THR Moosehead's Recovery

I am an avid mountain biker as well. I usually ride 10 miles 4 times a week. Now the temperature is dropping will try to hit the parks. Love the scenery as Miami is flat as a board. I also had a hip resurfacing that was removed and replaced with a dual mobility unit.

I started to get necrosis under the resurfacing femoral component a year after surgery. The dual mobility feels more natural than the resurfacing did.

Enjoy the riding

@ljpviper are you using clip-ins or flat pedals?

Have been riding clip-ins for decades but switched to flats yesterday figuring it would be safer post op. The flats felt sketchy to me and I wanted to be reattached.

Glad to hear your DM unit is working well. Cheers.
Wow, that must have felt good to ride again. I am familiar with Tabernash from vacationing in Grand Lake several times. Beautiful countryside! You are quite brave taking that ride on as I feel the worry of falling would be on my mind also.:bicycle2: I hope you're feeling good today after your long ride. A great Sunday and week to you!
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Have a wonderful week. :)
Thanks Layla and to the entire BoneSmart board. Cheers and good health to you all.

Celebrated with a swim and hit 80 golf balls at the range!

Hey ho, Moosehead!
How are you doing? I hope all is well and you enjoyed a nice Christmas.

Happy Four Month Anniversary on this New Years Eve and a very Happy New Year to you also. I hope it's a good one. Cheers!
Hesitate to post this as many might struggle with post op, but at 6 1/2 months after second hip made a once in a lifetime dad and daughter trip to ski the Alps.

We have throttled way back and are staying conservative, but it is a miracle to be out here. Very grateful for this board and my surgeon.

Bonjour from Chamonix.

Moosehead's Recovery
Moosehead's Recovery
Moosehead's Recovery
Beautiful! So happy for you...ENJOY!
So happy to hear great stories as well as the struggles that can happen. I am 7 months out and ham happy I can do whatever I want. I choose to do yoga 1-2 times a day as well as strength training twice a week with no downsides. Will never ski or ride a bike but I didnt do that before my surgery. I am happy as a I could be. I do have very minor pain at times but it isn't much and just reminds me I had my hip replaced. I still ice in the evening. Guess it is my new addiction!
I didnt mention how incredible your pictures are and I see your daughter is so happy she can do this with her father again! She is a doll!

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