TKR Mystikfairy's RTKR August 21

I don't have velcro ice packs but i have the gel packs. Just won't have a way to keep them frozen all day. I did go pick up some light compression knee socks to use because from knee down is where a good bit of the swelling has been. I will use the ice on the way and stop part of the way to stretch. When I get home later that afternoon, I will definitely be icing and elevating for sure.
As far as work, I am going to use the compression socks plus I have a fridge at work and I have 6 total gel packs so will take a couple to work to put in freezer. I will also be able to put my leg up on another chair and hoping that helps.
Take ice packs with you on Tuesday and elevate and ice whenever you can. That's going to be a pretty long day so you need to take as many breaks as you can to take care of your knee. Don't be surprised if you swell more than usual and are sore the next day. This is a normal reaction.
Just won't have a way to keep them frozen all day.
Might not be worth the hassle, but then again you may find relief in having them?
Since you have multiples, there are always those inexpensive white foam throw away coolers to keep them frozen, or very cold...
You can buy chemical ice packs that you can use. I bought a whole case shortly after I had my TKR. They don't last a long time but sure feel good when you need them.
Here is what is so crazy. My knee isn't swelling very much. It is mainly my calf and ankle. Surgeon as well as my hubby's vein doctor said it was blood pooling where it has trouble going back up to heart. I read that icing has a tendency to narrow the vessels. I attached one where I read it. So it seems I am in a catch 22 because the blood is having trouble returning to the heart which is making my calf and ankle swell and my knee needs ice. So very odd situation.


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There is so much differing advice about this recovery that with trial and error we must try to figure out what works best for each of us. Maybe less icing is better for you. @Nivea ’s surgeon says not to ice at all, which she hasn’t, and she’s doing well.

I would continue to elevate, if that works for you, as that is helpful to many. My knee has been quite the drama Queen and I still elevate all night, every night. I find it still very helpful.
@Jockette Elevating has been my go to throughout this entire process. I didntnhave much swelling anywhere until I joined the ODIC on Nov 2nd. Ever since then, the calf and ankle have been mad at me and they swell daily. Guessing this is something I am just going to have to be patient and wait it out.
Unfortunately setbacks can take a long time to settle down! :console2:
Hello mystikfairy, :wave:
I hope your recovery is coming along nicely, in spite of any minor delays.
Stopping by to wish you a Happy Three Month Anniversary and also a great Thanksgiving Day.
Enjoy the week!
@ layla Thanks so much!! Still dealing with the swelling and it gets so aggravating. After working 5 hours it can become a bit painful along the outside of my knee but I'm guessing it's from the inflammatory response I am still dealing with.
Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Ok wanted to run this past my bonesmart friends. I have added a picture of the concern. If you look at the right knee to the outside and above the knee there is a puffy area on left picture. It feels like it's the quad muscle. And you can see on right picture, when leg is straight it is smooth. Only like that with bent. That area does get painful if I am on my feet too much. Need to see if anyone is familiar and if I should call my surgeon and get in to see him regarding this.Thanks.


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I wonder if you're overthinking this and I'm certainly not trying to be dismissive, but at only three months post op, you might experience swelling for many more months. Pain is not uncommon either at this early date. New pain, may be questionable unless you're able to trace it to an increase in activity recently. Your legs (our legs) are not exactly the same, just as your arms, breasts and any other body part we have two of aren't exactly the same. I don't feel my op leg is an exact match for my non op, which I didn't really notice until after my recovery, but likely they were never exactly the same anyway and I never noticed.

With all that said, if you are concerned something is wrong due to pain you can always ask your surgeons office if his care team will look at a photo and discuss for reassurance. It may be worth peace of mind for you.
Knees are so weird!
My newer R knee (mid June vintage) has had....
1) a series of weird puckers and knots at the quads above the kneecap - my ortho team assured me they would go away; I did daily massage to the area, and indeed they are mostly gone;
2) an area of very discrete round swelling to the outside of the kneecap with no pain, heat, redness, or impingement in ROM - my ortho team isn't concerned and I'm going to increase elevation again plus try some self lymphatic drainage (rural community; no certified therapist closer than an hour and a half!)

I suspect pain resulting from being on your feet too long means that 45 minutes of "knee higher than nose" should provide relief and even a change in how it looks. Can you email photos and report to your ortho practice to get professional reassurance?
Well this last week has been interesting. And nothing due to my knee but the foot on that side. I was cleaning my office last Sunday and a DVD/VCR combo fell on my foot. Luckily it wasn't broken but it is horribly bruised. I had been trying to continue to exercise my new knee up until that point. Not so now. Having to wear my hubby's slippers to work because of the soreness. I have attached a picture of my foot. I am blessed there was no more injury than there was, but the swelling from it along with the continued swelling of my new knee is an annoying combination. Have been trying to ice as much as I can and keeping it up. Otherwise, everything is going well except the little area that is bunched up at the top of my incision that still aches at times. Wishing everyone a pain free or at least a pain controlled day!


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Oh no! I know that hurt like crazy. I pray for complete healing for your foot and your knee! :console2:
Ugh...I'm so sorry, mystikfairy. That had to hurt like crazy! You poor dear.:console2:
I hope it starts feeling better soon. Wishing you happy holidays and a pain free 2024!

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