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My Knee Guide - iPhone App To Help with Your Surgery Planning


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Mar 24, 2008
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We would like to introduce to you a new free iPhone app called My Knee Guide!

This app (which can be accessed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod) is designed to assist patients who are considering or currently undergoing knee replacement surgery. The app can be downloaded from iTunes from this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-knee-guide/id614808450?mt=8

One of the key benefits of using My Knee Guide is that all of the information pertaining to your surgery and recovery are available in one place on your smartphone. It becomes your own personal support tool for the entire process.

We see My Knee Guide as a wonderful compliment to the information and support you'll find here on BoneSmart. We encourage you to download and take a good look at the app. We also welcome input on how it functions and helps you.

Here is a brief overview of the features of the My Knee Guideapp:

Learning Center: This module provides extensive teaching about the most important aspects of knee replacement surgery that a patient would encounter. You can view four custom videos created for My Knee Guide. There is an x-ray vision center featuring interactive animations with x-rays (the before and after images are very cool). Additionally, you'll find an extensive and fully interactive checklist section to help you prepare for surgery. This checklist section is integrated to your personal surgery timeline (see the next section). Notes can be taken on every section of the learning center so you can record information that is important for you and have it easily available.

My Surgery Timeline: When you enter your day of surgery, a customized calendar timeline is created. This timeline will teach you about all the aspects of your surgery at the time that is most appropriate. It can inform you about each timeline item on the specific day with a push notification (alarm). The time line delivers safety notifications, links to the learning center and much more. The timeline can be customized with your pre-op and post-op visits to your surgeon. Custom events can be added. All of the events can be synced with your iPhone's internal calendar.

Contacts: You can easily search for a local surgeon, hospital, home health care agency, rehab facility, pharmacy and medical equipment supplier. The app uses GPS technology to target only those resources in close proximity to you, making it easy to get the specific help you need. Most of the sections have extensive ratings, safety information and surveys attached to them to help you make more informed decisions. If you've been on the BoneSmart forum for any length of time, you'll remember seeing a lot of posts from members trying to find a good home health care agency, home PT, etc... Now you have easy access to the most important Medicare ratings for these facilities (filtered to provide the most important data for knee replacement patients). You can add any of these facilities to your custom address book. All the entries in the address book can be imported or exported to your iPhone contacts.

Stories: Much like we have on the BoneSmart forum, there are two topics where My Knee Guide users can post their experiences: 1)“I decided to have my knee replaced when” and 2)“How my life changed after knee replacement”. This section is not designed or intended to function as a forum such as BoneSmart. Rather, the Stories section is more of an area to inspire and empower others going through this process.

There are many other details of the app you can explore. One example of a unique feature is found in the checklist section: “Pre-op questions to ask your OS”. If you tell the app that an assistant to the surgeon (resident, PA, ARNP) will be seeing you after surgery instead of your surgeon, the app automatically displays this name in the custom timeline to the user after the surgery instead of the surgeon.

My Knee Guide is in the process of creating a web site that will mimic all of the functionality of the app. Once completed, all information entered into the app or website (notes, timeline, contacts, etc..) will be live and accessible regardless of how you access My Knee Guide.

You can follow this link to an article that BoneSmart has coordinated with My Knee Guide titled: “Will my knee be straightened with surgery?”

Here is a list of some of the other contact pages for My Knee Guide (for your reference):


Facebook: www.facebook.com/KneeGuide

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/MyKneeGuide

Twitter: @mykneeguide: twitter.com/mykneeguide


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