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Dec 4, 2020
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new to this site, not sure if im in the right area but like to convey my experience, had both hips replaced about 15 years ago, great result all round, about 4 years ago i developed a rash on my outer hip area, turned into a nasty weeping sore, the other hip also but not as bad, went to a number of doctors and 4 skin specialists diagnosed with everything from scabies dry skin etc etc, getting worse and treated with antibiotics/ steroids/ and various other stuff, no effect, this went on for about 8 months, anyway lying in bed awake at 3am as you do thinking?? the next day i left my mobile phone out of my pocket, about 5 days later the sores eased and after 8 days had gone, had to know so put my phone back and 4 days later they started back, have not carried my phone since, when i think about it the antenna is only about 20mm from a metal antenna (my new hip) it was an older nokia phone , may not be a problem for most but it was for me, if you phone me and i dont answer you know why...
I think that is really interesting!
Hello @wheelan and :welome:

It's interesting that both hips were affected. Did you alternate which hip pocket you put your phone in?

When you had a course of antibiotics, did the sores improve, and did anyone take a swab of the rash when it was weeping, to see if it was infected?

Have you mentioned to your doctors your idea that the phone might have caused this rash - and if you did, what did they say?

It doesn't sound as if you had infections of the hip joints themselves. It seems to have been more of a superficial problem affecting the skin.
thanks, the right hip was a lot less angry than the left, from memory had a couple of swabs done but the treatment at the time had no effect, the prednasone? gave a slight improvement but nothing worked well for the time i had it, also had hives on the lower legs at the time and i think that may have clouded the issue, i have no doubt it was radiation as my phone was only a tiny distance from my metal implant, told one gp only, he shrugged his shoulders, no not a hip infection ,this is the first ive mentioned it since, had no problems since..

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