaking to the registrar I told him all that was going on. He tried to say weak quads and I said no way, I'm exercising and walking despite nerve pain etc. He tested them and was very pleased at just how strong they are now. He said we will now look at today's X-ray. He said ahh your knee so needs resurfacing he mumbled something about a button and surgery in 18 weeks time. I said ok. He sent me for a blood test to check for infection. I left the hospital, I got into our car and told my husband what had been said. He said I'd had the kneecap done with the replacement. I said no I'd seen the X-ray. He said think. The surgeon shook my hand looked us both in the eye and assured us that the kneecap was done this time around as a precaution due to the complications of my RTKR. I was stunned and then it dawned on me hubby was right. I was shocked. The problem is the Lyrica affects me quite badly of a morning.

Long story short, I'm seeing him (consultant surgeon) on the 7th June. This is going to be very interesting...

I'm praying there's a mistake re the X-ray and registrar xxx
@Nana moon 27 The baby girl is due in late August. Wow-I hope you get this mess straightened out and soon! Hopefully you get to the truth, and can get things done that need to be done and in a timely manner. It's nice to hear from you-keep us posted!
HI Ann,
I've just read your story about the Registrar and your kneecap. I'm betting the Registrar is wrong.
I hope your appointment with the surgeon on June 7th clear this up. Can you husband come with you, so that he can back you up about your surgeon telling you the kneecap has already had a button to replace its cartilage?
Hi @Nana moon 27. I've been reading your posts all along but rarely comment any more. I too have been plagued with sciatica and was prescribed lyrica. I've been taking it for nearly two years and it barely helped. I went to my gp and asked to try something else. I asked for gabapentin. Amazing how much better my sciatica is and without the fuzzy head symptoms. Sciatica is the worst. I hope your os can solve your patella mystery for you. Good luck ❤️
Hi both @Nana moon 27 and @shelli22 , just wanted to let you know that I found a permanent cure for sciatica from a couple of visits to an Osteopath. I expect a Chiropractor would manage the same thing. Why not give it a try. Look for a very well recommended one, possibly one who is also a Doctor. Hope this helps.
That will be my next port of Call. Calle mentioned a chiropractor as well. Thanks Majic.
I take Lyrica and thankfully find it good, my leg was zinging and jumping at night before I started it. I now take 75mg at night and 50mg in the morning, everyone is different though. Mine was partially chemo related neuropathy and partially possibly some nerve damage TKR related first time, plus this knee pre-revision.

I'm finding patella resurfacing/needing a patella button to be an off-the-cuff response to patella related problems, I've been told it twice but my consultant has reassured me. Going round and round in circles is frustrating. Good luck for 7th!
Hi Ann. Just caught up with your thread after not logging in for a few months. Glad to hear you are doing better. I'm just past the 10 month mark and still having issues. Not serious enough to stop me from working but I'm definitely not where I thought I'd be by now. Hope your appointment with the surgeon goes well.
Hi Ann @Nana moon 27, It is a few days past your second Left knee TKR hope you are feeling better. Couldn't let this time go past without wishing you a happy ankneeanniversary and many, many more!! Best wishes to you!!
Hi Ann, hope things go well for you on June 7th. It must be so frustrating getting conflicting information about the patella button. I had to have that done on both of my knee replacements and have not had a problem because of it. June 7th will be my 6 month anniversary with the newest knee and I'm glad to report it's doing well.

Hope your husband can go with you on June 7th. It helps to have an extre pair of ears there when going over things. I remember I had some fuzzy thinking for awhile while recuperating, my checkbook was quite interesting !! I think all the stress makes it hard to focus and concentrate sometimes. Thankfully that passed as the knee healed and I was able to stop the pain ! meds.
I'm praying tomorrow I find there's a mix up @Celle i do keep thinking the same. Thanks to everyone for the lovely support I've received. It's so nice to hear from you. The Lyrica is working kind of but I have to top up with paracetamol still. However, that's absolutely fine by me.

My right knee is fabulous. The left is still recovering with some very very good days except for stairs!!!

I will post tomorrow. My appointment is 11.15 x

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