TKR Mariposa's Journey

My guess is just as yours, Mariposa, weakness, lack of muscle strength and I do believe it can come back with some strengthening exercises. Are there any you’re able to do?
Thank you for your quick reply.

Well, I can swim with a gentle kick and I can do legs raise.. contracting my glutes when lying down and not much else for now, I'm afraid.

I wish I could cycle.. but that one is going to have to wait for a while I'm afraid.

I'll ask my new PT for more next week.
You’re welcome, Mariposa.
I wish I had more to offer. I am happy to hear you can comfortably do some of this exercising. Hopefully sooner than you’re imagining you’ll be able to cycle again.
Please stay in touch and share your progress, we will cheer you on and take joy in your accomplishments right along with you. I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Thanks again @Layla!

If the meniscus' leg improves, I'll be able to do more i think. If not, I'll go through the meniscus repair surgery in July.. that will be tough because there will be still more muscle atrophy and imbalance after it.. but at least there will be light at the end of the long tunnel.. I hope!

I'll post in a few weeks if there is news.
Enjoy your weekend too x
Hi.. I thought about including an update about my left (non surgical) leg.
I saw my OS today: we have scheduled an arthroscopy for the 7th July (in 3 weeks' time)
He reckons that, apart from the medial meniscus, the kneecap cartilage is damaged.. I have got stiffness on it.. between the stiffness and the pain, I need the crutch to walk.
I'm supposed to strengthen both legs but
what I have been able to do for the last few months it's a bit of walking with a crutch, a bit of swimming and a few little exercises (isometric)..

I admit I'm quite fed up, after a long recovery for my RTKR, to have to deal now with the other one.. I'm a bit afraid too about the outcome, especially for the cartilage.. as I know that it's difficult to recover from that.

So I think that the plan will be repairing the damaged meniscus and do what they can for the cartilage (kneecap).. I'll be operated by 2 surgeons.

I'll know exactly what I have got "inside" and what they were able to do on the 7th July.

If you have any piece of advice/suggestions, they will be more than welcome!

Thanks a lot in advance
Hi Mariposa,
Your frustration is understandable. Hopefully the surgery in three weeks will bring relief and you’ll begin to regain strength stability and endurance overall.
I wish you the best of luck on the 7th and lots of comfort as you wait. I hope you have a pleasant weekend!
Thank you Layla!
I'll post after the surgery.. I'm praying to get out of this one day..

Enjoy your weekend too
I’ll lift one for you too. :prayer:
Through the years, starting in the 1980s, I've had 6 meniscus repairs. They are a drop-in-the-bucket compared to a TKR. I was on light duty for 6-8 weeks, then back to my regular work load. You should be fine.
@sistersinhim thank you for your encouragement. I hope everything will go well. I admit I'm a bit concerned about the kneecap's cartilage.. but we'll see what they find and are able to do.
I know I can deal with it, it's just the fact that I haven't had full mobility for more than a year now..

But I know that many people go through a lot worse.. so I'll try to stay strong and positive.

By the way, I don't know whether you remember some swelling I had on my RTKR.. which I was told it was a bit of "fat" which appeared after a wrong exercise with a PT. Well, it turns out it's tendinitis (!) I'm being treated for it (I changed PT), someone who's specialized in repairing them (with a method called EPI) and it's started to work.. he said it will take a few weeks for the pain to go and maybe a few months for the swelling to go.. but it will happen.

I have learnt a few things on this journey after many mistakes or wrong diagnosis (my mistakes too!)

1) if you are not sure about following what your PT is saying because your body is telling you otherwise.. trust your body FIRST

2) Be aware that surgeons don't always agree between them about diagnosis and treatment.. the same goes for the PTs

So after comparing different views, trust again your body signals and your gut..

That's my two cents.. but that's what I am learning after several mistakes on the way..

This didn't mean to be so

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy your weekend.
1) if you are not sure about following what your PT is saying because your body is telling you otherwise.. trust your body FIRST

2) Be aware that surgeons don't always agree between them about diagnosis and treatment.. the same goes for the PTs

So after comparing different views, trust again your body signals and your gut..
Hi again!
I have got news ;-)

RTKR (July 2022)
Arthroscopy left knee (28/06/2023)

I was due to undergo an arthroscopy on the 7/7, but the clinic phoned up and said there was a possibility to do it for the 28/6 (last Wednesday) so of course i jumped on the occasion and accepted!

