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Hi, @FourCats ...... I’m just doing a few minutes checking in on Bonesmart while I ice my back, & just saw this post. That will be tomorrow, if I’m reading this right. Just wanted you to know, I’ll be thinking about you with fingers crossed & a little prayer that your dr. Can help guide you to some help on your pain.

I’m nursing some back pain from a bout with sciatic nerve pain. The ice really seems to help, but it has been a challenge! We will be having our grandson with us for a couple of days, & are both really excited! We haven’t seen him for several weeks, as he, our son-in-law, & daughter have all been sick with Covid! They have been super protective of us, which we appreciate, but, we sure miss seeing all 3 of them, and, having him here. An exciting surprise for him, it looks like we will have a bumper crop of raspberries this year! There were a few last year, & he loved picking & eating them, but this is our first year to have a real crop.

Well, I will make this short, but when I saw your latest post, I wanted to be sure & let you know you will be in my thoughts & prayers tomorrow. I’m anxious to see what your Dr might come up with. We had a wonderful family Dr several years ago who regularly came up with a new approach to a problem one or the other of us might have. She left the practice to head up a local clinic that serves many of the underserved in our community. I’m sure she is treasured greatly there, as we felt, & we miss her, but, she was really needed there. And no doubt, doing a lot of good. Having her for those years was a true privilege. Praying for insight & wisdom for your Dr.
No earth shattering results from my appointment. Recommended some beginner yoga to help with the muscle pain. Lots of water which I already do. Did some labs, awaiting results.
My ROM is deteriorating quickly in both knees. The stiffness in my legs makes me feel like Frankenstein when I’m trying to walk. I’m so discouraged right now.
What have you been doing differently? Something must have changed in your activities for your knees to have become this angry. If you can't narrow it down to anything, then call your doctor. In the meantime, you can stop everything you can and just rest, ice, and elevate your knees for a few weeks to see if you have any improvement.
I’ve not been doing anything different. I continue to do the exercises, icing and elevating when I’m finished. No extra ADLs. I have an appointment with my OS in mid August but am planning to schedule an earlier appointment.
I suggest you ice and elevate as much as possible. If you don't improve in a few days, call your doctor.
Saw the OS this morning and he sent me to PT for exercises to strengthen my hips and butt muscles. She measured my ROM which is better than I thought it would be. Hoping these new exercises will help.

Also talked to my PCP about using CBD to provide me some relief from the fibromyalgia pain. She recommended both oral and topical so I’ve got that on order.
I know this is off topic but I had a deer hanging around my yard last evening and this morning, eating and lying down to chew on her cud. She treated me with the first sighting of the fawn she just delivered. The miracle of life!
How amazing to see a deer as close as that
There must be a lot of trust from the deer to
I live in a wooded area with 5 acres, having one of those cleared for my home area. My recliner is sitting in front of a window that overlooks my backyard. I sat in this quite a bit during my recovery from my TRK. How uplifting it was to look out and see mother deer with their babies within yards of my house! No matter how bad I was feeling being able to see that brought joy to me. I believe this helped in my recovery because it put more of a positive attitude to it.

I believe it is the same with our pets. They give us joy and a reason to get back on our feet again!
It’s been awhile since I visited the forum. I found out this week that the unbearable pain I’m experiencing in my right leg just below the knee (medial side) is the result of the implant becoming loose. Now awaiting dates for pre-ops and surgery.
@FourCats So sorry you are facing more surgery! Please keep us updated and do let us know when you get your surgery date.
Glad that you found an answer for your pain but so sorry that you have to have a revision.
Oh no. I'm so sorry to read that your implant is loose. We will be here for you.
Oh no! I'm so sorry you are dealing with this, @FourCats :sad:. Please keep us posted!
So sorry to read you're dealing with a loose implant. I wish you comfort while you're going through the process. Please stay in touch, we're here for support. :console2:
Thanks everyone. I’m awaiting information on dates for pre-op and surgery. I’m thinking it will be after the holidays. Started using my cane for support when the pain is the worst which is most often upon standing after sitting, which the OS called start up pain which means the implant is getting “situated” for walking. Usually after 15-20 steps the extreme pain eases. Not what was in my game plan but trying to stay positive.
Good Morning, @FourCats. I’m so sorry to hear that you have to have more surgery, but at least they do know what has been causing your pain, and have a solution. Are your kitties “ attending” you some? I found that after my surgery, particularly after my second one , for the infection, our kitty would very consistently lay on my stomach at night when I slept. I normally am a side- sleeper, but slept on my back during recovery. She’s not slept on, or beside me, since ( often by my feet). My daughter read that often our little furry family members stay nearby to offer their warmth & healing. It gave me comfort to think about that during that time.

We are definitely experiencing winter weather here. I’m definitely being careful out, particularly when we have any snow or ice on the ground! Here where we are in Colorado, our snow generally comes, & is beautiful for several days, & then leaves - but the ice may linger in some spots, so watching where we go can be important!

Well, I should go start us some breakfast, my tummy is calling! I was not active for a while there, but am glad I got back active & saw your post. I will be watching , & keeping you in my thoughts. Do take care, & remember, as others have said, we will be here to support you.
Found out that my OS is retiring and another in the practice will be doing my revision. At least the PA who worked with the first one is now working with the new one so there’s a bridge. Still, I feel like I’m starting all over again.
I imagine it does feel a bit unsettling. Does the surgeon you'll be dealing with specialize in revision surgery? You may want to ask how many revisions he does per year and what his success rate is. You may be in good hands, but its your right to ask questions before settling on this particular OS as your revision surgeon.

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