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Mar 16, 2023
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So after chasing what I thought was lower back pain for the better part of 20 years, a new doc (physiatrist) said, "Let's take a look at your hips." We shot an x-ray. Turns out there were signs of a cam impingement on the left side, but not much on my right side which has always been by problematic side.

This led to an MRI of the left side (not sure why they didn't shoot both hips while I was in the tube) and sure enough, cam impingement with labral tear. Spoke to the doc and said, let's image the right side just for grins...


Joint: Grade II to III chondromalacia of the transitional acetabular cartilage extending from the 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock position. Mild chondral thinning of the femoral.

Labrum: Acetabular labral tear extending from 11 o'clock to 3 o'clock

Femoroacetabular Impingement Assessment: Aspherical femoral head with loss of the femoral head neck offset, convexity of the head neck junction and a broad-based cam lesion.

Gluteal Tendons: Insertional abductor tendinosis without evidence of a tendon tear. Mild peritrochanteric soft tissue edema.

Hamstring Origins: Tendinosis of the hamstring tendon origin with low-grade partial-thickness tearing of the conjoined semitendinosus/biceps femoris tendon.

"Aside from that, how did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?"

Have an appointment with one of the top hip preservationists in Houston on Monday to discuss. Just not sure how much is left to preserve...

Possible good news if I am a candidate for resurfacing (I'm 51) is I spend a good deal of the year about 2 hours from where Dr. Gross practices.

I'll update once I have my consult with the Doc on Monday.
Hi :welome: to BoneSmart.

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Welcome to BoneSmart! So sorry you are dealing with so much with those hips
Possible good news if I am a candidate for resurfacing (I'm 51) is I spend a good deal of the year about 2 hours from where Dr. Gross practices.
Resurfacing is not age related - more about how much damage is present. Sounds like THR is more in the cards but we shall see.

You might want to discuss bilateral THR with your surgeon. One op, one recovery. My colleague @Mojo333 had both hips replaced bilaterally. I've tagged her to come and chat with you.
:wave:@mseanmc and :welome: to Bonesmart.
My bad hips manifested as pain in my lower back also, and I had a 2 year fact-finding mission with doctors before a neurologist finally ordered hip xrays....after MRI's for back, and even a nuclear bone scan to rule out bone cancer:unsure:
I was diagnosed with end-stage OA at age 53 and according to my orthopedic surgeon... double hip replacement was the only remedy.
Because I was younger and fit with no underlying health issues, I was deemed a good candidate for simultaneous bilateral THR and I was grateful to be One and Done!
I had BTHR in May of 2017 and have my life back.:happydance:

I hope these will be my forever hips.

I don't know if resurfacing is a good option for you... but if it comes to a replacement, my experience doing Both at Once was certainly a blessing.
Being able to work, play, AND SLEEP without back pain, and what felt like body wide inflammation truly is Amazing.

Hopefully, you can get answers at your appointment so you can get back to healthy and happy too.
Thanks Mojo & Jaycey.

I met with a hip preservationist Monday. We are going to have a CT scan on both hips to assess what the joint space looks like and map the cam lesions to determine how much needs to be resected.

One of the questions I plan on asking is if we go down the road of labrum/articular cartlidge repair, how long is that really going to buy me before THR or resurfacing is back in the conversation? I have gathered that the recovery from a hip scope/repair is no picnic, and I would rather not go through with that if I am only going to get 2 years out of it.

Thinking ahead, given my young(ish) age and activities (golf, skiing, hiking, weightlifting) would it make sense to push for a dual motion THR over standard? Have any studies come out on the longevity of dual motion implants vs. standard?

Thanks all for the help and responses!
@mseanmc hi there, my first FAI/ labrum debridement lasted me 6 years. In that time I did pretty intense hiking, backpacking, trail running, and horse riding. It would have lasted longer, but the surgeon missed a bit of impingement and a goat rammed me in the leg and retore my labrum. I was able to get it revised to get rid of the remaining impingement and repair the labrum. That was two years ago. I hope it lasts me many years. I am happy that at 45 I still have my own hip!
Good luck! I just did my right June 22nd! The left is coming, and now that I have done the right, the left is really letting me know I have some major pain. It's amazing what the brain can do. I have mild dysplasia, cam impingements, and labrum tears...both hips...well now just the left bc the right is bionic! I'm 44 so I am with you on wanting to be active! Looking forward to your update!
Wishing you the best best for tomorrow! See you later on the recovery side, whenever you are up to it.
All the best today!
See you on the Healing Side!

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