Toes Modified Weil Osteotomy, #2 toe

I just found your thread. Wow you’ve had that screw in for over two years? I hope they reschedule soon!

The screw is too long and sticks into the ball of my foot and hurts, see post #35 for the x ray.
Post #35...........ouch. I saw that previously but had forgotten. So, what's the procedure to remove it? (without being too
@Pumpkin I am sorry you have to have another surgery. Hopefully it's a much simpler procedure. I know mine were always simpler for that sort of thing.
Hi @Pumpkin I've only just found this thread but I well remember the pain of foot surgery (Scarf osteotomy) and cannot imagine suffering foot pain for over 2 years. I chose to have all the metalwork removed after ankle fracture repair but that was due to irritation, not real pain. Hopefully the surgery for screw removal will go ahead as planned this time.
Tomorrow is the day for my screw removal. Feeling better after talking to the nurse at the surgery center, she has pulled my recent labs, and cardiology notes.
I don't expect complete relief, but hope it is enough so my foot can finally heal.
Good luck wishes flowing to you @Pumpkin !
Relief would be so nice, and I’m hoping you get that!
@Pumpkin All the best! Hope this bring relief.
Thinking of you today @Pumpkin

Healing hugs coming your way:console2:
@Pumpkin I am so glad to hear you are home and doing well! I did get a giggle though at surgeon having to find the right screwdriver. Who'd have ever thought that would be a challenge for a surgeon? Josephine was so right when she said orthopedic surgery was about 1/2 surgery and 1/2 carpentry.

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