TKR Nana Moon's Shiny New Second Knee

Well, Dear NanaMoon, you made me laugh out loud, just the way you wrote it. Hope that you do not pay the price of hurting all night long. Ask someone to give you ice, stay where you are.

Good night, sleep thight!!!
Ann are you trying to show me up??
Who's the bigger klutz????
Hope you're feeling ok
Sometimes I just have to remember to slow down
Feel good

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Oh, please be careful. Don't want you falling on those precious knees! I might have to practise falling soon. We will get our first major snowfall in about 6 weeks and I want to make sure I don't land on my surgery knee. It's a given that I will fall in the snow at least once.
@Nana moon 27 sounds so nice venturing out to garden. I went upstairs yesterday to shower. On the way down.. I had to rest on landing..thankfully I had my sis and friend here to assist.

Thought I'd be dying to go sleep in bed but thinking my nest downstairs has become so comfortable. . I may just practice steps and sleep down here a bit more. My dogs take turns sharing sofa with me...all is good. I'm finding stretching the knee sitting in chair is easier that heel slides on sofa. Lots of progress this 2nd week after surgery. Love reading everyone's stories.

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Hi @theresav

Can I suggest you stay downstairs a while longer? Not overdoing those stairs will save you from a lot of pain. They were my mortal enemy the first time around with the nightmare recovery. This time I avoided them as much as possible and stayed downstairs for at least four weeks, apart from showers.

@Pumpkln thanks ever so much for the thread you posted. That will be of immense help to me in December. I'm a bit anxious about that tbh.

I'm going to be honest, my knee hurts not unbearably but very uncomfortably. I have taken a top up med and now I'm starting to settle. I knew getting away with that trip yesterday was too good to be true. I was just so pleased I stayed upright and decided not to inspect the carpet at close range! :heehee: X
I am going to take my time going back up to bed. This has become my safe haven. Thanks for the suggestion.

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For the first month I only did the stairs when I was leaving for PT or a Drs appt. Someone always stayed behind me for safety.
There is no hurry to have to go upstairs. However, there were days when I'd stay upstairs in the bedroom,as the bathroom was upstairs with the first TKR. By the time I had the second done I had the downstairs toilet and wash hand basin fitted. This meant I could strip wash when I first came home. I slept downstairs, ate downstairs and I'm sure this has helped my recovery this time around xxx

I've been discharged from hydro. :yahoo:Despite my knee being a funny colour, a touch swollen from tripping over grandson legs I managed 105 ROM!!!!!!!!! I couldn't do some of the exercises due to pain but overall he was so happy with the rom. He said I still have quad weakness but it's a bit better than it was. I'm over the moon!!!

THEN...I was very cheeky and asked him as a favour to me would he please measure the other revised TKR.'s a 135 degrees!!!! He was astounded when I showed him how well I can draw my heel towards my backside when sitting on the couch.

At last, I'm definitely getting better. My journey at times has been the pits with the 1st TKR, it had to have a revision but it's completely better. I do think that all this extra physio has helped. Yes it aches it twinges. It hates the cold but it's functioning NORMALLY. I never dreamed that I would ever be able to say that about my 1st TKR. I never realised that I was going to recover from this so well considering what a bad start I had.

Knowing this LTKR has done so well I am so full of hope now. I just wanted to share this because not everyone has an easy journey. I want people to understand not to give up, there is hope. It sometimes takes a longer time. Yes I'm still on crutches to go out but once the pain issues are sorted, it's just a matter of time before I can be free of them.

He's told me to monitor the pain levels in it as it was hot and a bit purply today. He congratulated me on my hard work.

Forgot to press post reply I wrote this yesterday xxxx
So nice to hear that your revision TKR has made such progress. Gives me hope. Thank you and wishingbyoubcontinuedcsuccess - and no more almost falling ! :dubious:
So, so happy for you, you did work a lot to get were you are. Keep on going and be carefull thank you for sharing itgives me hope too.

Hi all

This site has kept me going through the darkest days. I cannot thank everyone who's ever watched out and supported me I've made some lovely friends along the way. A massive thank you to the moderators for their unwavering support and help. A massive thank you to Bonesmart friends, old and new.

With your help I've got to this wonderful point that I never thought I would ever achieve :flwrysmile: I also know that people have been watching although not posting, observing this recovery. Thank you xxx

The biggest and most key thing of all is don't be ashamed to share your pain. I think it's important to share the less than perfect recoveries, as well as the really super ones, so that others who are struggling can share the recovery journey. They can realise that being in the 5% you're warned about recovery wise when you sign for the op can and does occur.

Oh and the games room is a marvellous distraction, highly recommended xxx

Take care all
Love Nana moon 27 xxx
FABULOUS! Just the news we have all been waiting for Ann. It can Only get better & better..,yay! So, so pleased for you.
Keep up the good work...but don't go & overdo it now...just cos you can ..Hee Hee! Love Chrissie xxx

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Hi Chrissie

Love the pic, such a cute little dog. (May be having one myself at some point) Thanks for your well wishes. I hope you're doing ok?

The times flying, I remember me and you chatting on the Christmas thread about Christmas shopping. Seems like a couple of months back, not almost a year!!!

Love Ann x
Absolutely fabulous news about your ROM, Ann! I'm thrilled for you. :yes!::happydance::yay::loveshwr:
Great progress - your patience has been rewarded.
Great news about your recovery progress, Ann! I'm so happy that you're finally on this good path back to a normal life.
I am one who read all your threads although not posting much, and I am so happy you got good rom, 135! And the other also improved. It surely is great to share as it is quite a recovery. Thanks for keep posting.

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