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:yay: Hoping I have some good news! Had my first PT visit since the limp got so bad, and after many diagnostic movements, I was diagnosed with an L3-L4 lumbar related compensatory hip limp on my nonoperative leg. This, and the fact that I got relief from the SI injection a month ago, seem to suggest that the limp is caused by old spine issues, probably made worse by my pre-op bedrest and then the surgery on my other hip.

He then applied pressure to the relevant discs for about 5 minutes, and I could feel a release. Next, I did two back flexing moves ten times each while on my stomach. Not making this up: I got off the table and walked better than I have in a year. I'll see him two times a week and do my black flexes every 1 to 2 hours at home. No doubt more brutal exercises to come.

Funny: my PT is a former student of mine!!! I told him I'd he hurt me, I'd flog him and give him a time-out :heehee:
Well that is some good news, Merrimay! It sounds like you're onto something and how wonderful that you noticed some relief and felt the release you mentioned after the pressure the PT applied. I hope the back flexes help. I know you're more than ready to get back to life. Thanks for sharing the encouraging update!
Dry needling and PPT update! No doubt about it: the first dry needling and PPT massage hurt and I was at level 3-4 pain for 24 hours. But I woke up at 48 hours and could feel the improvement. Just came home from second session and the pain level is zero. Therapist was thrilled with my progress. We've started doing heel/toe work. I thought I was pretty good with that, but he said the operative foot is landing a bit flat. Anyway, he and I are both seeing small improvements, and I'm feeling an improvement, so I'm in a much better state of mind.

My two phases of seeing improvement were Week 7, followed by a deep decline, then now at Week 11. Hoping no more declines, but I've learned to expect ups and downs. @Jamie, hope you're feeling better with the PPT. :fingersx:
Yep, I’m definitely improving. Big progress this past week that didn’t regress back over the weekend like it had been doing.
Happy Three Month Anniversary, Merrimay!
I am so happy to read you're feeling encouraged and physically better after a couple of these sessions. May it only continue to improve. You're such a great supporter of others here and it's appreciated. I hope you have a nice day and weekend!
Thank you, Layla! I'm in a celebratory mood today. The trigger point therapy, dry needling, and gait work is really helping so I feel much more "empowered," as they say. I'm glad I didn't jump into PT right away because I needed time to heal. But I'm also glad that when I realized my limp was hindering healing, I bit the bullet and sought out therapy as Jamie suggested. My post-surgical journey has been up and down and often frustrating and not what I'd hoped for or imagined. But at three months, I'm out of the tunnel and readjusting my eyes to the light. So glad I had THR!!! I'm independent again and seeing improvements each day.

Could NOT have done it without my hippy friends!! :upright::loveshwr:
You sound very hopeful and happy as you should and its heartwarming! :loveshwr:
This is great to hear and the sharing of your journey is already and will be a life-line to others who are struggling. May the days get only brighter and the path more smooth. :SUNsmile:
Well, I am ashamed. Could kick myself clear to Canada. The trigger point massage and dry needling was really working. So well that they had me run through some brutal exercises Monday. I struggled through them, the whole time thinking, "I think this is what the bonesmarters told me not to do." Staggered home, got in my recliner. In terrible pain. Thigh muscles began to charleyhorse, I couldn't get warm, shook all over, and no amount of ice calmed what I can only assume we're torn ligaments, fascia, and muscles. I called and told them I wouldn't be back. What a fool I was!!! Does Bonesmart give put Dunce Caps??? :groan::gaah::alarm:
@Merrimay Ouch! I am so sorry you were subjected to that overly aggressive PT! Hopefully the icing will help easy those muscle spasms and you will get to feeling better quickly. Wrap your self in a warm blanket - your whole system seems to be in shock right now and apply some internal self care - favorite tea, hot cocoa, chicken soup ... what ever says "I'm being cared for" to you.
@Merrimay so sorry to hear they overdid it on you, I can so totally relate. Had a PT do an adjustment or whatever she called it on my SI Joint that set me back in my recovery. The pain was terrible and just had to try everything I could think of to get through it. Ice, heat, Epsom salt soaks, fuzzy jammies and socks with a nice warm blanket. Totally agree with @djklaugh that you need some gentle self care. Unfortunately this is another one of those temporary blips on the recovery road. :console2:
Very sorry to hear about what happened. Feel better and also shocked by what should have been logical progression turned into a bad outcome... As an aside, my PT suggested a progression in exercises (lunges) which I know just isn't in the cards right now!

Also, I've spoken with a few folks similar to myself (50's) with THR and wanted to share following: appearances dont tell the full story. Most folks 2-3 months out may be walking and exercising and living life but underneath still struggle with progression and wanting to feel 'normal'. I've had two friends confess this who both had fantastic outcomes..... just somthing you only admit to another hippie... just have a goal to feel and do the best you can. Maybe typing it I'll start to believe it :heehee:
I've suspected all along that there's been an element of dishonesty in most of the tales of dare-devil recovery. At the very least, there had to have been days when they joined the ODIC and regretted it for a week or more.

In my case, tho, I didn't just overdo it. You all warned me repeatedly how easy it is to set yourself back with overzealous PT. I think we should start a club just for me: the TSTL. Too Stupid to Live. :loll:
Relax, you've only done it once. You're not even a beginner in the ODIC, many of us are slow learners and repeat it over and over. Most of the as you say daredevil or whirlwind recovery folks don't talk about their overdids. Only those of us willing to humble ourselves by admitting it and sharing to help others not experience the pain talk about it.
I just had a major overdid at the 5 year mark with my left so how big of a fool does that make me?
The good news is that my poor body is feeling a bit stronger today after 3 days of total rest. At today's PT session, I demanded a return to the trigger point massage and dry needling until they I can get off the poles again. Nothing else. It went well.
Well, funny thing: realized this morning that I'm finally back to where I was before my physical therapist went all assault weapon on me. Off poles and the pain he inflicted is gone. So I climbed on my recumbent bike and started pedaling nice and gently. Pretty soon I'd ridden 2 miles without any discomfort. Rested awhile and rode 2 miles more. The horrific swelling caused in my knees and ankles after my PT demanded I over-exert is gone. Another appointment tomorrow at 10. Gentle and gradual progression is my motto now. No one has the right to hurt me.

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