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TKR Mewmew’s Dad’s Right TKR

I understand the worry and concerns, I am living it right along with you in my own life. Stubborn dads. :hairpulling: Ugh!

The best advice I can offer is for you to watch and listen. You've tried your best and I think after awhile it falls on deaf ears. The only thing that may get your dad to change his mind is if he recognizes he's dealing with increased pain after each PT session, then recovering only to go to PT and have the same result once again. He may make a correlation and realize it won't hurt to step away from PT for a time, and IF this happens, he will hopefully realize he feels better and does not need the PT. :fingersx:

Feel free to continue posting here, even if it's only to vent. We're good listeners and encouragers so if you feel the need to let it all out, stop by any time night or day. We'll be here.
How is the week going for your dad?
Hi @Layla thank you for checking in! It’s officially been 3 weeks and my dad is doing way better. He doesn’t have as much log leg and can get around a bit better, though his pain is bad.

I’m incredibly frustrated though. His surgeon YELLED at him for not being at 90 degrees by this time. He said my dad will have to do a manipulation or will be disabled for the rest of his life. Of course this scared my dad, who has been pushing as much as he can, though it’s hard. My dad also stopped using the Percocet because it made him feel to woozy for work, but the Tylenol only is not managing his pain well enough, so he can’t bend his knee as much as he should. The surgeon wants him at 110-120 by week 6.

I feel like this is ridiculous. The surgeon is SO frustrating. I don’t think he realized how much my dad was pushing himself, but just telling him to do more, more, more. He said there’s no way to break his knee if he bends it more, so just push himself even harder.

My parents agree with the surgeon. So does my sibling. I’m the only contrarian. I have let it go at this point. I hope this doesn’t set him back from pushing even harder. I wish I could do something but no one would accept my voice here. It’s funny because I work in the medical field (but am not a doctor or nurse) and know first hand how wacky doctors can be. They’re smart but they also can be very stuck in old practices and biases. It’s frustrating. At the very least, my dad’s swelling in his leg has gone down and he may move on to a cane.
I am sorry, I sense your frustration and it's understandable. If only your resistant family members would read here from those that have "been there done that".
I will share a link to threads of those that have experienced MUA's, if you're interested in reading. The only consolation I can offer you is to say it is apparent you love your dad very much and tried your best, and there is not much else you can do, but continue supporting him and be there for him, which I know you are. It is so unfortunate for those that end up with surgeons that impose unrealistic timelines and trust their physician, because after all, they're the professional. As we know, not all medical professionals are created equal. Please know that we're available if you ever need to vent, or hopefully share some great progress your dad is
making. :fingersx: We're here for you if you need us! Here is the link -> MUA
The surgeon wants him at 110-120 by week 6.
This surgeon is being ridiculous. The vast majority of surgeons would like 90 at 6 weeks. I am so sorry your dad's OS is way behind the times. Newer trained surgeons know better as do the therapists.
He said there’s no way to break his knee if he bends it more, so just push himself even harder.
Oh, yes, he can. We have had members who have had torn patella and/or quad tendons from stretching too far. Also, at least one member received a broken leg during the MUA that I can think of just since I've been working here. So, you can injure yourself by doing more than your leg is ready to do. Please tell your dad to be careful, though it will probably fall on deaf ears. At least you are trying.

You are really a good daughter, trying to help your dad in his recovery and having no support from your family. Just know that you have support here!
One month post op already! Please wish your dad a Happy One Month Anniversary from us all.
I hope he's doing well and is pleased with his recovery so far.
If you have time, let us know how the healing process is going for dear ol dad. :) We'd love to hear.
A great weekend to you!

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