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Sorry about that, I hope I got I right this time! Tweaking codes can be daunting!
You’re welcome! I learned some things in the process!
Sept 12, 2023 Post Op Day 22

I have hit the 3 week mark and not doing too bad. My appetite and tummy issues appear to have completely resolved. Sleep still is a bit erratic. I think that because of the naps, I will wake up during the night and not be able to always get back to sleep. I must be getting enough rest because I'm not really overtired which helps my mood immensely. The funniest thing is the fact that being only 3 werks post op and at this time knowing my return to work is 9 more weeks bugs me because I get bored so easily. I have books to read, crossword puzzle books etc but as I have seen others say, my attention span to these things is not that good right now.

PT has dropped me to twice a week beginning this week so doing a lot on my own. The outpatient PT facility has orders if I feel I need to do them but I still have this week and next week with at-home therapy and I get evaluated next week. My at-home exercises consist of sitting on the bed or in a chair and working my my flexion/extension, using my little mini pedal bike that sits on the floor and walking. I have just been rocking with the pedals but yesterday got it to go backward all the way around. Felt really good.

I had something happen when I went to bed that clued me in that I really stretched because my sciatica had been bothering me, especially in my right buttock. Last night laying here in the bed that area was for lack of a better word spasming. Felt like the muscle was having spasms but it appeared to be right where the pain was from where the sciatic was bothering me. It only lasted about 30 minutes or so. Let me know I may have overworked a bit yesterday.

I am walking exclusively with my cane and even walking some in the house without it. Trying to be sure to take proper steps. I also noticed last night that the area behind my knee was tight and a bit sore from all the walking I did in the house yesterday, which was more than usual. I'm really going to have to pay attention to how much I walk because I don't like when it gets sore like that. Just tells me to slow down a bit. And of course, ice and elevate are always on the agenda. I think if I see I am not taking full steps and bending when I take my steps, I may continue to use the walker to ensure I am following through on steps.

Wishing everyone a blessed and pain-free day.
A really fine 3 week update!!!!
I am walking exclusively with my cane and even walking some in the house without it. Trying to be sure to take proper steps.
Yes, gait is very important as you recover. You want to walk with complete heel-to-toe follow-through.
Here is a visual

Also, don't be in a hurry to get rid of that cane -- it is often better for your gait. I didn't stop using the cane until about 6 weeks post-op, after my PT noticed I was walking better without it than with it.

Sounds like you are doing well! :flwrysmile:
I have noticed that I am still really tight around the knee which makes it tough to really get good follow thru. Also this is a bit odd but I have a vessel that is popped up next to my incision but no one has seemed concerned about it. There is no warmth or pain so I guess it is just there. I know I am only at day 22 post op and there is still alot of internal swelling so this is where my patience needs to kick in. In alot of my reading, I have read that some are anywhere from 6 weeks to some as far as 12 weeks before the tightness begins to ease up. Also I was told today that I could start massaging my scar but I'm concerned it may be a bit early. I'm attaching a picture and if anyone has an idea on the massage, please chime in if you feel ok doing so. The pink area I was told is all the bruising I have.

@mystikfairy61 Did they tell you why to massage your scar? Personally I don't think yours is ready for the rough handling that scar massage entails. I didn't touch mine until it was completely healed.
@Tentcamper They just mentioned that I could start massaging around the outside but not on the actual incision.
@mystikfairy61 Huh... I'd be chicken to even do that! I'm sure someone else will weigh in. My PT said scar massage was to get any tissue that adhered to the kneecap to let go. You are nowhere close to having anything growing like that. I know many on this site didn't massage at all.
I *did* do gentle massage with vit E oil but agree with the consensus to wait - based on appearance, you're healing well but it looks like there's some small superficial scabs and I wouldn't want to take a chance softening and prematurely removing them!
I think I am just going to continue to let my baby knee incision heal for at least 2 or 3 more weeks before I even think about any massage.
I never massaged my incision areas after any of my knee surgeries (12). Leaving them alone worked out fine for me.
It's day 24 postop and overnight has been tough. My back and behind are just tired of being laid on alot. I do lay on my non-op side but of course, still spend more time on my back. My oldest hip had fussed at me today along with muscles down the outside of my op leg. I guess because of laying or sitting so much, I can feel the hip ball just being fussy I guess cause of the way I am on it. It is 3:30am and I can't seem to find a comfy position to sleep. Constantly having to shift position due to the aforementioned hip discomfort. I am icing the hip along with the knee. Hoping I can rest some later today if I can't find the elusive sleep. I did nap for about 30 mins earlier around 11pm but that has been it. I got tired of fighting the bed and moved to the couch so my hubby can sleep and maybe a new location will help. The only thing I did today was change the sheets so I don't think I overdid it.
The only thing I did today was change the sheets so I don't think I overdid it.
At only days out of surgery you did indeed over do. Changing sheets requires twisting and lifting. New joints are not ready for this at 24 days out.

Hope you can get some rest today!
Do you have a recliner? I found I slept better in the recliner the first couple of months. I'd sleep some in the bed, then wake up and move to the recliner. It's an aggravation, not being able to sleep well. Sleep wherever and whenever you can not just at night. Taking naps is encouraged because it's the sleeping that is important, not where or when!
My recliner was my best friend and some nights still is. I helped relieve the pressure off of my back and then I could elevate and ice my knee. I would eventually fall asleep but a slipping ice pack between the legs would wake me up :heehee:
For a few weeks I spent nights in our guest room with both my legs on a big heap of pillows and then on the Lounge Doctor. I supplemented this with much of the day spent in a recliner.
An hour before going "to bed" I used an herbal sleep tea blend containing valerian plus a 3mg sustained release melatonin. It made a HUGE difference.
Are you taking very short walks every hour while awake? I found, and still find, even a five minute walk incredibly helpful for knee plus miscellaneous aches and pains.
Well let's see if anything else can be added to complicate things. My brother in law has tested positive for covid. I have been staying in our room to avoid contact plus when I do have to go into the other part of the house I am masking and of course doing what I do anyway, washing my hands. Plus we are using lysol religiously. It has been a couple of days since he got the positive and he just feels like he has a headcold. No fever or any worse symptoms at this time. He had gone to my daughter's house for a few mins on Wed and she tested positive so we were just watching and of course, he got it. Trying to be super cautious but this limits where I can sleep or sit at the moment to my bed and my desk chair to my computer that is in the bedroom. I know that cases recently have been fairly short lived so praying this will be the case here. This will also postpone my final week of home therapy. Keep us in your prayers that my husband and I don't get it.

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