I knew the knee cartilage was damaged (inner side) and there were suspicions for the meniscus.. RESULT: all the ligaments and meniscus are OK apparently (!)

It was the cartilage that is/was damaged.

I couldn't talk to the surgeon afterwards, unfortunately, but he said to my mum on the phone (who was waiting at the room) that they had "repaired" the bit of the cartilage that appeared broken applying radiofrequency "to stabilise the injury". That's what is written in the medical rapport.

I'll see him on the 28/07 so I'll ask him, of course.

I must say that I was a bit surprised but I'm feeling "positive " as it seems "not too bad" as a diagnosis. We'll see how it goes.

I'm just hoping the recovery will be ok and the effects of the arthroscopy too

Do you know if this kind of method works, please?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Enjoy your Sunday ☀️

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Hi @Mariposa! How lucky that you were able to get in early for the procedure and that they didn't find any major problems.

While I haven't had the procedure you describe, I'm sure another of our members will come along to weigh in.

Here's hoping you heal quickly and don't need another TKR! :flwrysmile:

I meant to write a new thread but I didn't know how to do it, so I'll add it on here.

My question: I'll have to wait for a while yet to go to the gym... but I wonder if
I could receive some advice please on exercices and machines allowed to do at the gym after a TKR.

I'm not really a gym person (I prefer swimming and the outdoors) but my goal in the middle long term is strengthening my legs to try to preserve the knees/joints as long as possible (!)

Any piece of advice on that will be very welcome, thanks!

I meant to write a new thread but I didn't know how to do it, so I'll add it on here.
It's better that you post here because we ask members to have just one recovery thread so all of the information about your recovery is in one place.

advice please on exercices and machines allowed to do at the gym
This is really something you should discuss with your surgeon when you see him later in the month. Will he be ordering physical therapy for you? If so, it's also something to discuss with your PT once you've been evaluated.

However, since you just had arthroscopic surgery 10 days ago, it's a bit early in your recovery to be focusing on strengthening exercises. Give your body some time to heal.

Hello and thank you again @benne68 :)

Yes,I'm seeing the OS on the 28/07..

I have been walking a bit twice a day with two crutches and doing some isometrics 2/3 times a day..

I know I have to be patient and I will.

Once my left knee will improve, I'll go back to the PT who was treating my tendinitis on the tkr leg (right one).

And hopefully, I'll be able then to progressively strengthen both legs. The RTKR is still quite weak..

I'll also ask the surgeon about what kind of sport I'll be allowed to do (swimming, hiking and cycling are my favourites) but I'll go slowly if allowed anyway.

Thanks, I'll be back for updates when there is news.

Enjoy your weekend :kayak:
Hello Mariposa,
It has been one month since your procedure. Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope your appointment went well yesterday and you’re happy with your progress.
Leave an update as time allows, we’d love to hear from you. :)
Have a nice weekend!
Hello Layla!
Thanks for your post.
In fact, I saw my OS this afternoon (Spanish time ;-)

Well, verdict: he said that what they found in the arthroscopy was the cartilage of the troclear was quite affected.. grade 4 :censored: I asked him if that meant I need a PKR in the near future and he said: not..

He' recommended to work on the bending and strengthening... The story of my life for the past year ;-)

He added that I'd need PRP injections once a year to maintain the joint.

He'll see me in 2 months.

So I'll follow that since today..

I'm still on 2 crutches because both my legs are still weak and the surgery is fairly recent.. I'm also being treated for the tendinitis on the tkr leg.. it's improved but I'll need 4/5 more sessions according to the PT (he works with needles.. something called EPI).. "he does all the work" so that suits me fine.

Soooo... I'll concentrate on all that.. I have started walking at the swimming pool recently too.. briefly and gently though..

What's your view and experience on chondromalacia grade 4, please?

Any advice welcome!

Thanks a lot
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Hi Mariposa,
All I really know about the condition is what I‘ve read and that is that it’s often referred to as “runners knee” and is an inflammation caused by softening of the underside of the kneecap cartilage. It is common in young athletes and older adults with arthritis of the knee.
Grade 4 is the most severe and indicates full degradation of the cartilaginous surface exposing bone on bone rubbing.

As far as treatment, possibly a member, or members, that have experienced the same will stop by with advice. If you have faith and trust in your OS, I’d follow his protocol for as long as it works, unless a better option comes along.

I hope all that you’re engaging in works in synergy bringing you relief.
Best Wishes only! Please stay in touch.

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